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Welcome to Electric Umbrella TV. Tonight's showstars the wonderful Sharlene Hector who has

been singing with Basement Jaxx and all sorts oflovely people for all sorts of lovely times.

She's an incredible singer, big heart, warm smile and she really lit up our screens joining us today

We have the brilliant Simon and Natasha fromElectric Umbrella who are our co-presenters and

well, I just think you're really going to enjoythis one. This is Sharlene Hector on EUTV. Don't forget to like and subscribe to the channel and check us out on

Ladies and gentlemen, give her a huge Electric Umbrella round of applause

That's it nice and close. Summer is getting... that's the way it goes. Thank you so much

That was epic. Simon what did you make of that? That was awesome, loved it. Really awesome. Just so

lovely and so many people just dancing straightaway. Yes dance, dance, that's what I like to seeyes.

I mean there was really, there was reallyno waiting for that was it? Just like straight in

and that really is very much what the Electric Umbrella community is about. It's about

just getting stuck in and being inspired andbeing inspirational and all of those things so

really brilliant to see all of that. What's it like singing for everyone again Sharlene?

Oh it's wonderful. I mean I haven't done a gigon a zoom before, not like this, so this is really,

really lovely. This is nice. I'm in my shorts. I'vegot my sweatshirt on. I've got my lashes on yeah

and I'm happy. So yeah, lashes and slippers seemsto be the way to go. Lashes and slippers man, that's

the way forward. That's the way forward. So what we'regonna do now is, we're gonna, you can see on the

screen here, there's lots of people waving theirhands and giving us what we call a two finger

waggle, which is something, which is like- please let me ask a question, let me ask a question

So we're gonna get to, we're gonna get to someof the people who are gonna ask a question now.

We have people asking questions every week so we try and avoid doubling up too much

but I am gonna go to our first question here. Firstquestion here which is Ty. Hi Ty, how are you doing?

I'm doing very good thank you. What's going on with you today?

Nothing much, had a good school day, had a quickguitar lesson and now I'm here asking this lovely

singer a nice question. I love it. That's the way to do it. Now what would you

like to ask Sharlene? Now I would like to ask hera question but I'm going to do it in song but I

want her to sing it back to me and answer. Okay. Okay all right, not mucking around then all right

Hey Sharlene, name me some things that you do to stay positive?

Well, when I wanna stay positive, what I do is I make myself a candle. I make scented candles in my

kitchen, yes I do and that always relaxes me, yeah. And sometimes I like to meditate and other

times, I like to read books and most of the time,I like to exercise yeah. Oh my goodness oh. Thank you.

You're welcome. I feel like Ty that it's,have you been inspired by our friend Farrah?

Yeah. Somebody keeps muting me, don't. Stopmuting me whoever that is. Right but yeah

Inspired by our friend Farrah who asked that, a similar thing last week Thank you

so much Ty and great question. Brilliant answeras ever. We're gonna go to one more question

before we move on and I'm trying again to go topeople that I haven't spoken to for a little while

This is Molly or Molls. How are you doingMolly? Good. Yeah you're doing good? Molly, where

are you in the world? Whereabouts in the countryare you? Are you up there, down there, on the side,

on the left, down the bottom, up, up north, upnorth, how far up north are you Molly? Above....

Okay, well you sound a little bit like a spinning robot at the moment but that...

Molly, let's fingers crossed we can get aquestion out of you. What is your question

for Sharlene before we move on to the nextthing? I love dogs. I've got a dog

Oh of course you love dogs yeah, you've got dogs okay. Yeah dogs. What's the dog's name?

Okay good, good. What's your question? My dog is very bitey.

Very bitey. Oh your dog is very bitey!

Molly, can I take that question through toSharlene and say Sharlene if you were a dog

what kind of dog would you be? Would you be a big sort of dopey like

lovey dog or would you be a little yappy dog orwhat kind of dog would you be? If I were a dog

I'm not sure exactly what kind of dog I'd bebut I'd definitely be a dog that sleeps a lot

because I love naps so any dog that's kind of notvery energetic, quite slow moving chilled out, that

would be the same kind of dog I would be. Okaythat's good. Does that does that sound okay Molly?

Yes. Okay do you know what kind of dog youare? Are you a jumpy-roundy, smiley, sparky dog?

Yes! I thought so. I had that about you right there. Really great. I tell you what...ThanksMolly

Thank you Molly yeah. We're gonna getour co-presenters Simon back up here. Hey Simon

And we're also gonna find Nataaashaaa. So Simon we were gonna play, because this is as

much about us meeting Sharlene and Sharlene meeting us and we thought maybe

Sharlene, we should play you some of our music. Iwould love to hear something yeah. Partly because

you can see that I'm wearing this t-shirthere - Sunflower Avenue - and Natasha is wearing that as well

What the really beautiful thing here, is that this handwriting here,

Natasha, whose handwriting is that? I know mine! Itis yours yeah. It's your handwriting. So natasha

wrote all of the stuff on the album. And I know Natasha, it took you a long, long

time and it was a lot of effort so I'm gonnagive you one of these little round of applause,

Because yes, that is Natasha's handwriting there and we made this album throughout lockdown

and Simon why don't you tell tell Sharlene alittle bit about the process of how we got to this.

How did we get from nothing to this...

So we we did a whole load of songwriting sessions throughout the summer and into

the autumn. There was like, probably dozens ofus in the room with, we had loads of ideas,

put them together and Tom went away wrote them down. He got together with a whole

load of musician friends and recorded a lot of ussinging as well. Put it all together and Sunflower

Avenue was born. Writing for other people though, whichis actually really fun, but the songs that

I write, I usually write when I'm kind of abit down and I've been really happy recently

so it's been actually really tough to writebecause I'm cool, I'm okay. So usually when I'm

a bit sad about a boy or something then I canwrite really well but when I'm happy it's like,

I just want to skip through the fields insteadbut yeah I do write my own material from time

to time yeah. Okay that's lovely. Hey I want totalk just very quickly and I know Simon wanted

to ask a question as well about being in a big band and a big touring thing like

Basement Jaxx. How how long have you beendoing that? It said 20 years on my thing.

Yeah since 2001. About 20 years ago. Yeah about 20years ago because it's 2021 now isn't it? Oh my!

So yeah it was a while ago and it's just the most amazing experience. It was the first time

I'd ever toured with a band. I was about 23 yearsold, something like that when I joined

and I was just, I hadn't any touring experiencebut I learned so much along the way and I got to

meet some really lovely people who I'm stillfriends with now and it's just been, it was a

great experience because the music is great. Everynight you're on stage for about an hour and a half

singing and dancing in some crazy costume which isreally fun to wear and you've got lots of people

screaming and having a good time and dancing andsinging with you, so it's yeah, it's a beautiful

experience doing something like that. Simon haveyou got anything you'd like to ask about, about

that world and and those kind of things? Ohyeah. Well I'm a big fan of Basement Jaxx

What was your favourite song to sing? Oh my goodness, I had a few. I really really liked singing and

there was a song that I actually didn't performwhen I was in the show. It's a song called JumpAnd Shout

and that song was usually going on whilst I was getting changed. We had a lot of

costume changes during the show and that songwould always be on while I was getting changed so

I'd always be in my pants, dancing around to thatsong. While Sarah was on stage, I was backstage with my

pants, just dancing. So yeah that was my favouritesong out of all the songs that we did on the


Ladies and Gentlemen, let's give her a massiveround of applause. Thank you, thank you. My goodness

that was unbelievably epic. Thank you. That'sbrilliant dancing. I absolutely love watching

everybody dance. That was Sharlene Hector withEverybody Dance, here on EUTV. I'm going to go to

Natasha, my co-presenter, Natasha, what did you thinkof that? Did you have a good dance to that one?

Yeah yeah. I thought it was amazing. I thought it was amazingtoo. Natasha, what did the meerkats think of it?

Did the meercats...? They're not too sure... Hahaha - they're not too sure. No!

We were going to do a thing weren't we Natashabecause we were saying, Sharlene, we saw you on

TV on Friday. Yes that's right yeah. On TV withAlan Carr. Remind me what the show was called

It's like all the quiz shows in one or something. Yeah so basically there is a series

called Alan Carr's Epic Game Show. so every Saturday,they do an episode of a different, you know those

old school game shows like Bullseye, The PriceIs Right, Blankety Blank and Name That Tune.

I was part of the house band for Name That Tune. Brilliant. I saw Ali, Ali lives quite near to me in

a in a town called Tring in Hertfordshire. Well I do. We saw eachother, it was absolutely fantastic. It was!

really great. I saw him in the High St. It was amazingthe way where you bumped into me somehow. It was

really lovely, it was really lovely. My wife was really pleased to see you as well Ali.

Okay so that's, did I hear that right? That reminds of you. You're the strict head master knowing

what she's gonna do next. So that's my question. So you remind him

of the strict headmistress from The Worst Witch. Yes. Oh okay. Only because of your name...

Ali ask the question

again. I interrupted, ask the question again, thelast bit. Well the question is this

What is your favourite album? What is your favouritechoice of songs to be? Okay what is your favourite

album ever? Great question Ali. The Miseducation ofLauryn Hill. That is my favourite album of all time.

It was what made me want to... I mean honestly, I wanted to be a singer when I was a child

and I kind of made a decision when I wasabout 10, that that's what I was going to do

but when I heard that album it actually changed my life because

there was a woman who looks like me, a blackwoman, singing and rapping and playing instruments

and writing songs and that's what I wanted to do. So it's really


Yeah beautiful. Yeah I'll tell you what, that was beautiful

So good. Well done everybody that was gorgeous. Reallygorgeous. So lovely to watch, obviously lovely to

hear you sing as well. Sharlene, myself andNatasha and Simon would like to say thank you so

much for coming onto Electric Umbrella TV. Thank you for having me. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I did - thank you

It's been great, hasn't it and Natasha we havea question that we ask all of our guests. We put

people on the spot and Natasha, do you rememberwhat it is or should we ask it together?

Or Simon can help us out? Yeah. What do youwant to ask, Natasha?

Okay. Will you sing for us again when we can go gigs again?

So when we can do gigs again, yeah, will you come and sing with us. Of course I will. I would

love to. That's what we're all waiting for. That'swhat we're waiting for. Get back together, get in the room and do

some, let's do some gigs and I think it would beamazing to have you come down and sing with us.

We've already, we've already managed tostrong-arm Natalie into saying yes.

Yes I would love to. That would be great. Get draggedtogether. All right Simon, anything else that you'd

like to say before, because it is time to time togo. Anything you'd like to say or ask? Oh well, well

I've been having a listen to some of your songs Sharlene. I've added Stepping up Saviour

and Holding Me to my playlist. Thank you. Great tunes - get them on Spotify guys. Yeah check her out. So this is thank you

Thank you so much Sharlene. We really, everybodyhere is saying thank you very much for being here

We really have had a lovely time. It wasa joy to hear you sing. I'm sorry we didn't

get to all the questions but we are goingto finish up just very quickly before we leave

by introducing, because we haven't done thisin a little while. This is my man Mr Crab Master

with an r. It's The Crab Master. This is Tommo. Tommo, because this lady here loves to dance somuch

maybe we need to teach her the crab dance. Though Tommo, real quick, how does the crab dance go?

Yo Mr Long Hair. He called me Curly Whirly the other week!

You are a Curly Whirly. I am a Curly Whirly you're right. What we gotta do? Yeah you want to do the crab?

OK, show us. Show us the move. Burp...Hey hangon a minute! You've got to let it out, it's

better out than in man. Better out than in. That's what a crab would do

I drank this...The crab would let the bubbles out first. All right, take it away good


Put one arm up. One arm up. With the pinchos. The other arm, with the pinchidios

I'm doing my deep voice. I'd do your deep voice yeah. And with your right leg

You might need to stand up if you're doing a crab. Okay.

All right okay. All right I love that. I love that. Very specific instructions here. Okay.

That's it Tom, that's it Tommo, here we go so

I love it. She's taking it seriously. Yes

Do the crab!

All right everybody, it is time to do somecrab dancing. Remember the faces

All right ladies and gentlemen. Let's seeyou do some crabbing before we say goodbye

Thank you so much to Sharlene Hector. Let'ssee those crabs! Who else we got crabbing?

Another level of crabs, yeah, come on

All right ladies and gentlemen thank you so muchto everybody for coming to Electric Umbrella TV

Tonight, thank you to Sharlene Hector. Let's giveSharlene a massive round of applause. Thank you

for having me. Have you got anything you'd like tosay before we go Sharlene? Keep shining everybody.

You're all amazing and beautiful and thank you somuch for having me. It's been an absolute pleasure.

It's been lovely to have you here, thank you somuch. We are going to just announce very quickly

about what's coming up next week. There is noEUTV next week. Next Monday there is no EUTV

It is Bank Holiday and we have decided that wewill not be broadcasting on bank holidays

So it'll be the first time in this whole yearand a bit that we haven't broadcast on the Monday

so have a great day off everybody. Thatis next Monday the 3rd. We will not be here

for EUTV but we will be here for other stuffthroughout the week. So, thank you very much

Very quickly, what have I missed Gav? Have we gotGavin here still? Of course yeah I'm always here

All right Gav, tell me quickly what have I missed? Whathave I forgotten? Burp...what is it with you lot today!

Gavin we gotta go. What have I forgotten? Youforgot the Music Machine

on Wednesday. Yeah. And don't forget the x-ray show, come the ball, the express and then

the sing-along on Friday and then I'm going tosay this so cut this is going to be the crazy Euan's Breakfast Show

Oh my god it's getting so bonkers

Okay, remember, you can find everything you needat We have also got the

Sunflower album out and we have also got the sunflower challenge going on

If you want to be a co-host or co-presenter itis


It is time to go. We will see you all very verysoon. That was Sharlene Hector on Electric UmbrellaTV

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