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Hello friends and welcome to a new video with me, Yunitex

Today I'm foraging by the sea here in Kerry

When I'm at home I love going foraging in the countryside

and by the coast because there's a lot of wild food to be found that's completely free!

So come with me

First off we have sea spinach/sea beet

It's a perennial and fleshy green-leaved plant

that loves to be by the coast

Use this plant in replacement of spinach

The smallest leaves are the tastiest.

Rock Samphire is also a perennial plant

I'm not too keen on Rock Samphire on its own

and I feel like it's much tastier pickled

Put it in a jar with vinegar

and the following ingredients

and put it in the cupboard for at least 4 months

This stuff (laver) is like nori that you find on sushi

And it sits on the rocks like this

So it has a lot of water around it and is I suppose quite slimey

And like a lot of the seaweed that you find on the beach

it's edible and it's really tasty too

So let's go for it

Very nice!

Serrated Wrack: This is the seaweed you use in seaweed baths

Attached to rocks

Limpets are hard to remove

Therefore be careful and use a knife to dislodge them

Grill the limpets with a little lemon, garlic and butter

Sea Lettuce: Classically eaten in salads


The snails of the sea!

You normally find periwinkles in rock pools

Boil them in water and a bit of salt for seven minutes

and use a needle to dislodge them from their shells

I'm trying to go over here because I'm able to see some dillisk!

Ok brilliant we have beautiful dillisk here

with a beautiful colour on her

all the red

With seaweeds like dillisk you normally put them under the sun

and it will dry out and you can eat it.

You can eat it now but when it's dried out it has a great salty taste and I love it!

You can put it in breads, in your meals, on pasta or on your potatoes

I love dillisk!

And on THIS beach

there's so so so much to find!

It's really important while you're foraging

on the beach, not to take anything unless you're going to use it

because it belongs to the sea

and it's important to leave some for other people

I promote sustainable foraging

because seaweed is one the world's most natural resources

I hope you enjoyed this video

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See you in the future!

Goodbye for now

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