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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 28 Things You Missed In The Hereditary Trailer

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A24 was the studio that brought us my favorite horror film of 2017, It Comes At Night, and

judging from what people have been saying about this movie at Sundance, it sounds like

their new film, Hereditary, could be another success.

Yesterday we got a trailer for it and it does look promising.

Look closer however and you'll see some downright creepy details and things that just don't

add up... seemingly on purpose...

If you want to hear the one consistency I did find, then make sure to stick around to

the end of this video.

This is Things You Missed.

Let's just start at the beginning of the trailer.

It opens on this miniature model of the house.

It appears to be the house that they live in which shows up about midway through the


This piece sitting on the chair should end up going right here on the front of the house.

The garage doors are the same for both.

And the front entrance and the overall shape of the house seem consistent.

But then you notice this window is missing from the model and the colors are changed

entirely -- the model has beige wood and green frames while the house is brown with dark

brown frames.

In another shot we can also confirm that the real house is missing this section too.

Now it could just be that she's using the miniature to plan to a remodel or something,

or she's an architect, as evidenced by these blueprints, that reuses the same design elements

in many of her works, such as the garage door and the front door.

But what makes me think otherwise is that there are other inconsistencies in the trailer

begging to be noticed.

The treehouse is missing from the model altogether, and because the treehouse looks like a small,

separate house house, you have to wonder if she just sees it as another one of her creations.

Just a crazy guess here because we don't know a whole lot about this movie yet, but maybe

the mother starts to break down later in the movie and loses sight of the difference between

her real family and the figurines.

One more thing from this opening shot before we move on.

There are two creepy photos pinned up in the corner of the room.

I'm not sure what the first one is, but please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

But the second one looks like a pair of feet standing in an overexposed doorway.

If you're not convinced let me crank up the contrast for you.

Now let's look at this shot later in the trailer where the Mom finds the figurine of her deceased

mother standing in the doorway.


Not definite.

But absolutely a possibility.

Here's another inconsistency.

Outside of the immediate family, which is these guys, none of the people at the burial

are the same people who attend the service.

See how there are a bunch of bearded guys at the service?

None at the burial.

See these bald guys at the burial?

Not at the service.

The burial has four kids.

The only kid at the service is the daughter.

As far as I can tell, the immediate family are the only ones to attend both events.

The mother even comments, "it's heartening to see so many strange new faces here today.

I know my mom would be very touched."

What does that even mean?

Why would you want strangers at your mother's funeral?

Like I said, something doesn't add up.

But it gets weirder...

The daughter is drawing a picture of her mother hysterical and crying at the podium.

But we see at the podium, the mom is fine.

It's at the burial that she's hysterical.

Also, on the other page, what is this?

This is terrifying!

If these drawings turn out to be telling of things to come, then this is going to be one

freaky scene.

The necklace the mother wears can also be seen on the dead grandma as well, so it could

be a symbol for the hereditary passing down of traits -- just as biological genes are

passed down, the tradition of the necklace could also be passed down.

What I couldn't figure out is what this shape is supposed to be.

Let me know your interpretation, but as far as I can tell, there are three consecutive

figures, possibly signifying daughter, mother and grandmother.

This next one is just more disturbing when you think more about it.

Why did this woman make a tiny model of her own mother on her deathbed?

I shutter to think of what kind of person does this.

And if that wasn't strange enough, it looks like the daughter also draws the dead grandma.

This family needs a new hobby.

And if I'm not mistaken, it looks like the Grandma's eyes are opening on the other page,

which is out of focus, which again will be very unsettling if true.

Maybe you all picked this up right away, but this next thing is another one that just got

creepy after I thought about it for a second.

"You know you were always her favorite right?

Even when you were a little baby.

She wouldn't let me feed you because she needed to feed you.

Because she needed to feed you.

Because she needed to feed you.

Because she needed to feed you."

Hopefully they were talking about baby formula but let's face it.

It's way too late for that.

Here are some weird things I noticed about the daughter.

She's always wearing orange.

She always has these strings tied around her finger.

And she's got this weird connection with birds.

A bird crashes into her classroom window.

She cuts a bird's head off with scissors.

Totally normal.

She has pictures of birds in her room.

There's also a bird ornament sitting in a nest in her room.

You could even say her whole room kind of resembles a bird house.

If you think of a birdhouse as a miniature house that hangs on a tree, so is this.

Speaking of her room, first of all, super cool.

What kid would not want to live in that?

But on the inside... well this guy's just lovely.... and what's the point of having

indoor wind chimes anyway?

I think that's enough of the girl for now... she's kind of freaky.

Let's move on to the son.

I don't know if it's just me, but he looks way older than his classmates.

I mean look at this kid.

Look at her.

Now look at the son.

Looks like he got held back a couple times, but given what happens next I can kind of

see why.

Also there's a poster on the wall behind him that just says "BIG".

It could be because everything in this movie seems to have a miniature version, and if

the lines between the two do start to blur at some point as I predicted, there may be

clues about which world we are in.

I think we've established that the kid is kind of disturbed, so this sign at the school

that has the words HELP? and counselor probably foreshadow a scene that takes place at said

counselor's office involving the kid.

You may have noticed in this quick shot that the head from this doll is missing, but what

you most likely overlooked, is that this is actually supposed to be the son, Peter.

The dresser right here is the same as this dresser seen in his room, and the position

of the bed in relation to his desk also matches.

The shade of the blue pajamas seems to be the same as what the doll is wearing and the

color of the walls and the location of this stripe all match up.

But of course there had to be inconsistencies like the missing blinds or the added carpet.

I think we can assume that his head smashing tendencies are probably related to why the

doll has no head, but it also looks like something is trying to pull his head off just before.

And as promised, there is one major consistency that could be a big clue as to what's making

this family so crazy.

At the end of the trailer, this flare transitions the mother's face into the daughter.

A similar flair is seen traveling down the hall at the son's school.

I'd love to hear your thoughts about this, so let me know what you think in the comments.

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Assuming we both survive.


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