Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Songfinch "Personalized Songs From Scratch."

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Giving a meaningful gift is no piece of cake.

You want to connect on a deeper level

to garner a great reaction, and the latest gadget or gizmo wont get it done.

But nothing evokes emotion quite like music and memories.

So what if you could give someone a song that

was tailored specifically from your shared experiences?

With Songfinch, youll get a beautiful song

composed from scratch based on your personal memories, journeys, and feelings

creating an unforgettable gift.

The process is really simple.

Just share a little background info

some warm memories, silly stories, or maybe even tough times that you went through together

and let us know the emotion and style youre aiming for.

Thats it.

From there, a hand-picked, professional musician

writes and records a completely original song from what you provided.

Within a few days, you get a one-of-a-kind song to give to someone special.

So no matter the occasion give a gift that

tells a special story with Songfinch.

The Description of Songfinch "Personalized Songs From Scratch."