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[Corinne, beatboxing like a pro]

🎶 Here we are again! 🎶

🎶 It's super hot in here! 🎶

🎶 Hold on I have to snapchat! 🎶

🎶 Just really quick- 🎶

🎶 And snapchat! 🎶

I'm not hitting it.

Heh- It's so hot.

It's so hot, I'm sweating.

Why you're wearing long sleeve shirt then?


I like to wear f*cking long sleeve shirts, all right?

Get off my case about it.

Yeah. I also had to wear a hat.

So you wouldn't f*cking comment about

How I need to get my roots redone!

Leave me alone...

What up, internet!

Corinne here.

And you're watching Corinne VS Cooking!

Today I'm trying

the hottest,


summer trend

of 2016.

For some reason I feel like that's important to note?

Just in case someone is watching from the future?

And if that's the case I have a couple of questions for ya.

[Whispering] We'll talk about it later.

That's right!


I'm making

black ice cream.

I scream,

you scream,

we all scream.

Nothing gets done!

No one gets any ice cream!

You need to listen to each other!

A lil' more.

Not only have a bunch of you suggested it,


I also think it's super bada$$!

And I also heard that it turns your poop black.


It's a science experiment as well.

Two birds, one worm.

I think I've already said that joke before...

[Whispering] I don't care

Let's get started, shall we?

🎶 Because I'm sweating my a$$ off~ 🎶


We have to make the ice cream.

I found this recipe from Popsugar.

Which actually shows you how to make black ice cream!

The recipe called for a lemon curd.

And I couldn't find any of that in the store

So I decided...

Why don't I just make my own?

That shouldn't be difficult.


I've found this really easy recipe.

And ready to do this.

All I gotta do is zest a tablespoon of lemon.


A tablespoon of lemon!

It's not easy.

To procure.

And. I grated my hand a couple times.

And it really hurts.

Pretty sure there's some nail polish in there.

That's probably why you don't see a lot of chefs

With their nails painted.



Am I fogging up again?


Hhh... So hot...


Heh heh heh... It's hot.

Not only did I have to zest a tablespoon worth of lemon.

But I also had to juice three fourths of a cup of a lemon juice.

That took a lot of lemons!


But whatever!

The work is done now.

So I just combined the rest of the ingredients

To create my lemon curd


...I have a lot of lemon curd now.

The funny thing about it...

Is that I only actually needed a tablespoon of lemon curd

So we better start liking lemon curd

Real f*cking quick.

Another thing I didn't really take into account

Was the fact that

I was gonna have to zest a tablespoon of lemon

For the ice cream recipe as well!

Really gettin' a workout!

With all this lemon sh*t!

I also had to juice another tablespoon of lemon juice

Which is definitely not as bad

As three fourths of a cup.


I guess that's a good thing...

The rest of the recipe is pretty easy to follow.

...If you have a stand mixer...

For anyone that tells you that you're never gonna use it

And it's not worth it

[Whispering] They don't know what they're talking about...

I love my stand mixer!

I will tell you, however,

That working with activated charcoal

Is not the easiest thing in the world.


This sh*t gets everywhere!

It's such a fine powder,

That no matter what you do,

You're gonna get it all over the counter,

And the floor,

I'm pretty sure this stuff isn't very good to inhale.

Like for your lungs and sh*t.

But I think it's gonna turn my ice cream black!

So that's all that matters.

F*ck you, lungs!

F*ck you...

Just kidding, I really love you, lungs-

Don't give up on me now!

Okay, once I had all the ice cream steps done separately,

Supposed to mix these things together...

Very carefully,

Kinda fold it in there,

And to be honest, folding food items together just is not my forte.

It would probably help to watch a video

on how to do it.


I just don't know where I would be able to find such a video.


Now that I have all the ingredients mixed together,

I'm a little worried,

because it doesn't really look as black as I thought it was gonna be...

It's actually more of a gray color.

Hopefully freezing it overnight will help the situation a little bit.

Oh, and by the way, a little tip:

You're supposed to put some plastic wrap over the top of it

Like so

So crystallization doesn't happen.

Well, we shall see, won't we!


Now, we're going to move on to making

Our waffle cones!

I'm using a recipe from the little booklet

that came with the waffole-


[Awkwardly] Woffole.

Weird f*cking word.


That's what I think of, quaffle.

cause of Harry Potter.

[Quietly] You know what I'm saying? You know what I'm saying, dog?

Down with the Quiddich?

You down with the Quiddich.


No, you not down with the Qui-

Get- Get out of here.

Just go.

No one wants you here anyway.


Anyway... hehe...

It is Chef's Choice, after all.


How many chefs out here actually use this sh*t?

I would like to know.

Raise a' hands.

[Quietly] You? You? Okay.

This recipe is for chocolate waffle cones.


I think that'll go terribly with lemon ice cream!

So let's do it!

To be honest,

This recipe was a little bit of a nightmare to follow.

You gotta sift the flour...

And melt the butter and the chocolate...

And then put the salt and the eggs together...

And I was supposed to but the sugar in the eggs,

Not the flour and charcoal,

So I had to f*cking sift the flour all over again,

And do a whole new batch of this,

Because I did not follow the directions properly.

That's all right though!

Because I ended up with some pretty awesome looking batter!

I'm pretty dang happy with it.


I think we're finally ready to use the waffle cone maker!


before we get started though,

You're gonna need a couple things, like

A CLEAN towel.

or use a dirty one.

I don't really f*cking care.

I'm not eating

Your waffle cones.

I chose this particular towel because

It had a waffle-cone-like pattern on it.

And I felt like it might help my chances.

Make sure to be really careful

with the waffle cone maker

because that sh*t is hot!

After you plug it in

It just starts warming up.



Once your waffle cone maker has heated up to its desired temperature,

You're supposed to spoon about three tablespoons of batter

To the middle of the waffle cone maker.

I don't think I added enough batter the first time,

'Cause it didn't really reach all the way to the edge,

But it came out pretty cool!

I did, however, have a pretty large hole in the bottom

here, so,

I don't think that's what you really want.

'Cause I'm pretty sure ice cream will drip

All the f*ck over you.

And no one wants that.

But if you wear all black, like me

Shouldn't be a problem.

Just saying.

Another benefit.

On my third and fourth tries, however,

I was like, a f*cking professional and sh*t!

That's right!

Yes queen!

Do your thing!

I figured it out.

And the color is perfect!

This worked out real well!

I even tried my hand at making

A waffle bowl,

And guess what?

Boom. Waffle bowl.

[Door creaking] I guess the only thing left to do is

[Step noises] check on our ice cream!

And you know what?

I ain't mad at it!

Just gonna take my little ice cream scoop here,

Scoop up a couple scoops,

[Struggling noises]

Put it in my waffle cone,

The cone's coming apart!

The ice cream's not black!

And it's lemon!

It's so humid in here!

That I think that's the problem.


This didn't work.

It's not working!

[Spooning noises]

All the pictures on Instagram

It kinda- like it kind of looks cool.

I could, like, Instagram this.

(Our flawless queen in action.)

And take a little bite.

[Regret] Mmmm.


The cone's not soggy at all!

Ya hear that crunch?

Here, hear it again-

Ready for it? The crunch is-


[Lack of crunch]

[Laughter, regret.]

[Giggling] Yum!

It does look cool though, right?


This didn't really turn out

As I had hoped.

Apparently, you gotta use waffle cones right after you make 'em

Otherwise they get all f*cking soggy.

And they don't stay together anymore.

Another thing is that the ice cream DID f*cking crystallize,

by the way,

and it tastes more like an ICEE

instead of ice cream, so...

If you're really going for a creamy,

ice-cream-like texture,

I don't think this is the way to go.

I feel like I have to try something different now.

Because this DIDN'T WORK.

This time, I'm gonna use an ice cream maker,

Like a f*cking boss.


Don't judge me,

Yeah. I ordered one on Amazon.

And I'm using it.

Just gotta read up on how to use it...



This thing has to go in the freezer for 6 to 22 hours!


And, I'm supposed to wrap it in plastic bags

So it doesn't get freezer burn.

Alrighty then.



Guess I'm gonna wait 6 to 22 hours!

That should give me enough time to perfect

my black ice cream mixture.


I-I'm just gonna follow the recipe in this book

For simple chocolate ice cream.

Only thing I'm doing differently

Is I'm subbing half the chocolate

For some activated charcoal.

And you know what?

after adding those ingredients

To the sugar and milk,

Things looked pretty promising!

I was excited.

But all my dreams were dashed

When I added the heavy cream.

[Sassily] Thanks heavy cream.

That's gross.


Alright! I still think things are okay though!

I'm just gonna add some more charcoal.

Just gonna add some more of that right in there.

And no, that didn't really change it much!


Just maybe,

I'm gonna add a bit of black gel food coloring.

[Whispering] Don't tell anyone though!

Maybe I'm gonna add

The whole f*cking jar of black gel food coloring.

And it still doesn't look the way I want it to.

So that wasn't worth it. Okay, guys,

[Desperately] Just a little bit more charcoal,


It's gonna work.

I'm pretty certain.

It didn't work at all.

I'm very sad.

Very sad,

It's not gonna be black.

I don't know, maybe there's still a chance.

I got to go get that part out of the freezer

That we need

Then put all the other parts together,

Pour my ice cream in the top


turn it on for 35 minutes!

Is anyone else thinking

That we should have just went to the store

And bought some vanilla ice cream,

Put a few drops of food coloring in it,

And called it a day?

Yeah. I'm starting to think that too.

I'm glad i'm not alone.


It came out pretty good though,

It is a little melt-y

'cause it's hot here.

And it's been raining all day.


Definitely not the right conditions to be making ice cream in.

...And I'm too afraid to try this ice cream.

I don't think the outcome's gonna be good.

[Sinister Corinne laughter] Outcome.

Uh... What was I going to do..?

Oh yeah.

Hey Rob!

Wanna try some ice cream?!

[Door creaking]

Corinne: Got something for you.

Rob: Hey! Look at that, you did it!

Corinne: Eh.

Still kind of gray.

Rob: No, this is great with the black cone

and the whole thing.

It's goth as f*ck!

Awesome. Can I eat it?

Corinne: Yeah!

Rob: OoOoOooh sh*t...

There's chocolate chips in it?

Corinne: No. It's just chocolate.

Rob: This is delicious!


Corinne: Let me see your mouth there.

Oh yeah.

Rob: "Oh yeah' What?

[Sinister Corinne laughter]

Corinne: I'll check back in on you in- in a few hours.

Rob: That cone is delicious!

Corinne: A few hours. We'll see how you like it then.

Rob: [Yelling from across the house] CORINNE!

Corinne: Jeez! What?!

Are you okay?

Rob: No. I am definitely not okay.

I'm f*cking sh*tting a damn black f*cking hole in here.

[Corinne snickering]

Corinne: Do I need to call an ambulance or something?

Rob: You can call f*cking somebody! This is not- this is not right.

Corinne: Experiment concluded.

On a brighter note,

I'm gonna help you

live out some of your ice cream fantasies.


Becaue I'm giving away an ice cream maker,

A waffle cone maker,

And this little spinny cone holder thingy!

'Cause you need one of those!

All you gotta do

is leave a comment below,

tellin' me what makes you want to scream.

Just so you know, any comments saying that I want to make you scream

Are not gonna get chosen.

And I know there are going to be several of those comments

saying just that

for comedic effect,

and I don't think it's funny!

It is kind of funny.

It is. Alright

whatever. F*ck you.

Okay? How 'bout that.

Oh. And you have to be subscibed too.

Because that's why we do these giveaways.

[Whispering] Get with the program.

[Snip ]

[ Snip ]

[ Snip]

Mmm. That part was a little crunchy.

(Our queen dancing in the background.)

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