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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Abortion Consultation - bpas

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I thought I might be pregnant when I missed my period.

I went over to my best mate Hannah's house, and I did the test, and it was positive.

I just burst into tears, I didn't know what to do.

We, erm, we knew straight away that we weren't ready to be parents.

I'd just got a promotion at work, and we'd just bought our first flat together.

Well, I've already got kids, haven't I, so, I mean a boy and a girl, so

This pregnancy, really, it was, it was an accident

to be honest with you.

The GP

he gave me the the number for Bpas

which I rang, and I got an appointment

pretty quickly, really.

I didn't have any money to pay for an abortion.

I got Bpas's number off the internet, and when I called they told me that my treatment would be covered by

the NHS.

They told me I could bring someone with me.

Before I went to the clinic I was so stressed out, I was

terrified that my mum would find out.

Hello, can I have your name, please?

Sarah Evans. Obviously when I arrived at the clinic I was a bit nervous, but

The staff are really friendly, made me feel comfortable, and very professional

I just felt more relaxed straight away.

If I can give you this Before I gave the woman at reception my name, I wanted to know that nobody would tell my mum

she said that everything would be confidential.

You know what really surprised me

In all of this

it was like the different ages of the women that were in the actual

waiting area

Because, I mean, you know me

I expected it to be full of teenagers to be honest

but, erm, but it was

kind of comforting really to see that some of the women in that room

were my age, and a little bit older

Sarah, please

Hi Sarah

Sarah, is it ok if I see you by yourself?

Won't be long

Ok Sarah, you're here to see me about an unplanned pregnancy Have you reached a final decision?

The one thing I have to say, though, that I really didn't expect them to talk about

When I got to the clinic, was talking about continuing the pregnancy

I just thought that all they did was abortion, and that was it, that's what they did

Ok, Sarah, you've got three options.

first option is continue with the pregnancy

The second option is adoption

and the third option is a termination How do you feel about, you know, those options

But I have to say looking back on it, it really makes sense because I suppose you can have second thoughts in that situation, it's, erm, it's really reassuring to know that

they would have been ok with that

One thing I will say to you Sarah, is just because you're here today

At any time if you want to stop this process, you can, you're in control all the way through, ok Even on the day of treatment, alright?

Any questions?

You ok?

Ok, if you take a seat back in the waiting room, erm, and the nurse will call you shortly, ok?

Alright, see you later

Ok, Sarah, it's time to do the scan now.

All the nurses were really nice to me.

They told me that the types of abortion you can have depends on how many weeks pregnant you are.

So they scanned me to see how many weeks pregnant I was.

I told the nurse I didn't want to see it, to make sure I didn't see anything.

So we've talked about your options, and you're absolutely certain

you want to go with the medical abortion?

One thing as well, that was a little bit of a surprise to me was that, erm

I didn't know that it could be done in so many different ways.

I just thought that the abortion pill was one pill. I didn't realise that you had to come back for three visits


I still decided to have it, because it meant I could have it all done at the same clinic, which is really close to where I live.

I kind of made up my mind before I came to England, that I wanted a surgical procedure

So that it's all over and done with in one day and I knew that I wanted to be asleep.

Then they went through all the different types of treatment with me, but even after that

I still felt reassured that I'd made the right choice, and that it was definitely a surgical abortion was

was right for me, and the right thing to do.

The nurse who explained everything to me and

told me what was involved

for each one

she's quite clear about all that

I decided personally that I'd go for the surgical option because

I'd just have a local anaesthetic, and that would mean that I'd be wide awake.

and then I'd be able to go home, as soon as I felt ready to, obviously.

After the treatment, because I didn't want to, erm, leave my mum with the kids too long

You just want to be able to get it done

know it's done, and when you get back, everything just returns to normal.

You've got your kids, you can get back into your life again

The bit Im going to do now with you is your consent for treatment.

Signing your consent doesn't commit you to anything, but it does mean

everything's in place, if, you know, you just want to go ahead with everything.

So the important bit now

is for you to understand that

even with this treatment which is immensely safe

any procedure is

going to have some risks and complications or potential for risks and complications.

So I'm just going to run through these with you

So that you can sign your form, you know, being as well. Even though Hannah and her mum knew everything after I spoke to the nurse about what would happen

when I took the pill, I decided to tell my mum

The nurse said that my mum didn't need to know, but she said that I really needed to have someone with me

when everything started to, you know, when I got home As I was saying earlier

There's a little finger prick test today

Erm, she then said I had to have a blood test I was a bit scared about that, but she it was just a quick prick on the finger, and that's fine

Let's just take up a little drop of blood.

They even tested me for STI's while I was there

What you need to think about is

both what's most effective, but also what's going to suit you

Then a nurse came to chat to me about my contraception He didn't put the condom on properly. I decided to go for the implant anyway

My mum wouldn't even know I've got it

I'll tell you what I didn't realise, was there was so many contraception options out there, so many choices

I did actually end up changing

My contraception after that chat, so that was quite useful. I didn't know you could get pregnant straight after you've had an abortion

It actually feels like it'll be quite sharp

Yeah, everybody says that, but in reality very few women find problems with the threads at all

Ok Sarah, I'm going to make your appointment now, ok

I mean the thing with BPAS, I found, is that they were just really


First and foremost, erm

and I felt really looked after, as well

by them all

and that they actually cared.

OK, so we will see you tomorrow morning at nine o'clock.

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