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Alina Dadelus

The Wife's secret

Episode 27

Sorry, Ning Xia

Yesterday, I should treat you that way

You don't need to be with your dad tonight?

Minglang is there

I want to go to the hospital to see president Li with you

You want to go to the hospital to see president Li with me


You want to go to the hospital to see Minglang

Is there anything wrong?

Minglang needs me now

I want to see him

President Li is also my dad

I also feel very sad

I need someone to comfort me

Why can't you care about me a little?

You need comfort?

Did I hear it wrongly?

You have such a strong heart?

You need me to comfort you?

And we have said it

Between us, is just business


I did so much for you? You ...



In your heart is all Li Minglang

But I am the one standing in front of you

Why can't you see me?

Are you blind?

I've done so much for you

I shield you

I even let my family

became cannon folder for your revenge

I've done so many things

You didn't feel a thing?

I only know I owe you Lis in my former life

You take my body, your elder brother take my soul

So in your eyes, my true feelings for you is so ugly?

I really want to know

Your heart. Is it made of stone or ice?

True feelings?

All you said tonight

Is that your confession of love?

Ning Xia

Wake up

You ,me and Minglang

We are two different kinds of people

He lives in the sun

And us, we hide behind the moon

It's cold, it's ice everywhere

When we need warmth

We can only lean on each other

Like what we do now

Sometimes, if you want to break the barrier

between men and women, you just need a bed

I know

It's difficult for you

But, think about it

If you really want something

You should ignore the process

If you want to be the best

You need to apart your body and soul

We're the same kind of people

We need each other

Don't say no more

Between us is just business

There's no love

Ning Xia

Between us

Is not business

You're just my toy

Consider this as my help

Minglang's phone?

Help me what?

This phone just received an interesting message

Do you want to see?

Jiang Lily, she?

How's that

Do you need me to teach you?

I don't understand

Okay, Ning Xia

Open his address book

find out Jiang Lily

Then put her in the blacklist

And delete her number

So Jiang Lily can't call Minglang

But they are always together

They will find out

So you only have couple of days

To make them apart

Then, should I replace Jiang Lily's number

with mine?

No, that's too much risks

If they find out

Ning Xia, you'll never have a chance near Minglang

So, what should I do?

I bought a new number for you

Save the number into his phone

So you can replace Jiang Lily

That's brilliant


I admire you so much

You know you're a talent

But why president Li doesn't like you?

It's so unfair

I admire my dad the most

You should save these little tricks

Is that so?

You should know it better than me

Morning, dad

I need to go to work

You care about today's meeting the most

Why you haven't wake up

Dad, can you hear me?

I need you

Even just a smile

Yunduo, here, eat some food

Yunduo, be a good girl

Here, have some ,come on

You need to eat

Here, have some

Aunt Hong

Madam, what's that?

Let's go to hospital

Madam, madam

Yunduo havn't finish eating, I'm...

Where's Jiang Lily? This should be her work

She went to the hospital


Damn. Screwed

If she went to the hospital,

there'll be some bad news

She left a while ago, should be arrived

Okay, okay, I'll go by myself

You take care of Yunduo

What a mess!

Yunduo, Yunduo, don't move

Don't move, don't

Yunduo, Yunduo, come down

Yunduo, Yunduo, come down

Listen to me, slowly, come down

Yunduo, what were you thinking?

Why did you climb so high?

You could get hurt

Hon, listen to me, don't climb it



Brother, sit

I'm okay, busy?

- Right, your phone - Thanks

Continue your work

I'll go back to my company first

Later I'll go to the hospital to see dad

After I sign these, I'll be there too

Hi, this is Li Tian

Ning Xia

I'm gonna go back to the office

I'll pick you up later to see dad




Who is this?

What do you want?

It doesn't matter who I am, I need money

If you don't give me, I'll sent it to the media

Let them see your wife

Do you know you're blackmailing me?

If I show them for free

It won't be a blackmail, right?


Send the money to the South unfinished building

I'm telling you, come alone, no cops


Tomorrow you'll see these photos on your door

Brother, you're the best

Big brother, big brother

He is here, he is here

Stop yelling

Hurry, wear it

Big brother, I can't see things clearly

Me either

When we get the money, we will buy some equipment


Hurry, hurry

Hurry, hurry

Tie him to the chair

Who are you?

What do you want?

It doesn't matter who we are

Just remember, you're here to collect your money

Cover it

Are you a moron?

If he sees us, we're screwed

Right, right

What the hell do you want

Where did you get those photos

What do you want?

Not your business

Stop talking nonsense


Call his wife

Pay us ransom


Since you want money

I can give it to you

Don't hurt my wife

Shut up

Brother, she didn't answer

Keep calling

Keep calling? Okay

Don't hurt my wife

I can give you money

Big brother, still no answer

What shall we do?

Search him

Hurry, search him

If you get rid of Jiang Lily

Do you think Li Minglang will love you?

We will come to it later

At least, without her

I can get closer to what I want

Now your dad is in bed

If Jiang Lily leaves

Li-Jiang will become yours

- Brother - What?

I mean

Why you just take so little with you?

Brother, what shall we do know?

Deal with him

Deal with him, okay

Be careful

I can give you money

Relax, I won't call the cops

Release me

Release you, and you won't call the police

And you'll give us money

Do you think we're morons?

Big brother

What, what the hell shall we do?

What can we do?

- stay here - Stay here? Okay

- Call her - Okay

Jiang Lily

Mom, why you're here?


Do I need your approve to come?

You, on the other hand, can't be pushed away

Mom, doctor said you need more rest

Let me take care of dad

Feeling guilty?


Don't be

We Lis owe you Jiangs

We should pay the debt

Mom, you and dad are my benefactor

I owe you two

It's my responsibility to take care of dad

I'm afraid you just have a sweet mouth

But evil mind


Dad is in bed

Minglang and I just want you well


I just don't want you to take care of us

Leave, leave

Will you leave?

We don't need you

Hurry, leave, go!

You won't go, right?

Okay, okay, I'll leave then

Why should I leave?

Mom, what happened?

Li Tian

Come, see

Look Jiang Lily did this to your father

She is still here, faking

I just can't watch it

Can you get her out? Hurry, get her out


Don't my already have this conversation yesterday?

Big brother

He is in bed because of me

I want to fix it

I'm begging you, stop acting

No more acting

See, you'd better leave

I don't want to go

Get lost, get lost! Get her out!

President Li, don't be angry

Just pretend she doesn't exist?


She is right there, in front of my eyes

How can I pretend she is not here?

Get out!Get out!

Will you go? Hurry, hurry

Mom, don't be angry, I'll leave


Don't ever call me mom

I'm not your mother

No one dare to be your mother

You jinx

Since you're here, bad things never ends

One jinx is not enough

You brought me this...this..

Little jinx back

How many times did I tell you

You just won't listen

See, what now?

You lie

You said you love Minglang, love this family

Tell me which bad thing happened here

has nothing to do with you?


The subscriber you dialed is busy

Please call it later

Hello, this is Li- Jiang Corp.

Hello, is president Li there?

President Li is long gone

He is not there? Thanks

You're welcome

- Hello - Hello, Daliu

Is Minglang in the horse farm?

Minglang is not here

Not there?

I see

- Thanks - You're welcome

Where is Minglang?


I'm busy, stop calling me

Didn't I tell you? I'm busy

Don't call me

Wait, wait

Zhaodi, I just have one word

The Lis are all out

Can you come?

What do you say?

You're still in there?

Didn't I tell you to leave?

Zhaodi, I can't leave right now

Who tied you there?

You have hands and feet

You can go anywhere

No, no, I have things to do

I really can't leave...I...

Are you playing some tricks here?

No, no, I didn't


I'll be there soon

Okay, okay, hurry

Zhaodi, she is always like this

Sitting on the balcony, legs swinging

So horrible

But she doesn't know it's dangerous

But what if something happened

Lis are such a mess

If I leave now

-Then - That's pretty nice

Do you want this little kid

Tell them what did she see that day?

No. It's...


You think you're important here

They can't live without you?

I'm telling you

No matter you want it or not

You must to leave now

But, but

If I leave now

I will feel guilty

So for your conscience

You're willing to get me killed?

No, no, Zhaodi

No matter what will happen

I'll back you up. Don't worry

Mom, I know everything you did is for me

But I'm afraid when things come up

You will walk away from it

I won't, Zhaodi

Mom will protect you forever

Enough, pack your things

And go back home

Stay there for a while

You can come back when this is over

But, she...

Mom, you need to listen to me

I know you've done a lot for me

But I don't want anything happen to you

If you leave here

We will both be safe



Get...get up

What? Big brother

Call her

I've been calling her the whole night

His wife just won't pick up

Text her


Right, text

Big brother, so clever

Go away

Big brother, what shall I write her?

Are you a moron?

Just tell her

We got her husband

Take ransom to get him back

Why you won't wake up and let me explain

Wake up

Since you investigated me

Let me explain

What? Minglang didn't come back?

I got your husband, if you want him back alive

Take 500 thousand to the south unfinished building'

Big brother, she's calling

Give....give me

Jiang Lily

Finally you call back

Who are you? Where's Minglang

It doesn't matter who I am

Send me the money

Do you hear me?

Now, don't speak,

Find a place where Minglang can't hear you, hurry

If you want your husband back alive,you...

Zhao Qiansun, do you want to die?

No, no

Cousin, no

Is that you?

Why you are using Jiang Lily's phone?

I don't have time to explain it.

Let Minglang go

Otherwise, I will call the police

Cousin, we are relatives

You don't need to do this, right?

Let me ask you

Did Minglang recognize you?

No, I covered his head

Okay, I need you to leave now

Take Minglang's phone with you

Right, give me the address

If I find out you hurt him

I won't have mercy on you

- Let's go - Leave? What about him?


Wait for me



Here, come on

Is that sweet?

One more

- Caocao, Dahua - Lily

Why are you here?

Lily we'll come to the hospital with you

Why you look so pale

Did that evil woman bully you again?

Old saying is right

Kind people always been bullied


Maybe it's because I didn't sleep well

We came to cheer you up

To let you know, you have your friends

You're not alone

You're not fighting alone

If she bully you again,

And you want a place to hide, we'll be your harbor

- If you don't want to hide - We will help you to beat them

I'm your man

Beat what? Are you a gangster?

If you don't want to hide, you can tell us

At least, we can give you some ideas

You won't be in a passive position

Caocao, Dahua, I'm so lucky to have you

When they get wrong about me,

When I think of you, I feel my power again

My dad used to say

We all have heart

It's better to influence a person

Than to hate a person

So I believe

Our family will get better

I don't know shall I say you're stupid or a fool


Let's go to hospital to see my dad

Let's go

Minglang, Minglang, Minglang

I'm here

- Minglang- I'm here


Minglang, sorry, I came late

You okay?

Ningxia, why are you here

I called you, they pick up

They said they need ransom to get you back

Where are they?

I didn't see them

Maybe they got scared and ran away

Enough, forget it

Let's go back

Right, Ningxia

Don't tell my family about what happened today

We've got a lot of troubles

I don't want them worry about me

I know

Let's go

Be careful

Jiang Lily, what's this

You take her here with you, you want more trouble?

No, mom. I came...

You're so funny, we're here to see president Li

Why you said we are here looking for trouble?

Is there someone bully lily

And feel guilty? And just admit that?

Who is bully whom?

Ask her, what did she do to our family

Why are we bullying her?

- You - Caocao

What're you gonna do?

Fine, let's make it clear

Tell me, what did Lily do to your Lis?

what did Lily do to us? Doesn't she know that?

Ask her, is that little jinx she brought to our house

Pushed Minglang's dad on the floor?

- Are you stupid?- Caocao

She is just this height

She can push a man down the stairs?

Go and ask them

See who will believe that?

You damn girl. What's your attitude?

Let's talk, don't fight

You're unreasonable Let's talk, don't fight

You're unreasonable

You ill-bred girl

- You have manners - What are you doing? Stop

What are you fighting for?

Right, Minglang, you came just on time

See, Jiang Lily came with this damn girl

Looking for trouble here

She said we bullied her, what did I do?

You're so unreasonable

If you didn't bully her,

who is always want to get rid of her

How did I bully you?

Tell me about it

- You ill-bred girl - Enough!!!

Mom, I'm begging you, will you stop?


Dad is sick and lying in there

Don't argue with her, mom

Go back


Ning Xia

President Liu, let me send you back

Jiang Lily, have you as our daughter-in- law

In our worst nightmare!

- I'm not finished - What are you saying?

See you at home

Minglang, where were you last night

Why is Ning Xia here with you?

Right, why you and that woman are together

We ran into each other downstairs

Last night, I was with Breeze(horse's name)

so irritating!

Why you called me back

You think I'm afraid of her?

You're kidding

Even Jiang Lily finds ten more helper

I'll scold her as well!

Just a little damn chick


Mom, have some rest

I'll send Ning Xia back

Okay. Go

- Aunt Hong - Yes, madam

- You have something? - madam, I...

If you have something, shoot

What's the hesitation

I want to take a leave back home

Go back home?

I have a relative who is really sick

They need me back to take care of him, he's really sick

Aunt Hong

I really don't want to let you go

Look at us, in this situation

I don't have someone to talk to

When you're here.

I can talk with you

I can do nothing about it

Right, right

You have to

All of us have our own problems


Here, take this

Madam, there's no need

Save it. Don't act in front me, okay?

I hate that

Come back soon

Thank you, madam

That's it

All gone

Minglang, you go back with Lily

You look so tired

Tonight, Caocao and I will be here

I'm okay

You can't stay up anymore

You work during the day, up in the night

You will get sick

I'm okay

I want to be here with my dad

Minglang, I didn't feel very well

Can you go home with me?

Are you okay?

I feel a little dizzy

I'll send you back

- Dahua, Caocao -Yes

I'll send Lily back

Please watch my dad for me

Thank you

Don't worry

Come, bet, bet, bet

Yours, hurry, bet

- 5 yuan - 5 yuan

-10 yuan - 20 yuan

I'm out. I'm out

Follow, hurry

Here, 50 yuan

- Let me see - It's really you!

Aunt, aunt, it hurts, it hurts

What are you doing?

Why you are gambling again?!

Why did you come here?

You're always gambling

If your mom finds out.

She will be mad

I ran out of money

I want to win some

Out of money again?

Where did you spend it?

Never did anything good, I just got paid

Aunt, where are you going to go with your luggage?

I, I...

You damn kid


I have been calling you the whole day

You didn't answer any of it

Can you tell me where have you been?

You have been calling me the whole day?

Are you sure?

Of course

Why you ask me that?

I was kidnaped by some gangsters

They use my phone and called you the whole day long

And they also texted you

But you didn't answer any of that

Where have you been?

Minglang, you have gone missing a whole day

But, I have never thought you would made up

Such...such a ridiculous thing as your excuse

Besides, why Ning Xia and you came together?

So you're saying I was joking about the kidnap

I will tell you why Ning Xia is there

That's because

She saved me from the gangsters

What about you? Where were you?


I didn't get any phone call or text from them

You're the one missing

I didn't know anything about it

Why you're questioning me?

Qiansun, stand there

I said to stay

You damn boy, how can you take it all?

- Give me then money- No

If you don't give me, I'll call the police

Aunt, if you call the police

If I get in jail

Who will be there when you die?

You're depending on that daughter you adopt?

Can I depending on you?

Your own mom can't depend on you

- Give me the money - No

- Give me -No

Give me

I'm not questioning you

Didn't you ask me first?

We need to find out what happened first

Don't we?

Minglang, be careful


how did he drive?

What's wrong with you? Are you drunk?

Car accident?

It looks like Lily's car

Take this


You, wait for me

They passed out, look

Call the hospital

Call the ambulance

Lily, Minglang

Hurry, call the ambulance

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