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okay we're gonna go live test test hey can you believe this mama look at her

Wow so we're in Zephyrhills right now not

too far from the two and a half acre property that we just got in Plant City

my property is actually North Plant City and this is about 15 20 minutes north of

us in Zephyrhills now last week they just experienced low temperatures and

actually a frost in this area some of the leaves here were damaged in the

frost and so they're brown we were just saying that luckily it's not that bad it

was able to survive they're not even yellowed out they're still really dark

and green which is amazing and you know what they probably taste really good

sometimes cold weather like with strawberries can make the fruit taste

better sometimes the winter greens taste a

little bit different than the summer greens

and I've been harvesting this tree now for three years probably five times it's

been huge we've cut it back it's been huge we've cut it back crazy story

I met the owners of this property actually about four years ago from a

friend you may you may know from the south tampa tree i met nancy from the

south tampa tree at the farmers market my very first farmers market her best

friend that she grew up with in elementary school is Angie and we're at

Angie's place Angie and Denise's place today they've been so grateful so they

got so both Nancy and Angie got their trees from a workshop like five six

seven maybe even eight years ago and this tree has been in the ground for

about eight years and I've been caring for it for about three four years now

and it's just a magnificent tree we actually enough pan over here and I'll

show you that we actually planted a whole entire row of Moringa trees here

on the side yard but they're going to be doing some construction here and they

want to go ahead and donate these trees back to us they've been in the ground

here for about two years and we planted them from little babies and now they're

very very nice-sized but it just gets too cold here for Moringa trees and they

say that they would do much better a little bit further south and also

they're going to do a little bit of construction here in the backyard it's a

small backyard actually budding up against some natural land Natural

Preserve which is why sometimes the wind cold air can get in here and effects the

effects the greens now in the summertime she's great

now what you can tell is that because this one's rooted it's got some good

root systems it wasn't as damaged even with the cold air coming down and

resting on the leaves so I really appreciate you for coming by and

visiting us here at Numa Nursery the YouTube channel please visit my website if you have any more information about how we grow Moringa

trees in the tampa bay area if you'd like to join the Moringa Growers' Co-op

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channel just want to make sure we're not going over time this is really great

what I'll probably do is just start trimming these leaves back and just

getting it ready for for the next season and it'll just start growing back here

in the next few months it'll just start flushing back out so I'll pen over here

so you can see exactly what we have over here

I planted that tree those two trees as well as this line of Moringa trees in

the backyard and these ones got affected by the frost

so there must have been some sort of wind or cold air that rested on the

south side whereas these trees on the north side were not affected as much by

the cold weather so what I'm going to do is I'm going to come back here in a few

minutes and start harvest and increment some of these leaves back so you can see

just how we harvest these Moringa trees so thanks so much peace

hey hey all right we're back okay welcome back we've got our tool I like

to work with hand tools maybe a bench I'll get an electric tool but for now I

just love being able to feel the wood and also take my time and talk to the

Moringa tree as we're harvesting now we've been training this tree up taller

so I do like the lower limbs and how they protect the bottom part of the tree

but we want to get some sunlight in here so we're going to trim these lower

branches pull off some of these dead branches you can just get it back for

right now being that it's winter time we still may see another few more freezes

here in the region and so we're going to go ahead and get

as many of these greens cut back as we can now before we lose any more and

we're going to assess this tree it's got

some really nice growth off of it and we've been caring for this tree for

about three years now

let's take our time you can see some of these these blends are just throwing

into each other anyway so they just kind of cut them back at the Maidan main

nodes that way they could still split out we're not gonna cut them all the way

back to the pieces here because we still might get some more splits from here so

we'll pull some of these off thank you so much miss Moringa thank you so much

for providing such abundance now you can see this how big she is now I was in

this tree a couple years ago it got hit by a frost in 2018 and I came by and had

to cut her way back she was a lot bigger than this even so hopefully we can get

through this season without too many too many more freezes we've been lucky so

far my property is just about 20 minutes south of here this tree has had pods on

it before we've definitely collected some pods from this tree what we'll do

is we'll probably let this go for the rest of the year depending on the frost

if there's any more damage from here and

might as well collect some of the greens before they get damaged in the cold

weather anyways we've been getting settled into the new property really

well Uncle Bob's been helping out a lot and making products funny story how I

met Uncle Bob actually he was the landscaper for this property and I was

over here harvesting this tree one day and Uncle Bob was here

and Angie underneath introduced us and she had never heard of Marengo before

but over the course of several months he started looking into it started using it

started purchasing kilos from us he started fasting on Moringa

and now he's integral part in the operation here at Newman nursery and the

Moringa growers co-op he is passionate about Moringa sees the potential for its

growth in the neighborhood and being able to provide it to many others that

are in need of its medicine get back here

we're just taking taking their time taking a look a lot of these forms have

we've already kind of structure eyes and wanted to keep we're trying to build

them up so that way they get a little bit thicker now I'm not sure if I even

liked this one coming in here blocking this one and I might even just kind of

take this one out right here just because they don't need to be going into

each other and I might even just take this one out right here see now a little

bit more space so that way if this starts growing up here this will start

growing up here it's not so much in the way let's see if we can get in here

okay we're back

all right great so now we can get in here and see if we can get up in here

we've been keeping this one nice and bushy I love all these little splits

down here see if we can get anything get in here nice that way we can just start

trimming back making some room here these screens do look really good good

looking greens wonderful everything is really fresh I mean we just came in

harvested this Uncle Bob came in harvested this street about two months

ago but what he did was he didn't take like all the branches like this what he

did was he just kind of took like the lowers and just kind of took some of the

pieces off so we're even doing a little bit more of a cutback now I may want to

go ahead and just keep some of the upper branches so that way it could even just

still get some sunlight I think that that was growing into that so mostly

just trying to get all the pieces that

they're like growing into each other it may not be necessary but also just

trying to keep

keep some of the branches long so that way they can regrow and REE sprout

Moringa is such a soft wood you can just cut use a hand tool and come in here

just kind of do a quick trim and I love spending time with the ring of trees and

learning about that saying thank you thank you we're gonna be taking care of

others I honestly feel like the Moringa trees talk to each other through the

ground like my Sylvio Network and they say hey Kendricks coming by to Angie's

and Denise's today and so then they're getting taken care of and then the other

trees down around town they're like hey come take care of us and then they'll

get their owners to call me I feel like I really do feel like I'm talking with

the trees see if we can get up here whoa yeah finally in that third tier yes I


my inner child you know and her child playing with the the trees just being up

here playing in nature this is my office welcome to my office

nice I just got some new boots yesterday they're working pretty good this tree is

starting to get real strong now it's off so you don't want to push it too hard

and put too much weight on one limb so I'll just spread my weight around see

I'm keeping all these these branches because they'll have potential to split

here after wintertime now it freezes again now we may have to cut it back you

know even harder but I want to give it a chance to come back if it doesn't freeze

or if it doesn't get damaged by the freeze too much I really hope that it

doesn't but this is the risk that growers are taking here in the northern

areas now people are asking if they could join the coop you know in

Brooksville and places like that and certainly can love for you to just

experiment and try to grow the trees for yourself first and try to learn you know

I'm asking everyone that wants to join the coop to have at least been growing

Moringa trees for 2 3 4 years knows exactly how to care for them and you can

be a part of the network you know the Moringa Network you know in that

intermediate time when you're learning and supporting the coop and getting in

touch with us letting us know that you're starting your Moringa journey

they keeping us in mind and keeping us keeping touch with us as as your trees

become more mature let's let's you know let's see what kind of harvest you can

get and what kind of quality you can get from them and if you're able to dry the

greens on your property or if you need us to come out and harvest the greens

for you we have so many different options to work together we're just

asking that everyone just be patient in the process because you've got to learn

how these trees grow now it's taken me six years six seven years of learning

about these trees to know how they really are still learning every day you

know what if these practices that we're doing they stunt the growth or you know

affect the health of the greens or maybe you know shorten the trees lifespan or

what if the work that we're doing actually extends the lifespan of the

trees and keeps it healthy and you know gives it energies to wear it like

constantly is regrowing and re sprouting which keeps the greens and the tree in

the in the branches from you know regenerating constantly I mean this is a

softwood so it's a I find that when I reach when I find trees that are you

know cut back regularly like the ones that we care for once or twice a year

the wood is much stronger it's much cleaner less bugs you know less pests

you know beetles and things like that so we're gonna keep some of these up here

looks like this one's already got affected by the cold keep some of those

up there we'll get some let some of these continue to grow some of these

little sprouts up here he's going that way I get some Sun I'm here it looks

like these ones were already affected take it those cutbacks today the over

sprout use up here will Reese prowl hopefully just keep growing right there

oh this one got cut so that'll hopefully Reese Plitt they're not a real it from

there get some of those down this is starting to look like a nice tree I love

I love the way this looks I mean some arborists may say that this is not the

proper way of pruning now there are different methods of pruning where you

can prune the trees to not get a lot of growth then you can prune trees like

tropical trees to manifest and increase the growth



yeah yeah so there are many different practices of harvesting and pruning of

trees arborist prune trees in different ways for different purposes you might

see on the streets like crape myrtles getting trim back like this and then

they flush out it's not really recommended to to just cut trees like

and just let them flush out like that's sometimes not a desirable look it is

easier for me maintaining but it may not be as beneficial for the health of the

tree and so what we're doing here is we're we're going through cycles and we

do have a purpose in how we trim back and harvest and we're learning about

different pruning techniques from arborists and the care for these trees

so they stay healthy luckily tropical trees are highly

regenerative it's one reason why they're so regenerative for our bodies is

because they are already highly regenerative species of trees where they

regenerate so fast and easy producing healthy food and so that way that's why

we're able to trim these back so often and so severe and still keep and

maintain the health of the trees we're keeping in mind no I'm not taking all

all of the greens I'm just kind of doing the lowers one Sylar hanging low and

keeping the greens that are that are here to help it regenerate so that way I

still get some Sun photosynthesis solar panels

we're almost done here I wish I could get a little bit taller oh thank you

Miss Moringa it's probably pretty good here I'll leave the rest of this I

really appreciate you for learning on how to grow Moringa trees and coming

by supporting us at the farmers market picking up some of our products on our

website we're getting a new website built right now our boy Jason in

California he's actually putting together's new website

it'll be much faster easier check out it'll flow like it's supposed to coming

from a digital marketer not an architect designing a website I did what I could

for as long as I did it now we're getting a team of professionals involved

that want to be more involved in the part of the moringa tree industry and

see the love and passion that we have for these trees and want to join us so

thank you so much for joining us today I really appreciate it from my heart to

yours peace love prosperous growing catch you

soon thanks so much for joining us thank

you miss moringa thank you

Wow they smell so good this tree always amazes me here he's gonna be okay you're

gonna come back even stronger than before yes yes you are just wait

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