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Whats the gist physicist?

What up nerd squad welcome back to top 10 nerd, Im your host Connor Munro and today

were delving into more alternate versions of superheroes, some are versions of themselves

from alternate earths, some are dark sides of themselves, and some are just themselves

from another time.

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and while you do that Ill start with todays list of Top 10 superheroes who hate their

alternate versions #10 Superman & Ultraman

Ultraman is Supermans evil version from earth 3.

Ultraman first appeared in Justice League of America #29 in 1964.

The whole theme of this universe is that roles are flipped on their heads.

The villains are heroes and the heroes are villains.

So when Supes ran into an evil version of himself, you can guess he wasnt too happy.

Not to mention that this version was also cheated on by his wife (this earths lois

lane) With both the batman and the lex luthor of this universe.

Ultraman gets his powers from kryptonite which is obviously going to cause some issues for

out superman, who gets weakened by Kryptonite.

So if Ultraman always has some one him Supes is screwed.

Ultraman also used to gain a new ability for each new exposure to kryptonite!

If you thought Superman was overpowered look at this guy.

Ultraman and superman have had a few encounters over the years, even teaming up with the Lex

Luthor of earth 1 and 2 to take down their supermen.

But the supermen were assisted by the heroic lex of earth 3.

This is a mishmash and there is literally 2 different people.

This is confusing af man, multiverses, ammiright?

#9 Captain America & The Grand Director Captain America and the Grand Dictator have

a complicated history.

We all know how cap was frozen after a battle in 1945, as revealed in avengers #4.

But this wasnt always the case.

Cap had a run in 1953 starting in Young Men #24 and ending in May of 1945.

The stories showed Cap and Bucky as both superheroes and civilians and were clearly set in the


So how is this possible?

If cap was frozen until the 1960s how was he getting plums with bucky in 1950?

Well, it simply wasnt the original Captain America.

The 1950s era cap was given other names to distinguish him from his original counterpart.

One of these being the Grand Director, his birth name being revealed in Captain America

#602, William Burnside.

William idolized cap, to a point of obsession.

Like professor zoom to the flash.

The government sets him up as a teacher, but he wanted to be cap and had the formula to

do so.

So when Redskull ironically attacks the United Nations, William injects himself and goes

into action.

However the formula he had was slightly flawed and ends up giving him psychotic symptoms,

throw some future brainwash in there too to have him become one of captain americas

greatest enemies.

#8 Adam Warlock & Magus There have been 3 different versions of Magus

throughout the years, all of them are the dark side of Adam Warlock.

The original Magus is an older, evil Adam who traveled to the past and rules over a

religion called the Universal Church of Truth.

And in, a Flash season 3 move, wants to ensure his creation by guiding adam down a series

of steps to end up creating himself.

But with the help of Thanos, Adam is able to destroy this Magustimeline, but he

isnt rid of him yet.

When Warlock retrieves the infinity gauntlet, he separated the good and bad parts of himself.

The evil half names himself Magus and attempts to steal the gauntlet for himself.

Adam is able to trap him in the soul gem however.

Adam himself becomes the third magus when he attempts to repair the space-time continuum.

This version is killed but resurrected as a child by his Church of Truth, but is then

imprisoned by the Annihilators.

#7 Hulk & Maestro Whats with people fighting future versions

of themselves?

In The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect we see Hulk brought 100 years into the future,

where a nuclear war has raged and has nearly killed everyone on the planet.

The future hulk, known as Maestro has been driven insane by constant radiation absorption

and his continued treatment as a green monster.

He has the intelligence of Bruce Banner but has the strength and ideals of the hulk.

While Hulk is able to land a few good hits, Maestro is stronger due to the radiation and

has more experience being from literally 100 years in the future.

Maestro is able to snap Hulks neck and decides to take him on a tour of the city.

How romantic.

Maestro is only defeated when Hulk is able to lure him back to the machine that brought

him to the future, and is sent to the moment the hulk is created, appearing right next

to the gamma bomb.

It explodes and even the hulk cant take that blast.

However his spirit is still there, absorbing radiation gradually restoring himself.

#6 Supergirl & Dark Supergirl When Lex Luthor attempts to corrupt supergirl

using Black Kryptonite, he ends up creating a second, darker supergirl.

Due to prolonged Kyrptonite Poisoning, this new supergirl believed that her father sent

her to earth to kill her cousin, Superman.

This supergirl also fought lex luthor, flying him to the moon and sent him flying through

the walls of the justice league watch tower.

There she also meets the justice league and takes them down one by one.

The battle between supergirl and her dark version ranged from the moon to Gotham City.

Dark supergirl switched their costumes and it was only revealed who the real supergirl

was when Wonder Woman caught them both in the lasso of truth.

The lasso was also able to merge the two back together because plot.

Later another version of Dark Supergirl is brought out but thats just a manifestation

of Karas pain rather than an evil version.

#5 Thor & Ragnarok When the Superhuman Registration act became

law, causing all people with superhuman powers to register with the government, Tony Stark,

Hank Pym (who was secretly a skrull) and Reed Richards created a clone of Thor from a strand

of hair tony found when the avengers had first started.

This clone who eventually is called Ragnarok attacked the secret avengers during the civil


He killed Goliath and was shut down.

In the Thor Siege story arc, Ragnarok was told that the real thor was living on Asgard,

which just so happened to be floating above Oklahoma on earth.

Ragnarok flew off to go confront thor since he believed his resolve was that of a true

warrior, unlike thor.

Ultimately, Thor killed Ragnarok.

#4 Batman & Owlman The first appearance of Owlman was in Justice

Leave of American Volume 1 #29 in 1964, and is the older brother of earth 3s bruce


Owlmans origins are similar to batman but differ slightly.

His mother and brother were killed by a cop when his father wouldnt go in for questioning.

Owlman, Thomas Wayne jr. escaped the crime scene with the hoodlum Joe Chill.

He gre up to be owl man and became a master criminal and ally to the crime lord Gorgon

(earth 3s james Gordon.)

While they have met in the comics they have also met in animation.

In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths owlman is trying to destroy the planet.

Batman goes to defeat him, and winds up doing it.

Sending Owlman to another planet causing him to blow up with his bomb, and costing earth

3s Flash his life.

#3 Superman & Clark Kent Superman 3 while we can all come to the consensus that

Superman 3 is not the best superhero movie, you can see the hatred characters have for

each other is almost as much as we have for the movie.

This movie from 1983 has Superman and Clark Kent splitting and becoming separate entities

for a time, but while in a junkyard, superman goes kinda back crap crazy.

When they separate superman immediately proceeds to pound on Clark.

Even going as far as trying to crush him!

When Clark saysI can give as good as I getsuperman tempts him, to which clark

pushes superman into a vat of acid.

What the hell?

Do you not realize that the other is literally you?

And that without them youre only half a person?

This scene is so confusing to me I really dont understand.

Superman tries to CRUSH HIMSELF!

#2 Sentry & The Void The void is the negative aspects of arguably

the most powerful of all heroes The Sentry.

It is more of a force, and can take any shape It chooses.

When teasing Sentry, it usually takes human form.

Sentry is fighting a constant battle to keep the void at bay, as it comes into being every

time he uses his powers.

Sentry has even gone as far as wiping the memories of everyone on earth as well as his


When he gains his memories back, he can feel the void returning, going to Manhattan for


He begins remembering and Sentry decides that the only way to stop the void is by doing

the same thing again, and with the help of Reed Richards, they reactivate the watchtower

and wipe everyones memories again.

Having the whole world forget about you, including yourself is a mighty big price to pay.

Or maybe its not, since he forgot as well.

#1 Future Flash & The Flash 20 years from now Barry Allen is blaming himself

for the death of Wally West, since he, along with the reverse flash and gorilla grodd had

caused a tear in the speed force, making Barry lose time and not being available for when

he was needed most.

This causes him to go on a killing spree, killing the rogues to gian enough speed to

travel back in time and correct his mistakes.

Because thats worked so well in the past.

He kills gorilla grodd with a bomb that he plants inside of him, and this causes him

to travel a dark path.

He goes back in time, correcting things he wishes he could have prevented.

Meeting mirror master and preventing hostages from dying due to an earthquake.

He drops the trickster from a building only to have Axels robots catch him, to which

he is about to send them to their doom, but barry explains that they were going to rob

a bank that resulted in the death of a family, driving trickster to kill himself.

The trickster takes him up on the offer of redemption and the future flash zooms away.

The Future flash then heads to kill Daniel West, tearing his head from his body just

in time to prevent the accident that killed wally.

He then fights that version of himself and cripples him, knowing hes going to go even


He then arrives at the present, The future flash reveals that he wants to sacrifice the

present day barry allen to close the speed force tear.

But a future wally west arrives, causing The Future flash to fight both, ultimately killing


He then remains in that time, trapped, and attempts to rebuild his future.

There is nothing worse than sacrificing a past version of yourself cause you mad at


There we have it friends the top 10 superheroes who hate their alternate Versions.

Is there anyone you think we missed or that youd like to see included if we do a part


Let me know in the comments.

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Thank you so much for watching, I have been and shall remain Connor Munro, and Ill

see you in another video.

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