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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: GIANT DAIM BAR RECIPE

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- Hey folks it's Barry here.

Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen.

Today we're doing instructional-style giant food.

It was my plan to write the last three days off

to make Chloe here, don't worry she doesn't know about it,

a giant kinder egg.

That was my plan.

If you went to summer in the city,

I told you I was gonna do.

Unfortunately it hasn't happened

because they ordered a giant polystyrene egg from China

and I had an email saying it's gonna take weeks to arrive

so I'm still gonna do that and I might even end up

making my own egg shape.

To counter that, I wasn't gonna waste the days,

I was gonna use up my full giant food allowance.

All right?

This is the Daim bar.

I've done a homemade recipe on this before.

It used to actually be spelt normally, Dime,

but I think they made it more European

to save on packaging costs,

and there used to be an amazing advert

where they talked about an armadillo.

But with these instructional-style giant food videos,

which I'm planning on doing more of,

we're gonna go all out and make wrappers too.

So check this out

Oh yeah!

You see that?

That is a custom giant Daim bar

and I've made it roughly to the mould size that I need

so hopefully it will work

It's basically two sheets of tin foil glued together,

sprayed with something called etcher primer,

which sticks to the aluminium surface

and makes it more paintable so the paint won't peel off.

You then use acrylic paint.

This is exactly what I did.

And now James has got a new job,

I find it hard to actually even meet up with him as a friend

so I'm finding I can put more time

into putting things together like wrappers and stuff

and making these hopefully even better,

rather than rushing.

Here's a little montage of how I did it.

(upbeat music)

That's pretty cool right?

So all I did is let it dry overnight

and I've glued it together with a little bit of an opening,

like so, and we've got ourselves a giant Daim bar wrapper.

It's awesome.

I'm gonna start making loads of wrappers like this.

Look at that!

The coolest wrapper since Vanilla Ice.

(upbeat music)

Oh and incidentally, my new cookbook,

which is just there, available on Amazon worldwide,

has got five exclusive DIY giant food recipes

for you to try, so maybe check that out.

So this is the biggest baking tray I have.

It is 43, no 44 centimetres by 30 centimetres.


This is good, it just about fits in my oven,

not I need to bake it, but it needs to fit in my fridge

and that's fine.

So first thing I'm gonna do is get some butter

and just basically grease the bottom of the tin.

Wah wah wah wah wah.

So hopefully you guys can get a hold of all the tins

and the stuff like this,

I'm gonna give you the exact measurements and recipes

so you can try this for yourself.

It'd make a pretty cool, fingers crossed,

birthday cakey thing.

Baking parchment.

Gonna let that sit in there.

Letting the butter do the hard work,

so I'll trim around the edges.

Hopefully you can see our standard size Daim bar,

which now looks minuscule compared to our main filling,

ah yeah, it's gonna be big.

So let's make the filling.

The filling is a pan, 500 grammes of butter.

It butter taste nice.

We can actually start to put it on a low flame already,

just begin to melt the butter.

It's at room temperature anyway.

This is a whole kilo, oh my god, of caster sugar,

and for now this is some golden syrup.

We're gonna need approximately eight tablespoons of this.

The only other filling that goes in there,

really gives you that dime bar texture,

is ground almonds.

So that looks really cool right now.

I'm very excited by this.

This pan is gonna get insanely hot, okay?

We need to keep stirring it, so the sugar doesn't burn

and stick to the pan.

If you keep mingling it through the butter,

it'll merge with the syrup and sugar

and it should get a nice

sort of like, caramel-ey, syrupy thing.

In short, all we need to do,

is just let this mingle together

and become one big sugary, buttery mass for now.

You can see it's starting to melt already.

Oh yes, look at this, it's like a big sloppy custard.

Loving it.

So it's all mingled together.

All we gotta do now is keep heating it and warming it.

It should bubble pretty soon.

You see that bubbling folks?

That is starting to get really hot sugar.

That's like what they used to use

in like mediaeval battles and stuff.

When they'd run out of bow and arrows,

they'd use Daim bar mix, honest.

So we'll bubble that for like five minutes.

Does look like something from Ghostbusters or something,

and to one side Homer and I, huh,

have got some ground almonds.

500 grammes, that's a lot of almonds.

If I was a, do squirrels like almonds?

I think they do.

But if I was a squirrel, I would like this.

Oh my god, huh!

All right, all right, shouldn't have taken my eye off that.

Should have taken my eye off it.

That's good, that's good.

Oh no! (laughing)

No, ah, okay, okay, we can get around this.

Give me back my lid.

Yes, the ladle has rescued the lid.

All right, we're back,

and somehow we're caramelising our ladle.

Gonna use my better spatula.

Oh please don't burn, please don't burn.

We should be okay, we should be okay.

That is why you don't take your eye off it

and do a little scene with Homer Simpson, folks.

'Cause you've all got Homer Simpson cutouts, right?

In go the almonds.


Uh, uh.

(laughing) Oh my gosh.

Maybe do that in batches.

Okay, it should just get absorbed in there.

We'll do it gently.

There we go.

Yeah, definitely do that in batches,

I just got a bit excited.

Fantastic, so just another minute of it on the heat.

We're gonna just get all that ground almond

incorporated in there, mingled all the way through,

and it has really thickened it up,

which is good, we want it like that.

That is the filling done.

Just for reference, the scene you're about to see

is extremely dangerous, so be very careful.

Thank you.

With its younger brother looking on,

here goes the Daim mix.

Ah, let it just spread out and find its way

but what you will find is that it will kind of settle

very, very, quickly indeed.

So you need to push it to all of the corners.

(Barry humming)

Now we just kind of level it off.

I'm gonna get some oven gloves,

because that's gonna have warmed up the tin

considerably already, and then just,

(tin banging)

just drop it a couple of times.


So now we've got an amazing layer.

This is the bottom bit that we can put chocolate on.

This will cool down and firm up quick.

And we'll put chocolate on it, set it in the fridge.

Alright so we only need a small amount of chocolate

for the base-ey bit, which is cooling down.

In fact, it's still red hot.

I can't put hand on that right now,

but we're just breaking this up into a bowl.

Cool, let's melt it over a pan of simmering water.

Oh yeah.

Again, with this step be very careful.

Hot chocolate, you sexy thang, can be dangerous.

It's quite hot, so I'm using a tea towel

just to stop the heat.

All right, let's just try with this.

So we'll just spread it out,

using the heat from the filling as well,

because it should help, you know,

just get it in all the nooks and crannies.

Again, let's make it a little bit even.

(tin banging)

So just tapping it like that again to level it off,

and that will be our Diam bar's bottom.

Glutimus maximus Daimus.

All right, just made space for it on my fridge shelf.

Fits in there like a dream.

Put the fridge on the lowest temperature,

so let's let it firm up.

Just while that's chilling in the fridge,

Homer and I would like to let you know

about a little competition.

If you have pre-ordered or ordered my book,

if you're watching this after it's been released,

I am gonna do a competition for one lucky person in the UK.

Just the UK 'cause of travel costs.

I am gonna come to your house with a camera bloke

and cook, or lady, and cook with you.

We can do a giant food, we can do a normal recipe,

whatever you like.

All you need to do is message me on Twitter,

Instagram, Facebook or even the contact form on my website,

evidence that you have pre-ordered it

and, yes, we will have some fun indeed.

The only thing I would say,

is you need to let me put it on YouTube.

'Cause I don't want to waste my day,

and you need to be nice and give me biscuits,

and this guy donuts.

This may look like some badly bodged together

sheets of baking parchment, and two bizarre

and random tins of golden syrup,

but by adding a chopping board on top,

not only do we make a really naff bridge,

but we also create suspended area

to drip our chocolate on top.

Side note, just melted with some more chocolate to one side.

We're gonna get the bottom, out lay it flat down,

drench it, we can then use this to suspend it

and put it back in the fridge for a good old set.

All right, here we go.

So hopefully, with the greaseproof paper there,

Oh, yes!

Daim bar base, chocolate base, is resting nicely.

We're going to remove the parchment, okay?

The filling.

Oh yes.

Look at that, yes.

So hopefully this should make it relatively easy

to pour out.

Oh my god, yes.

Then what I'm going to do is just push it to the edges,

encourage it to touch the sides.

That is looking blooming stonking.

So all I'm gonna do, see these drips here,

get the spatula and just run it along the bottom there.

You'll have to do it a couple of times.

All righty.

I've gotta find one of those magicians.

We'll take the tray that we made it on.

Might as well reuse the baking parchment

to capture any bits that might fall off

and then that chopping board that we rested it,

on you just, uh, uh, sit it on there

and now I'm going to shove it in the fridge

for absolutely ages.

Okay Homer, are you ready to see the biggest Daim bar ever?

Okay, let's do it.

All right, here it is.

Just kidding.


Hoh, hoh, hoh, hoh, hoh.

It's set so hard, look at it.


That's amazing, ah.

But does it fit in the wrapper?


Yeah. (laughter)


I feel like I need to do a pose with it.


Oh my gosh, look. (laughing)

Sorry, get together.

Look at it.

I need to hold it up better for a picture.

I think the wrapper just makes it.

I'm definitely doing wrappers going forward,

all the time now.

All right, let's not forget it's little brother down there.

Look at this scale difference,

and then we just take out our chocolate bar from the wrapper

and there it is.

Wow. (laughter)

But Boston, I know what you're thinking,

how does it taste?

Let's find out.

Now I have to wash my hands.


Oh, wow.

See that?

It's got that proper, like, Daim bar filling.

Look at this.

So if I just portion it up, ah.

Big Daim bar chunks.

Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom.

And for reference, look, it's the same, it's just wider.


Love it.

Oh my god.

That is just like the real thing.

It's so warm in this kitchen,

I need to get it back into the fridge, but mmm.

You know I actually really enjoyed

doing this more instructional video.

I think doing the wrapper, just for me,

just took it up a notch

and meant that I didn't have to rush.

If you do like this sort of style

of instructional giant food,

so you can ultimately make it,

that's my main idea of starting this channel.

I could probably do them every other week

'cause I could take my time with it

and we could do pretty much every chocolate bar in the world

and then some of the more larger ones,

when I can get a hold of James,

like, we can actually do them for charity

but it's getting harder to even meet up

with him socially now, but hey ho,

if you like it, do let me know.

Don't forget to subscribe for regular recipes and food fun.

Tag me in your pictures @myvirginkitchen,

if you do try, even slightly smaller, and that is it.

I will see you again next time.


- That's really nice.

- [Barry] Do you like it?

- Mmm.

- [Barry] Hey Chloe, do you want some?

You don't?

Actually, you don't like almonds do you,

but next time daddy's gonna makes you a giant kinder egg.

All right?

Uh oh, what have I done? (laughter)

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