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- Okay, that's good. - Okay.

- That's good. - Mmm.

We ship it.

- (laughs) We ship the cheese and hot chocolate.

♪ (accordion intro) ♪

- (FBE) This video is sponsored by Brookside.

We're sure you've seen some of the very strange food combinations

popularized by like celebrities, unique restaurants

and adventurous people everywhere.

And so we've actually asked our chef to recreate

some of these odd combinations and one of a kind

delectable gourmet dishes. - Ooh!

I like to be open minded to like try new foods.

- (FBE) This challenge was inspired by the surprisingly delicious combination

of Brookside chocolate, which you'll get to try a little later

encouraging you to try new or other surprisingly delicious things.

- I love chocolate!

- (FBE) And as always, if you eat any of these foods,

you get a point.

For each point you get, your punishment at the end

will be slightly worse.

- Oh, okay, so there's a gradual level of worse-ness.

- I always get major FOMO, 'cause the food that they keep

for the very end is usually the one that you want to wait for.

- I don't get that luxury.

I always get the worst punishments, not the greatest foods.

♪ (accordion music) ♪

- (FBE) For the first combination,

we've got a peanut butter and onion sandwich.

- Oh no, hell no. Absolutely...

- Wait! Cinnamon raisin bread with onions!?

- (FBE) To accentuate the flavor combination.

This food was popularized by the author Ernest Hemingway.

- I don't know about this. - (FBE) ...Mount Everest Special.

- I mean that, yeah, right? Like what do we say to that?

I think that's the beauty of food, right?

Just people can kinda create

random things and whatever they want, and it's tailored to their preferences

and what works for some doesn't work for others.

- (FBE) Alright you guys, who wants to give this a try?

- Oh my God, that bread looks, that smells so good.

You should smell it. It's like freshly baked.

- Should I? - Bread.

Whoa, scared me! You went in for that thing.

- You should try it. - I should?

Ugh, I can't say no to you. (laughs) - Aw! (laughs)

(buzzer rings)

- Mmm, oh wow!

- Is it, yeah. - I'm pleasantly surprised.

It's like Thanksgiving!

- I like peanut butter and banana, that's fun, this is awful.

- Probably won't be super tempted. (laughs)

- Oh no. - The onions,

it's weird that I associate onions with burgers,

because I smell a Whopper right now.

That's how strong these onions are.

Oh, now it smells like... - Yeah.

- A locker room. Get it out of here!

- Yeah, we're gonna say no to this.

(Alberto coughs)

- It's a bunch of things that I like and then things that I don't like.

- You know, there's also a visual thing

when it comes to food,

and I feel like definitely does not meet that criteria either.

- Sorry Hemingway! I like your books,

but not your taste in sandwiches.

♪ (accordion music) ♪

♪ (soft piano music) ♪

- (FBE) Next up, we've got kiwi and oysters.

- Excuse me? - What?

- (FBE) Our amazing chef cooked up a trio of delicious oysters

topped with different kiwi concoctions.

A kiwi tropical salsa featuring kiwi, pineapple...

- That actually could be good.

- (FBE) A kiwi ginger mignonette,

and kiwi julienne. - Ooh!

(gasps) - (FBE) This may seem odd,

but these foods actually have very similar aromas,

which makes them a natural pairing. - Yeah.

- Okay, salsa. - Yeah, see, that's a little bit better.

- Yeah, I thought it was just gonna be like wrapped in kiwi.

- Yeah, like here you go.

- (FBE) France and New Zealand are just two places

where you're likely to see kiwi and oyster dishes.

- Whoa, that actually looks pretty awesome.

- I don't know. - Like, this looks like

one of those kind of foods that you pay $10

for just the small little sample.

- Actually this does kinda look good.

- Ooh, they got dry ice on there!

Ooh, they made a little lemon thing!

- Yeah, honestly, when am I ever gonna have this?

- Come on, exactly! - I'm never gonna have this!

Okay, so. - Wow, ASMR.

(buzzer rings) (laughs)

- Yo, this is bomb!

- Hey, I wanna try it! - Holy crap.

(buzzer rings)

(coughs) - Mmm.

Wait. - That's really...

- That's actually fire.

- I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it!

Here we go, one, two... - Okay.

(buzzer rings)

- Kiwi and oyster. - I like it.

- I didn't expect it.

- It's texture friendly. - Yeah, yeah.

(buzzer rings)

- Mmm. - You tell me.

Give me your review, what is that?

- This is really good.

You can barely taste the oysters, it's just like a really meaty thing.

- This one, I'm committing to not eating,

'cause it just does not,

I know this is not gonna sit well in my stomach.

- I think I kinda wanna pass on this one,

it's so pretty, I don't wanna touch it.

♪ (accordion music) ♪

- (FBE) Next we have hot chocolate with cheese.

This combination is especially popular in Colombia.

- Now the hot chocolate looks delicious.

- (FBE) Our chef has selected an excellent trio

of fine cheeses that pair perfectly with this rich, delicious beverage.

(Brayden moans)

- (laughs) What was that?

- I am interested, I just think the texture

is gonna be really strange if the cheese like crumbles into,

ew, okay, no. I convinced myself out of it,

as I'm saying it.

(Jordan gasps)

- (laughs) I'm so excited.

- We're shook right now.

- It smells really good.

- It does smell really good. I feel like, mmm.

He's giving in, hard pass for me. I'm good on this one.

(buzzer rings)


- Oh baby.

The cheese is almost a little melty, so like the thickness of it

is starting to like seep across the chocolate,

so the chocolate itself is becoming a little richer, a little thicker.

I like.

- I'm gonna like do it for the both of us.

- (gasps) Okay!

- 'Cause I feel like then I can report to you.

- Okay, okay, let me know, let me know.

- You'll have to do it for me for something else, okay?

- Okay. - We'll trade off.

- Fair enough.

(buzzer rings)

- Oh, okay.

I don't know, there's like a little bit of like saltiness,

which is kind of cool, 'cause then it just tastes like...

- Okay. - Salted caramel.

- Yeah, I love salted caramel. - Hot chocolate.

- So I'm gonna like, you know what I mean?

- (gasps) Oh my God. You know how to live.

- Ooh, it's very hot.

(buzzer rings) Okay, that's good.

- Okay. - That's good.

(buzzer rings) - Mmm.

Whoa, my world is changed!

We ship it.

- (laughs) We ship the cheese and hot chocolate.

- You know, when I was watching the video,

I thought I could take it, but looking at it,

it looks kinda gross, so I'm alright.

- I just feel like it's too basic for me to lose something to,

so I'm gonna pass on this one. - Yeah.

♪ (accordion music) ♪

- (FBE) For our next combination, let's see if you'll be tempted

by hot dogs and jelly.

Of course, our chef didn't just slather some

grape preserves on a wiener, he made an incredible...

- The way you said wiener was funny.

- (FBE) He made an incredible hot dog Monte Cristo,

complete with cheese, a brioche baguette bun and...

- Uh-uh stop, I'm eating this. - Yo!

- I would literally eat this at home.

- The presentation and all of it is unusual,

but this is something I think I'd be willing to try.

- Yeah, look at that. - Yeah.

Should I, I don't even wanna pretend like I'm not gonna.

Oh, I don't wanna eat, lose!

(smacks lips) I don't care, I'm eating it.

This looks so good. (buzzer rings)

- She goes straight in, so fast.

- Mm-hmm. - It's crazy.

- Mmm, mm-hmm, yeah, you gotta try that.

- Yeah, okay.

(buzzer rings) No, this is bomb.

It's kinda like... - Ugh, the jelly's so good.

- Grapes and cheese with like a hint of meat.

- Hmm. - Ah!

- I can't tell what it smells like! I'm still gonna try it.

(buzzer rings)

- I just like have never thought of making a hot dog sweet,

and I think that aspect of it is new and enticing for me,

especially for my taste buds right now.

And I like that, so I'm probably gonna go home

and recreate this and fail miserably, but still trying it.

- You know what? I'm sold.

I wanna try it! (laughs)

(buzzer rings) - Oh no.

(buzzer rings)

No. Sorry whoever created that.

I am not a fan.

- This is breakfast! - It's like if you had

toast with jam on it. - Yeah!

- And then like had like sausage. - Like some sausage on the side.

I really like this!

I think this is my favorite!

(both laugh)

- I'm trying this, are you trying this?

- I'm not trying this. - I'm gonna try this!

- I'm good off this one. (buzzer rings)

- I'm not necessarily a fan of the jelly,

I could've had this jelly-less, but the flavors work together

and then the textures.

Now while this is good, I would never order this.

♪ (accordion music) ♪

- (FBE) Our next crazy food combination is bananas and pizza.

Popularized by Swedish eateries, banana curry pizza.

- Did she just say banana curry pizza?

- (FBE) Banana curry pizza and banana ham pizza

are two popular favorites.

- Ooh, that dough!

- Look at that dough doe.

- (FBE) Each featuring gourmet marinara sauce, a three cheese blend,

and both feature black forest ham.

- If I don't like pineapple on my pizza,

what makes you think I want banana on my pizza?

- Same. However, however,

this might work.

- (FBE) So here is your bananas and ham, as well as your

bananas and curry pizza. - Ooh.

Banana and, the banana and curry one looks really good.

- I'm getting that one.

(buzzer rings)

- Mmm. (laughs) Yo, this is fire!

Mm-hmm. - Yeah.

That's really good.

It's kinda like dessert on top of cheese.

- At first I was not with it, but now I'm just gonna

go ahead and just take the L on it.

(buzzer rings)

It's like a subtle hint of banana,

and that's why I don't hate it,

but eh, I wouldn't eat it more than once.

- I never thought I'd like banana on pizza so much,

'cause I'm used to eating like Hawaiian pizzas

with the pineapples in them, but this is way better.

- I'm a little tempted.

- Yeah, you know what?

Like, I'm gonna go for the curry one,

'cause that just sounds like an experience.

- Okay, I'm gonna try this one.

- Okay cool. - Okay, we'll fail together.

- We've got it. (buzzer rings)

Oh. - Hmm.

- That's interesting. (laughs)

The cheese adds like a really good flavor to the banana,

which is super weird to think about.

- I really liked it.

- I was really hoping that the look of the pizza

would change my mind,

and this is exactly what I didn't want to see,

and this is what I'm seeing.

- And it doesn't have enough color for me.

- I'm gonna say no.

- I'm gonna pass on this one as well. - Mm-hmm.

♪ (accordion music) ♪

- (FBE) And finally, you'll be trying Brookside...

- I tried this!

I love, have you tried this before? It's so bomb.

- Them things are so good.

- (FBE) Brookside dark chocolate.

which combines dark chocolate with pomegranate, acai...

- I'm a fan! - (FBE) ...and blueberry flavors.

- Oh, that's it, oh okay.

- We love simplicity.

- I am a fan. - I love these things.

- Oh, we got both flavors?

- Is this pomegranate? - Oh my gosh!

- Oh yeah, so I'm having both of these, okay?

Mmm. (buzzer rings)

- Mmm. - Mm-hmm.

- I'm gonna go for these,

and then I'm just gonna have one of those afterwards.

- Exactly, we already lost.

(buzzer rings)

- Mmm, oh that's good.

- Maybe what I could do is eat both of them at the same time.

You know, mix these two flavors and see what it tastes like,

'cause that, I haven't tried before.

(buzzer rings)

That's actually really good,

'cause the pomegranate's very sour, and blueberry's sweet,

and so together, you just have like this really nice mix of both.

(buzzer rings)

- Mmm. - Mmm.

- That's good. - That makes it so good.

- Everybody tells me that these are good for me,

so I don't feel as bad.

- (laughs) This is the kind of chocolate you get gifted

for your birthday, and I'm okay with that.

I tried some great things today,

so I'm kinda not mad at the punishment.

- (FBE) So finally, thanks to Hershey's and Brookside chocolate,

there is actually no punishment for this episode,

and instead you're getting a reward!

- No! - Bah, mmm, mmm, we won!

(laughs) - Are you okay?

- Did they take the punishment for us? They took the punishment for us!

- Thank you, thank you Hershey's

and Brookside. - Thank you!

- (FBE) So since you're brave enough to try all these combinations...

- Are you kidding?

- Brookside is going to be giving you both a month's worth

of free chocolate! (both scream)

- Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about!

- I was assuming we were gonna have to do something terrible

at the end of this, so this just made my day

like A, better with no punishment, then they're like "hey candy",

and I'm like "oh hell yeah!" (laughs) - Yeah.

- I am just thankful that I'm walking out

with a fat W instead of a fat L.

- Hey guys, Ethan here from the REACT Channel,

thank you so much to our sponsor Hershey's Brookside chocolate

for sponsoring today's episode.

To learn more about everything you heard in this episode today,

click on the links in the description below.

Bye guys!

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