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if you are trying to install Adobe creative cloud and

Facing problem then this video is for you

Hi guys and welcome to Web Tech Talkies as you can see here and getting a Code 50

So let's solve the problem. Just go to your web browser and type

Adobe CC cleaner go to first link and then you can see this website just scroll down a little bit and then

download Adobe CC cleaner

you can see a prompt just save it I

I already downloaded that just open that and then run it and

Then you can see a prompt saying yes, or no just hit on Yes

Now you can see a black window having two options English and Japanese type 'e' and hit enter for choosing English

now here is the whole agreement you can read this but.....

type, 'y' and hit enter to agree this agreement and

Now you can see various option

type 1 and hit enter

to uninstall all the Adobe's creative cloud software's or

You can choose particular number and then hit enter

I am Uninstalling all the Adobe's software's

Now you can see 4 option just type 1 and hit enter

To uninstall adobe creative cloud desktop version

now too

Continue This process type y and hit enter now. This is processing as

You can see adobe cc cleaner removed Adobe creative cloud now just restart your computer

And after that type add always created cloud and then go to Adobe's website

Just click on Free trial

And then start your free trial and then download it and run it

And this time you will not face any error


This fixed you see our errors

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As you can see here it is perfectly installing and there is no error

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