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(ambient music) (snoring)

(birds whistling)

- What time is it?

Oh my God!

I'm late for crafts!


Wonderful day for craft.

Okay, let's do some hacks.

Oh my God, my eyes are so, my eyes are so dark right now.

It's a good thing, I have a hack for that one.

- [Female Voice] If you have dark bags on your eyes,

LIDU lipstick can be used the candle out the color.

Simply tag it on lightly, just like this.

Once that's done, use a blending brush to smooth things out.

Pretty soon the colors will start to cancel each other out.

Tap with some concealer on top.

Blend it in with your brush.

Hey, your bags are gone really.

- Whoa!

Okay guys, so here's our lipstick

that we're putting on my eyes.


This is looking pretty promising.

Get our trusty mirror.

That's what you guys look like, if you didn't know.

Oh, yay.

Oh, oh yeah.

I could definitely see this working.

Oh no.

I really hope this works,

otherwise it's gonna look really silly.

Oh my gosh.

What on earth?

Oh, this is flavored lipstick.

Why did I do that?


Not time to dab it in, I guess.

I got my trusty dusty giddy blender.

Okay, let's blend this in.

Oh my goodness.

Oh, this is hell looking good.

Oh no.


I'm not feeling this at all.

I don't like this.



Now for the other eye, I'm really good at doing my makeup.

Oh yes!

I'm just really good.

Oh, this looks so bad.

I mean this looks great.

One, two, three go.

It's never let me down before.


So, looks like I just got pepper spray.

(laughing) Oh no.


Then we get some concealer to help cover that up.

I usually put a lot of this stuff on my eyes.

I'm really hoping this looks presentable,

that way I don't look weird.

Oh, it's not looking very good in the mirror.

It looks like I literally got pepper sprayed

and I'm trying to cover it up.

Oh, oh actually.

Oh, not bad.

I'm pretty happy.

Wow, that's not bad.

Oh, might as well do the rest of my makeup.

I probably put way too much cover up on

and you guys are gonna to tell me down in the comments,

and I probably should care, but I really don't.

Hashtag savage.



So I had my doubts, but you know what?

Not bad.


Can we go ahead and get it before-and-after picture here?

Okay, so this is my makeup now and this is me before?



Well I guess I'm gonna have to say that this one works.


Now it's time to do the rest of my makeup.

- [Female Voice] Take a small thin rubber band

like this one and it touched me during that too, like this.

Go ahead and add on that probably six more if you have them.

You want to know what to do next?

Cut the rubber band on the back of your mirrors like this,

and place the band over your front teeth.

- Whoa!


So here are earrings.

Here's our rubber band.

I probably shouldn't have done a blue rubber band

on a blue background, but.

Back to yellow it is.


Take a few of these off.

Oh boy.

This craft insure is hard work.

Now I've just gotta put the backs onto this rubber band.

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

Yeah, that ought to do it.

Now let's try and put this on my teeth.

Here we go.

So apparently, I just put them right on my teeth.

So let's just, it doesn't want to stay on.

I think I might have to pry it a little bit.

There we go.

Okay, that should fit.

Do you, my dentist is gonna kill me

if he ever watches this video.

So we just...


This is way harder than it looks.

And there we go.

It doesn't like to stay.

It likes to move.

Okay, so should I open my mouth?

It comes right off.

So it's really impractical.

So, I'm really sorry all you eagles that are watching this,

but I'm gonna have to say it this one doesn't really work.

- [Female Voice] If you find yourself

boosting an oil machine, try using a toilet seat cover

to blur your skin red.

Simply put paper to your skin,

and watch it absorb the grease right off your face.

And before you know it,

you'll be fresh-faced and ready to go.

- What am I supposed to get one of those?

Let's go to the Adventure Mobil.

(upbeat music)

Let's go to Walmart.

Okay, so here we are at Walmart.

I'm gonna go ahead and see if they have

any of those toilet seat covers.

Let's do it.

Oh no!

Okay guys, so we have our toilet seat covers,

they are a little messed up now, but I think,

I think they should still work right.

Now I just had to figure out a way to get sweaty.

Oh, I have the perfect idea.

Okay guys, let's ride.

(upbeat music) Do this.

Let's do this.

Let's do this.

(upbeat music) Let's do this.

Let's do, let's do this.

Let's do this.

(upbeat music) Let's do this.

Okay good.

Okay I think.

I think I might be good.


I'm all sweaty.

As you can see the glistening on my forehead, slightly damp.

Let's see this.

So this is one sheet.

I'm just gonna go ahead and,

oh, that's a lot of sweat up there.

Oh it's thickening my face.


Oh my gosh.

Is it working?

My head is a little bit more dry there.


I got a really dirty face.

It's still sticking.

I mean, I personally wouldn't go out of my way

to steal toilet seat covers from a store just to do this,

but I mean, I guess we're gonna have to say

that this one works.

- [Female Voice] Cut the plastic bottle down the middle

like this, or snag a pair of scissors

and cut the plastic ring.

Wrap the plastic tightly around a pen like this.

Secure it closed with a thin piece of tape.

Drop it in a little bowl and fill it with hyping hot water.

After some time passes, cut the plastic long-wise.

Now flip it around, and do the same thing on the other side.

Nail grew or surface the base of your new acrylic nail.

Place it over your nail.

Add some nail polish to tack things up.

- So here's our bottle.

Here's our scissors.

Get outta here, copy.

Label off.

Let me cut it down the middle.

Here we go.


Cut it again.

Couldn't clean this part very well,

but let's go ahead and make sure

that this is the same size as my nail.

That's definitely way too big.

Is that better?

Oh, that looks a little better.

But actually is very right.

Okay, then apparently we just, let's get there,

go ahead and get our pen.

We just kinda roll it around the pen.

But first I need to tape it down.

So blue and, nice and tight.

Probably shouldn't have done it

underneath this thing actually.


Well, don't have to worry about it now.


Then it broke up on the other side.

Okay, here we go.

Nice and tight.

Firmly, grasp it.

And then take a shot.

There we go.

Now, pop it off.

So, come on.

Oh, why did I tape it to this?

This was not a good idea.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it.

Come on, you got this.

I've done it.

Now we need some boiling water.


Now I just gotta wait until this is done.

Think right we're done.

Don't worry.

It was just a cup.

Toss this guy in here, then put our water.

Oh no!

It always happens and I always forget.

Nice one Robbie.


Is that fully submerged?

Oh no, I think it's way too hot.

I think it's melting in.

Oh, what have I done?

Okay, well, looks like I just have to wait for it to sit

and we'll see what happens.

Okay, it's pretty cold down now.

I'm just gonna to fish it out.

Can I even get it?

Come here.

Come on.


What if I use pliers?

That works.

Don't need that anymore.

Get out of here.

Okay, it's still a little hot.

Cool down this a little bit.


How are we looking?

So, the tape feels very squishy.

Can I cut it out?

Wow, okay.

Now, I just got to unroll it.

Oh, oh no.

This kind of actually looks like a nail.

Oh my, wow.


I don't know if this one's gonna work,

'cause I think I bite it.

I think I bit of twisted it a little too tight.

Maybe if I put it in boiling water straight, it'll fix it.

Okay, I'm just gonna cut a little part

to try and make my nail.

There we go and, oh, that is so curved, okay.

Oh my gosh.

This nail is gonna look so gross,

if this actually works.

I think what I might do is I'm gonna get some pliers

and hold it straight and then cut off the nail portion.

Yeah, that should be a long enough nail, right?

Then we're going to put back in the hot water.

Okay, here we go.

Now it's really malleable.

I bet that'll fix it.

Oh freak, that's so hot.

Getting pretty steamy in here on my right.

Oh, that looks a lot better.



So I'm gonna go ahead and trim this down a little bit more

to kinda like fit my nail maybe.

Just like,

yeah, it's looking pretty good.

It's little short.


Tuck a little bit off there.

Well, it's perfect.

That is perfect.

We want to go ahead and get our nail glue.

I've never used this stuff before.

Kind of nervous.

Cut it wide to open it.


Maybe I should do it on this hand.

Well that smell like super glue.

Oh my God.

I'm I just putting super glue on my nail?

Let's hope this doesn't kill me.

So just, let's go ahead and put on.

Oh, super glue, stick on my fingers.


Just gonna hold it.

This feels so weird.

I should have probably read the instructions

before I did this.

Oh, it stayed on.

This is definitely super glue though.

That's kinda scary.

I got a really crazy messed up nail.

But we gotta think of it so far, pretty good.

Now let's paint this guy.

Well girl, I don't judge.


Be real careful, real gentle.

I'm not sure if I'm actually doing this right.

I've never been very good at painting nails,

so we'll see how this turns out.

This is an extremely long nail.


Yeah, no one will ever know the difference.


You know what?

That actually was pretty freaking good.

I'm gonna go ahead and let this dry

and then I'll show you guys how it turned out.

Okay, and I'm back,

and it looks like your nail is pretty dry.

I mean it's not like the straightest nail I've ever seen,

but I mean if I took a little bit more time on it,

I could see this passing to maybe look like a real nail,

so I guess I'm gonna have to say that that's really works.

Kind of, not sure if I'd recommend.

Oh, how do I get this.

Oh, I broke a nail.


- [Female Voice] Did you know,

if you put some of the parts

onto the middle part of the tweezers,

you can use them to trace on your brows more easily.

Start on the inside end of your brow

and move to the other end without lifting the tool.

Using a brush, you can help keep the hairs in line.

- Whoa, okay, first things first.

I gotta put my hair up in the bond with this scrunch.

Thank you so much Tori for making me this home-made scrunch.

I love the scrunch so much.

And here we go.

Whoa, full palm tree.

So here are our tweezers.

Here's our eyeliner.

Ironically, I think I was supposed to use an eyebrow pencil,

but, you know, I'm gonna make do with what I have.

So here we go.

Oh no.

Okay, so we just do that, little easy,

and then I just sort of make my way down town.

Oh, that is not really working.

What am I even doing wrong?

Put some more on maybe, try this again.

You're ready?

Oh, oh yes.

Maybe it's because I'm using eyeliner.

It should do the same thing though.


How the heck are we even, how are we?

Oh, oh, I accidentally plucked one.

Yeah, that looks,


that looks pretty good.

My eyebrows look a lot more full.

I'm really happy with this.

Well, I guess we're gonna have to say

that this all fricking works.

- [Female Voice] Then cock is not a kiss in that tape,

and it looks like the glue is actually sticking to the tape,

very nice.

- Okay, so luckily I put a lot of weird makeup

on my face today and it's a perfect time

to try out this hack.

So, we just, we aren't gonna see the end of this thing.


This might be a while.

I got it.

Okay, so I'm just gonna go ahead and,

oh my God.


I don't know if you can see that or not, but it got,

oh my God, is my eyebrow still intact?

Did it take my hair brown?

Okay, a lot of the hair still there.

Okay, that's good.

There's a bunch of hairs on.

No, there's so many eyebrow hair.

I did not think of that.

What have I done?

Okay, so not a good idea to do this on your eyebrow.

Let's see if it'll work for the rest of my makeup.

I have a lot of eye makeup on right now.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!




New piece.


So far, not enjoying this one.

How's my eyebrow looking?

I hope there's still definitely a lot of makeup on there.

As you can see there is in fact makeup on this tape.

Yeah, that's definitely some eyeliner

that I put on my face earlier.

So, I just did this side of my face.

So now I'm gonna go ahead and get a makeup wipe

and try it on the other side of my face

and we'll see which one works better.

Oh man, this is so much more enjoyable already.

This doesn't sting as much, so that's nice.

It doesn't really sting at all actually.

What a fricking concept.

Oh yeah.

My makeup is definitely coming off.

Look at, you could see the bags under my eyes.

Oh my gosh.

Yeah, at someone working a lot better.


So, I don't know if you guys can tell,

but, it definitely feels like there's a lot of makeup

still on my face and also a tape adhesive now.

But on this side, my face is definitely

a lot more makeup-free.

You can see all the bags and stuff on my eyes,

my bright purple under eye, so that's good.

So my conclusion, if I had to choose

between tape and just a makeup wipe,

honestly the makeup wipe is a lot cheaper

and it's not as painful.

So I think I'm gonna have to say that this one doesn't work.

Whoa, okay guys.

So a while ago Tori actually dyed her hair completely

with black sharpie.

And after that, her hair was pretty dang dark.

So instead of doing all black, I'm doing all the colors.

I'm gonna be a rainbow boy.

So here we go.

Let's start off with red, maybe blue.

Should I start out with purple or blue?

I'll start with red.

Yeah I'll do red here.

Then you should mark it.

This is gonna to be a lot more complicated

than I thought it was gonna be.

So, yeah.

How about a little poop right here?

I should definitely brush my hair first.

Oh my gosh.


That looks properly brushed.

Actually I don't know.

I can't see anything.

How does that look?

Oh, I look so weird right now.


I just need a little eye hole.

So, I guess I'll start off with this part

right here being red.

So we're gonna do this part first.

You're ready?


Oh, it's already going on.

It looks like it's working.

Oh no.

Oh my fricking gosh.

Why am I doing this?

I can't see what I'm doing so I'm taping a mirror

to my light, and I'm hoping that this will work.

So here we go.

Keep on doing less.

This is gonna just destroy my hair.

I thought this rather was gonna be bailed after this.

Just kidding, knock on and I really hope not.

I really like my hair.

Finally got a towel.

I kinda like it.

Yes, there we go.

Now let's go on to orange.


I really hope I don't regret this too bad.

I feel like I'm going to though.

I'm just drawing on my hair, don't mind me.

Red, orange, yellow.

I don't know if the yellow

is gonna show up on my hair at all.

Oh my gosh, it kind of does.

This drawing on my hair so casually.

Yes yes.

This is art.

This is how you make art guys.

You know what?

I might do this with my hair more often.

I feel pretty punk right now.

I can't see where I'm separating.

Oh no.

Guys, I highly recommend not doing this at home.

I mean Tori did, like mixed hers with conditioner

or something like that

and that's probably a way better way to do it.

How's this even looking?

I can't even see it.

Oh, that's so choppy.

That is so freaking choppy.

I'm doing my best guys.

Now for blue.

What if I just do it like this?


It's actually kind of working.

What more?

Let's grab a chunk and just start drawing.

Whoa, and they are done.

Okay guys, you ready for the big reveal?

- [Male Voice] Two hours later.


- Yeah. (heaves)

Actually that kind of looks really cool.

Oh, shoot.

That is kind of sick actually.

I bet this is awful for my hair

but at least it fricking looks cool.


I'm kind of happy with this actually.

It just doesn't come out.

I don't think I'll be all that mad.

Let's see how's it does look with my beanie?

Oh, I don't know.

This looks wild.

Holy crud.


That is kind of cool.

I'm kinda digging this.

Well guys, I guess I gonna have to say

that this really works.

Okay, now it's ever, it's very part of the video

where we record that found out.


That was actually an original thumbnail,

so, we're making the thumbnail right now.

We have the trustee grid screen.


I don't think my hair's gonna like show on this,

but we'll give it a shot.

Okay, let's do this.

(camera clicking)

Yeah, I think that ought to do it.

Whoa, okay guys, thanks so much for watching the video.

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Please love it, why fine.

Okay, bye.

(upbeat music)

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