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[Wheein & VROMANCE's Lee Chandong]

[MAMAMOO & VROMANCE's Park Hyunkyu] ♫ Peppermint Chocolate

[160702 VROMANCE - Hongdae busking]

Next song is a one our leader Janghyun released with HuhGak sunbaenim back in feb-

[Surprise visit by Moonbyul & Wheein to cheer on VROMANCE]

Hyunkyu: Hello, sunbaenim! - Hello - Hello

Hyunkyu: Yes, our sunbaenims-

Janghyun: They are our company seniors,

MAMAMOO's Moonbyul and Wheein sunbaenims

Thank you for coming

W: Hi, it's VLIVE. Wanna appear for a bit? Chandong: No, thanks W: Ok~

Janghyun: The No.1 singer

Wheein: It's Park Janghyun of VROMANCE

Janghyun: Hey, first place singer [with "Anymore" PROD Jungkey]

Wheein: That kind of talk is prohibited here Janghyun: First place singer yaay!!

What are you filming?


Janghyun: It's live, right now? Wheein: Yeah

Janghyun: Hey, Lee Chandong Wheein: The 'smile dispenser'

Chandong: It's the No.1 singer

Janghyun: Show us your smile

Chandong: Here's the first place singer, No.1

Chandong: What is your secret to winning first place?

Wheein: It's all thanks to Jungkey

Janghyun: Lies~ lies

It's all thanks to Jung Wheein

These rascals~

[MAMAMOO & VROMANCE on stage for Basick's "Stand Up"]

Solar: Since you're going there representing the company Hwasa: You'll do well, right?

Keonhee: Since we're going there carrying the name of the company

it's a lot of pressure, but we'll work hard.

[Back then they were RBWBOYZ, now ONEUS Keonhee, Hwanwoong, Seoho and ONEWE Dongmyeong]

[ONEUS Seoho featured in Solar "In My Dreams" MV]

[ONEUS Ravn featured in MAMAMOO "Everyday" MV]

[Wheein & ONEUS Leedo's CF song]

[Both their group members teased them so much for this XD]

MC: If you're ready, we'll start right way

Moonbyul: It's our first time seeing it in a person too

We've only seen it on video before

MC: Are you ready Wheein: Yes..

MC: All together!

Solar: Cute~

[Hwanwoong imitating Leedo]

Seoho: I prepared a dance

[The moment they raise their arms, Leedo knows what's coming lmao]


[ONEWE featured in Solar "Its been a long time" MV]

[She personally requested for the boys to take part]

[PS: One of my favourite songs :)]

[Solar gifted all ONEWE members with shoes]

[From music shows to concerts and awards show..]

ONEWE shared stages with MAMAMOO many times before and after debut]

Trainees from RBW will participating in PRODUCE48

We will be announcing them now

They are Park Jieun and Na Goeun

They are skilled and are amazing trainees so show them support

Voting will start with the first episode of PD48

Please vote for RBW trainees Park Jieun and Na Goeun

PRODUCE48, fighting

Park Jieun, fighting!

Na Goeun, fighting!

[Q. Do you see artists from the company often?]

Goeun: Hmm.... not that often

But when we do, they receive our greetings really well

They really greet us very well

And when we were on PD48, they cheered us on

They personally did that

We were so grateful.

Eunseong: Wheein sunbaenim once gave me pear juice

Goeun: So jealous! Jieun: Daebak Eunseong: I was very thankful

Solar sunbaenim was there when we were getting off work,

She was standing there like this when suddenly, very timidly, said to ushwaiting!”

In the past, moonbyul sunbaenim also bought all of us pizza and chicken.

My members and I shared it and ate it deliciously, thank you!

Eunseong: We used the 'gifticon' well~ Goeun: Thank you

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