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CALEB LABARDA: All right. Let's go ahead and get started with a few stretches, all right?

Some good stretches, you're going to do a lot of kicking so you really want to stretch

out those legs. So let's go ahead and do--you're going to sit on one foot, all right? And then

put the other leg out, toes up, and then just reach, and you'll really stretch out the bottom

lower hamstring. Good job. Just grab it with both hands and stretch out that foot really

good. And then go ahead and switch till you can sit on the other foot and go on your knee,

foot up, put both hands and reach, stretch out both legs really good. Good. Then after

that, go ahead and do a straddle. Put both legs together like this. Good. And hands,

and reach for your toes. Stretch out both legs, reach really good. It's important to

get a good stretch. Make sure your legs are properly warmed up and stretched so you don't

pull a muscle. As you can kick higher, you can--you'll be able to get the 720 all the

way around. And go ahead and pull one leg back behind you and reach forward. There you

go. You want to put this leg all the way back, put it all the way behind you. Make sure your

legs are locked as you're reaching. Stretch out your legs. And then do the other side.

Take a good 10, 15 minutes warm up, do some jumping jacks and then go ahead and stretch

out your legs. Good. Then when you're done with that, go ahead and sit up, cross your

legs, and you'll be doing a lot of upper body. So you're going to stretch your upper body.

You can do this standing also. Yeah, all right. And then after you're warmed up and stretched,

we're ready to go for the 720. The stretches that we just did are really good stretches,

specifically for the 720, like stretching out those lower hamstrings and our back muscles

right here, our butt muscles, and then stretching out our leg muscles, and just really, really

stretching out really good, okay? So these stretches are--will be really good and they'll

help you to do a 720 really nicely.

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