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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 3 SCARY GAMES

Difficulty: 0

Please tell me it was this easy


[Doorknob rattle]

[Scary noise]

Mark: Hello everybody my name is markiplier and welcome to a few indie horror games.

This first one is called Do you copy and you start out in a kind of- Uhh?

Watchtower kind of like Fire Watch but probably a lot more sinister.

This is actually one of the higher rated indie horror games that I've seen on gamejolt.

And I've got a few others that are also highly rated as well. What is this? Use breaker!

[Breaker turns on and off loudly]

[Breaker turns on]

I don't like the mechanics and what that implies.

[Breaker turns off]

Oh noo (nervous laugh)

Attention something something the breaker is broken it needs to be held in place.

Park service's notified - something like that. Okay. Now that's good. Oh.

Man my living place is just a goddamn mess.


The Goatman?!


What, the same thing? What are you drawing here? Oh?

fourth hiker missing since June local officials weigh-in.

Oh, they weigh in that there be a monster out in the woods that seems to be killing everybody d-.

[Radio crackle] Voice: Tower Four this is Tower Two.

Mark: Ya, Hello?

Tower Two: Hourly radio check over.

Mark: Hourly? Even when I'm sleeping?

Tower Two: You there buddy? Come in Tower Four do you copy over.

Mark: Yeah, buddy.

Tower Two: Good to hear Tower Four! Takin' off for the night.

Tower Two: Parks all yours over.

Mark: Okay, thank you. Thank you for that. This is lovely I- I think.

[Animal honk]

Might examine the bullet board I guess


[Awkward laugh]

N- Okay alright well...

Notice to all park personnel until further notice the grace Wynn Lake pass is off limits to all park visitors due to multiple reports of bears in the vicinity.

Please use the alternate path marked on your map.


Please do not attempt to repair it any damaged park structures without first consulting the grace wind parks-

[Radio noise]

Stranger: Hello?

Stranger: Hello?

Stranger: Is anyone there?

Mark: Phone guy? hello hello hello

Let's see I'll say nothing.

[Another honk]

Copy this is Fire Tower Four. over. Yeah, I'm gonna go with that one.

Tower Two: I- I saw this channel listed on one of the trails out here! I need you to help me!

Tower Two: Somthing-

Tower Two: I'm lost and somthing is chasing me!

Tower Two: Please! You have to help me!

Mark: I don't have to do anything sir.

Alright, calm down fuckface. Hey. Hey get your ass out of your ass. And get your eyes on the game.

Tower Two: I don't know somthing started chasing me so I started running-

Tower Two: You have to help me I'm going to die out here!

Mark: Ohh we're all gonna die sir.

I'll turn the floodlights on I guess if that'll help you.

Maybe if I can alert the monstrosity to your location would that be better?

Curchunkles! Hello?

Tower Two: Yes! Oh- Ok I see them! I'm gonna go to you.

Mark: Okay good job! Tower Two: Thank you.

Mark: Good job leading it to me whatever It is! should I keep this on?

Should I not? Or is there something else?

Tower Two: Look I- uh... I don't know what happened back there. I-

[Floodlights shutting down as loudly as fucking possible]

Tower Two: I was just uh- camping. you know a solo hike just a day or two to myself.

Tower Two: I- * Sigh * this was such a mistake.

Tower Two: Breath of fresh air- a run- yeah! Lots of good that did me.

Mark: Huh.

Tower Two: I'm sorry I'm just strabbling at you.

Tower Two: Just trying to keep my head busy ya know?

Mark: Uh-huh

Tower Two: I'll let you get back to whatever you do.

It doesn't sound like you're running so maybe you should try to get the let out?

And get over to me before you get eaten horribly? do I need to keep that light on?

No idea. Alright anyway I'm gonna go. We'll go back to whatever the hell

I was doing which apparently has a whole lot of nothing. all right

Map? ohhhh...

There's a big blotch here I'm assuming that's a lake.

Mine- Whoa

Sorry I didn't know I was such a good dart thrower. Whoa...

Stranger: I've had some kind of break in the road it says I'm leaving the Carnation Rock trail.

Stranger: What should I do?

[The honk]

Mark: I don't know you should do.

I'm busy doing official Park Ranger stuff!

Can't you see how essential it is that I put these red pins on this goddamn map?

One of these days I'm gonna solve this mystery, but not today.

What do you want take the le-

Uhhh Ohh x1000

Oh wait I should probably know umm.

What did you say I've completely forgotten.

Stranger: Hellooo Mark: Helooo

Stranger: This- This is the emergency channel right?

Mark: You should take the right pass. I'm gonna go with right path.

Stranger: Going right. Alright.

Mark: You got it buddy. I'm here to help you. I am the one. why is there some kind of symbol marked on there?

All right...


you know...

This is disconcerting.

Oh I can't even open that door. I can't even get down. I'm just kind of stuck here.

How do I get rid of these things? Oh oh! There we go! There we go! There we go! There we go! All right!

Oh, no. I've- I've really cucked it haven't I? That was not the right way to go.

Was that? [Laughs]

Did I send him down this way?

Stranger: One mistake.

[Loud spooky whine]

Mark: What?

What'd you say that's whoa oh


Yes, that doesn't seem good, okay, all right, then one mistake huh!?

I don't like that! Oh that sends chills down my spine!

Well, what are you gonna do about my one mistake if I've done that?

Are there monsters lurking out in the woods that are gonna kill me!

Okay, all right well. Just take some comfort and staring at my piss and shit bucket.

Stranger: What was that! Did you heat that!

Mark: I don't know what I heard.

Let's see it's just a tree fall and don't worry about it

Stranger: No! no! nonono! did you hear that?

Mark: Yeah

Stranger: That is not a tree!

Mark: Okay

Stranger: [Panting]

Mark: oooo

Stranger: Alright... I think I lost it.

Mark: Ok sure you lost it.

Stranger: I... Totally lost the trail too.

Mark: Uh-huh, okay, how can I help?


H- Hello do you see any landmarks

Stranger: I- I think I see a lake? And...

Stranger: A cave? A mine? somthing like that...

Mark: How do you see that? Uh-oh well that's not good.

Head towards the lake it'll put you back on the trail over.

I think?

Stranger: Thanks.

Unless that's another mistake that I made.

Stranger: If you get me outta this I...

Mark: You get me out of this I?

Stranger: I owe you one. Lets set it at that.

Mark: Yeah, we'll set it at that not quite blow job levels of repayment, but you know it's adequate enough for my purposes.

But you know it's awfully lonely out in these woods.

Just saying.

Anything can happen and you know?

What are you gonna do? And that better not have been a mistake because I swear. I was perfectly on this 100%.

They're not dicking me over if you're about to dick me over. I'm about to dick you in the worst possible blue-blue Lulu.

Dick you.

Ah! Wait no I might have sent him directly into bears. Ah.

Okay, yeah, I think I sent him.

Stranger: Are you...

Stranger: Watching...

Stranger: The lake?


I am extremely sorry for whatever I've done to offend you. I am sorry.

Okay, all right I watched the lake and I heard a scrim scram.

Stranger: Why did I think hiking would be fun?

Stranger: Is this supposed to be fun? Is this fun?

Mark: Uhh I'm having fun.

Stranger: I guess I used to think so.

Stranger: Yeah. Yeah, I'm not doing this again anytime soon...

Stranger: Just thinking about getting in a tent gives me the heebie jeebies.

Stranger: Hey you do it though. I mean... I, I guess you get paid and all...

Stranger: And you're in a cozy cabin all night, Instaid of getting stuck out here. But...

Stranger: all the same...

Stranger: Doesn't it give you the creeps? Just a little bit?

I mean kinda now. No it's not so bad come on. I've got balls of steel.

You gotta have balls of steel to be out here all by yourself.

And also have someone on the radio to chat to and kind of flirt with

Stranger: Should I make it run?

[Evil laughter]

Mark: Should you- should you make should you make what run? Who- who am I talking to? who's on this frequency?

Hey come on now.

[Breaker shuts off]





Ahhh- Hmm

Stranger: Alright- Alright um...

Stranger: Looks like I'm getting onto Gracewind Lake pass...

Mark: NO!

Stranger: Is uh. How much longer til I'm over to you?

Mark: No, I don't even remember if I'm in Tower Four or Tower Two- I think I'm in tower Four...

Let's see take off turn off and take the secondary trail a bit further ahead.

Stranger: Uh, yeah sure. what is it? Like bears or somthing?

Yeah, it's bears. Yeah, there's bears in the woods. They can smell the menstruation.

You're gonna be fine as long as you don't encounter any bears.

[Marks weird mouth noises]

Is this helping? Is this helping? Hello, can you see me?

This is Morse code for AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Stranger: I don't know where I'm going!

Stranger: It chased me off the trail. I- I think it knows where I'm trying to go!

Stranger: Please I can get there before it catches me. I just need to know where I'm going.

Mark: Okay, I don't know where you're going

How am I supposed to know oh the lights? Ah yeah that thing that I can control yeah, that's probably important.

I should probably do something about the lights. Uh yunk. Uhh.

There we go. that's the good stuff.

Stranger: You should...

Stranger: RUN.

Stranger: Any minute.

Mark: You should run? who's running? I don't want to run. I don't need to run.

[LOud and aawful human scream]

Ok well that's weird uh. Oh.


What I died?


Following the unexpected vanishing to give a park ranger and a local hiker...


The Grace Wind Goatman? Oh, what a bunch of what wait what?

Did I lose?

Did I lose?

Did I lose?

Fenrir is a good dog name.

Did I lose?

I guess I lost...

Maybe I wanna no idea.

Okay, well I fucked something up.

So if you want to play do you copy I will provide a link to that game down in the description below.

Maybe there's another way that you could have played that and you could have saved him and...

And maybe there's a bunch of alternative paths that you can take that lead to their imminent demise.

But now I've got the next game that I'm gonna be playing here.

And this one is going to be a little bit bad for me because it's called Submerged.

With which I can only imagine that it takes place... In the ocean.



My favorite indie horror game trope waking up as the beginning of the game.

Man these are some coffin like beds.

I mean, I just went on tour and we had to sleep in three stacked coffins.

But I think we had a little more head room than that. I pick up the oxygen mask? Where's the? Ooooh.

Alright. ohh.


Why do I have a si-

That's a weird thing to be fogged up onto my glass! Man I hope Idon't breathe too much. Okay, alright well...



Okay! Alright! I'm into it! Can I have this lamp? Nope!

Well, best to turn the lights off. You never know what could be lurking on the darkness. Hello?


Save my breath who's writing these goddamn notes on my goddamn face? Okay I need to get a fuse box for this.

Hey anybody, seen a Foosay? a Fiza Foos? Oh here hello. Hi fuse. whoa.

How do I? Oh, I can't believe it, I finished makes- nuke school


I finished nuke school. The last 18 months have been a blur of white walls in fluorescent lights.

I haveve never experienced anything like it. Out of 20 guys who started only 11 finished. sad about Mike diving like that.

From the third story window. Guess the pressure hits everyone differently. Got a letter yesterday saying I have qualified for my first watch.

feeling proud that I'm no longer a NUB.

All right pop this bad boy in there. Ah I learned that trick in Nuke school.

What tricks did you guys learn in nuke school is this the nuke?

Okay, all right then. Man this game is weird you have to like hit E. And then clic-. "I must get out."

Angain what kind of ectoplasmic ghost is wiping these messages onto my mask?

That better be with your finger!

Some kind of unknown demoness smearing his dick across my face. Okay. There you go again the path is clear.

Don't know if the path is clear. You said- you said I shouldn't run through that...

Okay, so what's over here...

Well, tell me there's gonna be something at least popping at me. Because that's what I'm really looking for here. "don't think."

That's my life motto anyway.

I don't think on a daily basis.

So you don't need to worry about that if there's something that I don't do it's think.

Alright I got an oxygen container hooray alright.

Here we go.


Okay. All my years of nuke school didn't- "keep going"

For some reason I suddenly do not want to keep going.

[Indestinct radio music]

Nope! I don't like that!

[Static and glass breaking]

[Constant static]

Hello? Hi?

How are you doing

You good?



Oh, this seems to be the same thing that I just saw before... it seems to be looping over again...

Oh-no, it's not it's not. Whoo "Mend that which is broken" Thank You mysterious-


Thank You mysterious voice in front of my face.

All right, how about here, This looks mendable. Ah there we are. I fixed it with my nukes school skills.

Hey everybody aren't you proud of me and new- Okay alright well then.

Oh is thatta' ???


Okay, I turn "Your mind lies" yeah, I know that. My mouth lies too.

Uhh, [he's trying to say wait trust me]


[Noises I can't type]

Okay alright, this wasn't here before boo. Hey bloody okay. That's weird. Alright.

What is that?

What the hell?

Ohhhh, I see

Hello? Ah good I needed this. Thank you for that alright. Ohhh.

Uh-oh x10

Okay, were fine. Everything's fine. So there was some kind of flow valve bullshit here. Yep here we go.

Turn that off pick this up got that. I'm a-okay. I'm Audi baby. You guys got nothing on me.

There we go.


You guys got a hard puzzle for me. You guys some kind of a monster here to kill me. He's gonna loop me through though


Okay, I did it! I escaped! oh, no I didn't escape okay. Alright.


Welp seems that- wait what is that hello? Hi who's there hi?

Who is that peek your head through? Hey shorty jump! electricity lever? OH!

Aha, I found the flickering horror lights.

"oxygen exploder"

Say what?




Okay, so I turned on the electricity I get this thing who are you oh?

You weren't anything you were just smears on the walls. Did I escape? Okay I got a crank...



Did it go boom okay? Well got it?

All right, what else do you got for me? Anybody here?

Am I get a? woah.

Mmm. Well let me- hang on- let me -see my brains come out up with something. I'm not sure what it is.

Huh well this seems bad. "It is out." Oh, that's what it was. Thank you brain.

Thank you for breathing that into my brain. Oh boy.


Dr. A.G. Killi what a great name. After extensive testing we have found out that test subjects 72 is completely blind,

but has an incredible sense of movement. Oh, that's-

that's not good.


not good,


I hear it's skitter scattering. Ah I hear-



Ohh you sack of shit ye sack a tits. Oh you think you could pull that joke on me huh oh?

Okay all right okay, you're gonna pull that joke on me. Huh you think- you think I'm-

Do you think I don't know what you're up to. I know exactly what you're up to sir!

Ahh that looks scary.

I don't trust that even for a second. I'm gonna go there. Not look. I don't want to I will not

I'm not going to I'm gonna take my time oh



How am I here and why

[Another growl]

[Just lots of growling]

Okay, well, I'll double play your game you rogue

So where am I supposed to be getting to going and why and how and where did I come from?

Where did I go? Where did I come from cotton-eye Joe? So I'm assuming I gotta get to the other side of there.

That's not good. That is what you might call-

[My guy there is so much growling]

Okay, who's that? [Gasp]

saw something oh hi


You have an incredible sense of movement don't you well lucky for you

I got the most silent tippy tapping toes this side of the Pecos. So um.

Just gonna.



[Tippidy tappidys but with growing worry]

Oh uh ahh Oh aHHH

[Marks screams of fear]

[Test subject 72 is so loud what the fuck]


That is not okay, you are not okay. You are the opposite of a hokey. He's got a limp. Oh poor guy

He's got a limp. I'll never be able to catch me with that limp.

All right, well, this is convenient.

all right, oh.

Oh he's a limping back now this I got this.


Uh-oh Uh-oh Uh-oh

Open sesm-


Okay, all right. "We must get out." Who's we? Who? Who is we?

In this scenario? Who's who's the we? And why are you in my brain? And actually-

Why are you my oxygen mask are you a sentient? "free us?" Oh no.

Spooky voice: Make your choice.

Mark: Dark dark, that's a dark choice. Oh, what is this? Ah this way nice? I?

Spooky voice: Relese us.

Hmmmm, I don't know about that. I don't know. periscope? Uh-oh.

Is that supposed to be a city?

Where's my nuke? where's my nuke? I thought I learned this from nuke shcool. Okay?

Let me just close that door so it doesn't come after me. See what's over here.

Spooky voice: There is no escape.

Mark: Ahhhuhhhh

Okay, oh, I see how this is gonna be oh boy. Oh, you're just gonna loop back and forth, okay, so what's this? Are thes-

Spooky voice: No.

Mark: No?

No? no?

You mean you don't want me to use my incredible nuke?

My nuke school skill uses to push this big red self-destruct button is that what you're telling me-

mister in my head?

Spooky voice: No you've doomed us.

Mark: Yeah?

Spooky voice: You've made the wrong choice.

Mark: I Don't kn-

[Sad violin music]

Wow uh-oh

[Laughing] What- What is that?



There's a tiny little submarine [Mouth explosion] tiny nuclear cloud.


[Loud sound of wood being hit]





That was everything I could have ever hoped for. Supreme Leader of Modularity Ace, Great Hermit of No life.

It's beautiful alright so that was-

Submerged, but I've got one more game here that I think you guys are gonna like.

Alright I've got one more game for you here called TENOME. I don't know what TENOME is doing over there with his chest but-

man, I do not like it.

I don't like the way the background moves like that so this game was made in 48 hours for an asylum jam.

Which might mean that the game is a little un-po-

Never mind


Yeah throw it, do it, right in the eye! right in the eye! Oh no right in the ear. I'm so sorry

[Locker closeing]

What the fuck? well jeez I just. Yeah you weren't even the one that I threw it at. Oh.

Oh-no Oh-no Oh-no

[Unknown thumping]




[Loud and obnoxious sound effect]

Alright Wow unnecessary, holy shit.

Oh, oh.

Okay I'll stick with the super dark if that's all right with you guys.

Oh, I don't like those footsteps. It sounds like it's coming from slightly behind me.

What's in these halls is it TENOME?

Is it Tino? Tino you get your ass out of here.

So all I gotta do is find a way out, huh?

I'm guessing this is - woah I Sprint real cool like...

I'm guessing this is one of those like japanese-style school horror things where- where for some reason or another you get


Or they didn't do another dimension! OH!

I'm crouching.

Ok all right well.


Everything's fine and once your teleport to another dimension for some reason...

Everything becomes absolutely horrible, and it's just something out of your nightmare.


All right.

I am stuck, I'm stuck on a desk. I am stuck ok. I'm not stuck. It's a spooky sticky desk.

Why was that desk so sticky?

I don't wanna know.

I don't think anybody wants to know.

Alright, I guess I gotta go up or down. I'll go uh nope. I guess I wont I'll go down.

Okay, ooh.

I don't know what I'm getting all spooked about but -

Did I find my way out?

Please tell me it was this easy.

[Loud ass sound supposed to spook you]

Whispers mean the key is near? I don't believe that for uh?

[Mark squeals]

I Don't like this game.


Oh this game does it well. Oh this game is not too shabby.

They said the whispers.

What the hell?

The whispers mean that the key is near.

I hear some whispers...

I hear some sweet sassy spurs...

Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

(Mark Panicing)

I am sorry for everything I've ever done. Whoa Oh.

Running for too long will cause an asthma attack it said. Press R to use your inhaler.



Sorry for my panic.

(More panic! at the disco)

I am in not Sorry for my panic! Oohhh. I don't know where to go. I- I don't know what to do. I don't know what y'all - inhaler

( Mark Screeching)

I made it!

Suck a dick!

[Alien screams]

[Immatates scream]

Okay alright Chewbacca, okay, I made it I survived it.

(Some tippy taps)

Barely [Laughs]

Man you Sack of tits, you Sack of tits, I hear some whispers, but I don't seem to be getting any closer to them.

I don't know where the wispers are coming from.

Hide from TENOME by crouching behind objects what where's Tenome Tenome? Where are you?

I Hear the Spurs from that direction.

(Tippy Taps)

I Hear them wait wait there, I think they're in here hmm

WHOOOO! Tenome! You are drunk!


Tenome come on no tenome. No don't do it

You don't don't no no no no no yeah there

You go tenome wander up drunk like an asshole off that way.

It's in here. It's gotta be here. Yeah, yeah yeah I've got it.

[That fucking noise again]

No need to do that.

Okay, I'm gonna get out of here if you could stop. Oo That's not good.

[The noise real loud as always]

No no no Teno-

Teno No come on.

Tenome please.

Okay, I think I saw a sign that said school entrance actually over this way so

Maybe maybe it's like a big circle and I can loop around eventually

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, we got this

We got this we got this we're so close Tenome's not gonna get us




oh thats not good.

*inhales* Uh Oh -

Uh Oh! Uh oh! Uh OH!!

Uh ohUh

I Want to gun it oh I'm a going for it !

Going for it!


that was tenome!

Okay all right no one - hEY OH


AH Okay

I escape? (Confusion Mark)

I guess


Okay, well that was good that was really good they did that?

extremely well for a simple escape game that was-

Really well done. Not like incredibly

Astonishingly well done, but for what it was and done in 48 hours.

That's amazing well done everybody on this team, and thank you everybody for watching.

and thank you all the game developers who made these indie horror games and-

Let me know what you thought of them down in the comments below.

I'll provide a link to every game in the description so you can play it for

Yourselves. if you'd like to thank you everybody so much for watching and as always I will see you in the next video.

bye, bye!

The Description of 3 SCARY GAMES