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- I have a 67 suspect that I've been looking for

and he's right here.

- 67?

- Shoplifting.


[police radio chatter]

- Code 20 in reference to my call.

Louisiana plates 6 0 3.

Now we're following onto Hubal.

[tense music]

- Driver step out.

- Do you need my license?

- Yeah I'll get all that in a second, man.

Just do me a favor and step over here for me.

I'm Officer Ricky Fontenot of the Lafayette City Police

Department. What's your name, man?

- Trey.

- Trey, listen, I'm just going to do a quick little pat down

for weapons, OK? You have anything on you?

- No sir.

- Jared, she's in there.

You have anything on you that's going to stick me or poke me?

- No sir.

- Look, I'm just detaining you for right now, OK?

You're not under arrest.

- OK man.

- I'm going to explain to you everything in a second, OK?

She's a suspect from a shoplifting, OK?

So do me a favor and hang right there.

- Why am I?

- Because you're driving the car.

Do me a favor, turn around, and put your hands

behind your back.

- What's going on?

What's happening?

- All right.

Can I see your cuffs?

- Am I being detained?

- Yes, you are being detained.

You're actually under arrest, OK?

- Can I actually ask why?

- I'm going to tell you all that right now.

But first I'm going to advise you of your rights, OK?

You understand you have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say-- we'll get everyone out, yeah.

- Can I ask why though? - Yeah.


OK, so the reason you're being placed under arrest

is for that shoplifting you did at the Albertson's all right?

I have you on camera.

I watched the camera video.

You were stuffing stuff in your backpack,

and then you took off in that car.

- So it's just for a theft?

- Yeah.

- So like, I thought it's only a ticket.

- But you ran away.

All right?

- Have a seat.

- Please.

- Who's the car for?

- [sobbing] But I don't have my license, it was stolen.

- Relax, relax, relax, relax, relax.

Take a deep breath, relax.


Have I been mean or anything?

- Please, I don't want to go to jail.

- Relax, relax, relax.

- I just wanted to stop smelling bad.

- Relax.


- Please.

- Listen, take some deep breaths.

Relax, OK?

What's the cat's name?

- Her name is Beans.

- Beans?

Like a can of beans?

That's a cool name.

I like that.

Is there anything illegal in the car?

- No sir. - OK.

Would you have a problem if I searched?

- No, not at all.

- OK, all right.

Who is he to you?

- That is her brother.

- OK.

All right.

It appears she was trying to stuff something,

so we got consent to search.

So we're just going to clear it and make sure it wasn't

anything major, and get ticket taken

care of of her shoplifting component.

Part of a meth pipe.

I got enough to detain them, but--

- Oh there you go.

- What?

- Check it out.

- What? Oh

- Oh there you go. - What?

Surprise surprise.

- I thought it was a little odd.

- You think it's for Beans?

We found her a pipe collection.

- Be careful with that glass, man.

- What?

What's that look like to you?

Is it meth or coke?

Honesty it goes a long way, right?

So I found your little hiding compartment in there.


I found a little hiding compartment

where all the pipes and the narcotics were.

- Oh, I mean, it's not mine.

- OK.

So who's it for?

It's not Beans the cat, right?

- No.

It's not.

- So who's it for?

- It's for her.

- What's that?

- I said it's for her.

- OK.

- [sobbing] Why are you arresting me too?

- Relax, relax, stop, stop, stop.

So listen, I found your little stash.

- What?

- Stop.

I found your little stash.

- I'm not sure what you're talking about.

- I found your pipes and your narcotics.

It looks like it's a little bit of meth, some pills.

- Where?

- Right next to where you're sitting, where it peels off

the center console.

- No, no, no, look.

He just said hide this somewhere they won't look.

All of it's his, the whole green bag.

- OK. OK.

Hands out.

- I'm scared what he'd do if I didn't hide it, please.

- Did she say the fiance told her to hide it?

- Yeah, but she's acknowledging what color the bag is

and stuff like that. So I mean--

- That's her all day.

- Yeah, at the very least we know she had it at one point.

- She had all the charges.

- Yeah.

- You basically have a confession at that point.

- Yeah.

We know for sure she had it at one point in time

and she was hiding it, and she was able to describe

and detailed everything that was in there.

So we have enough to make an arrest on her.

If district court wants to pursue anything on them

they can, but for tonight she's going to take the ride.

Hold on, Beans.

No, Beans.

Beans, no, it's raining.

- I know you're wet, Beans.

She's feisty as [bleep].

- I know, man.

A little foot pursuit with Beans the cat.

- Did he understand you or what?

- Yeah.

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