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Hello there friends Philip Robison of Philip Robison Property and I am

heading west 360 k's west of Melbourne to the city of

Portland. Portland famous for fishing wind farms these days but Portland's

interesting it's got a certainly got a varied economy it relies predominantly

on agriculture forestry mining as I said fishing and tourism its serviced by a

deepwater harbour and it's actually one of Victoria's four major trading ports.

Now around 45% of Victoria's dry bulk cargo passes through the Port of

Portland and there's around 400 workers on-site every day and they are tending

to around 300 ship visits per year now another major employer is the Portland

aluminium smelter it's got 500 regular employees and about 150

contractors now timber is also a key industry which is employing over a

1,000 people across the region which extends into the green triangle forestry

plantation which produces extensive softwood and hardwood resources and in

fact Portland is the world's biggest hard wood chip exporter and is a major

contributor to the local economy now the timber industry is actually

expected to grow with the State and Fed government's aiming to treble the size of timber

plantations an amazing figure now this increased productivity it's going to put

extra pressure on local freight routes especially between the green triangle

and the Port of Portland now to cope with this under what they call the

Significant the Roads of Significant Importance Funding Scheme the Vic government

plans to spend another $100 million dollars on upgrading four key arterial

roads that provide freight connections to Portland's port now in recently years

I can tell you that Portland has become a regular stop also for cruise ships so

the seaside town is a gateway to of course the iconic Twelve Apostles

Loch Ard Gorge and the Great Ocean Road left is Coonawarra wine region about a

100ks across the border into South Australia and of course the great

Grampians National Park now in terms of schooling it certainly does have a TAFE

College the nearest Uni is a 100ks away and that is back towards

Melbourne in Warrnambool now property wise in relation to property will demand

is high with the town recording 260 annual sales last year

according to data from CoreLogic now the rising number of sales that

definitely lead to a steady rise in house prices the current median price

sits at $255,000 it's actually an actual increase of 9%

on the previous 12 months now vacancy rates very very low at 0.6%

it's actually amongst the lowest vacancy rates nationally median rentals

sit at 6.1% as well. Now according to SQM Research the median

rent for houses sits at $320 a week which is up

11% on last year so there's my snapshot friends on the city of

Portland some great fishing too I've certainly got friends that go out

deep-sea fishing and believe it or not they go out for Mako shark so there you

go off the continental shelf have yourselves a wonderful week friends from

Philip Robison at Philip Robison Property saying bye for now.

The Description of This Week I’m focusing on The City of Portland 360kms West of Melbourne in Victoria.