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once again, Snoop Dogg married Snoop dog. Okay.

Married to Shawn tastes new dog is more drama going on with him.

Now Snoop dog decided to food that little, um,

big mouth girl that they're all these little,

and I don't know what these Negroes want.

Would that Selena Powell woman see Michael Blackson had it right when she sat up

there and found out his number and tweeted him,

I'm sorry to text him and saying, Hey, you know, this is Selena and all that.

He cussed her out. You get what I'm saying? I saying, rightfully so. He said,

I know what you own. I know what you going to do.

You said you going to be posting my picture, posting this, posting that.

And it's like all these silly Negroes in the industry forward this female and

this female. I've got a reputation of taking pictures of y'all in the,

in the bed with her.

She posted videos and everything on y'all making money off you and y'all still

fooling with her. Seriously. But anyway,

so this woman sits up here and follow Snoop Dogg obviously.

So Snoop was, um, you know,

making comments about his wife on another Instagram post and then this chick

following him shows up and say, Oh, well you say you love your wife, but um,

you know, I have a video to say otherwise or whatever. Right.

So she has put up on her only fans account, um,

a tape of her and Snoop dog. That's what's being reported. Okay.

So they said she charged people 29,

25 to have access to it for 30 days. And they said, you know,

according to the reports, the contents of the video are unclear,

but power is sure. Potential customers that it contained, you know,

them doing things. Okay. So power also released, uh,

tapes of her. Um,

she says never before seen footage of her with Takashi pedophile. Yes.

Pedophile. You watched the other video, uh, rat on top of that, uh,

six, nine and Snoop, she claimed y'all thought I was playing.

Say I keep every video now Charlotte, after the announcement,

uh, Snoop's white had posted an Instagram post and it said,

don't ask me for relationship advice cause I took the n***a back 81 times.

And I guess the n****s you referring to,

I'm repeating because she said it's new dog. Okay.

Um, yeah, she took him back 81 times, obviously.

Um, she says that, um, they'd been together for 20 years. Stupid.

Been doing this all the time. Listen,

obviously I can't feel bad for her even at this point.

I really can't because if you're saying you took it back 81 times and he kept

doing it, um, the third time, fourth time, 10 times,

20 times I'm going with your post says, uh,

ms Shantay then it's kind of hard for somebody to feel bad for you.

And then on that same post, Snoop Dogg had wished her a happy mother's day.

You know what I'm saying? So stupid dog out here,

embarrass her all the time and she's still taking back. So yeah,

I think that is good advice.

They don't ask her for relationship advice because yes,

I would not want no relationship advice from her how to be married.

No. I mean that's just not the way I was deemed would be good advice.

So on top of that, Snoop had thanked her for her dedication.

So I was,

she dedicated because he can go out there and fool around with all kinds of

strange women and he and he can still come home to her. Um,

and they, they do their thing.

So that should tell that Selena Powell girl that it doesn't matter what tape you

put out. It doesn't matter if you quote unquote try to expose him.

She ain't going nowhere. She's not. And I guess you say, look,

I've been with him 20 years, put up with all his crap and any money he get,

I'm gonna have access to it. I'm not going to walk away from it for this little,

uh, hor over here. I'm not going to walk away from it.

And I got access to millions, just not going to do it.

I put up with all this time. I get that.

And that has to be her mindset with the whole situation.

But I don't know what y'all think about a situation with Snoop and that little

Selena power girl. I mean that's, that's all she got to her name. I mean,

you know your life gotta suck is that all your,

your thing in life just to be a whore to, to to men and putting out,

you know, exposing that you with this guy and putting out tapes.

I mean you can only do that for like a short amount of time because time is your

enemy when it comes to that because they got the next little young female coming

right behind you that's trying to do the exact same thing.

And no matter how much plastic surgery you get, you cannot, you know,

time's going to catch up with you.

I mean you have to really be sorry somebody,

that's all you got to do with yourself,

period is just to chase these men and thing is she chases me and it's not the

men chase her because she shows how she jumps in the DMS and do this.

But at the end of the day, it's a choice. I see. If those brothers are smart,

they'll cuss her straight out, you know, and to tell her, go on somewhere.

You know what I'm saying? But I don't know. Like I said, all y'all fluid,

the same female as nasty, and you kiss that female in.

If you didn't kiss every black man in the music industry or in Hollywood


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