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Germany is a popular study destination.

It's becoming even more popular with students, visiting scholars and language students.

However, clearly defined legal regulations must be followed by those who want to travel to Germany.

For example, everyone must have suitable health insurance.

Without adequate coverage, the VISA simply won't be approved.

Travelers who choose EDUCARE24 will receive insurance that meets all requirements.

These include regulations of the European Council,

the EU Freedom of Movement Ordinance, and the German right of residence.

Simple travel insurance from abroad is usually not enough for the authorities.

EDUCARE24 is a travel health insurance which offers a higher standard of coverage,

on par with the statutory health insurance in Germany.

With our insurance, you can concentrate on your research, your studies or your internship.

It is quick and easy to purchase online from your home country before applying for the visa

or even up to one month after reaching your destination country.

Sounds great, right?

Upon registration youll immediately get an email with your insurance confirmation

and the doctor's information ticket.

By using this ticket, the health care invoice does not have to be prepaid at the doctor's office.

It's also good to know, that EDUCARE24, doesn't place restrictions or reduce health care cover

for those who choose to take on a part-time job during their study period.

And you have insurance cover for holidays abroad

- even when visiting your home country.

EDUCARE24 is the right insurance for you!

Any questions?

At any time we are happy to help - before, during and after your stay!

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