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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Real Life Hulks You NEVER Want To Mess With

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Bruce Banner has to lose his temper

in order to morph into the Incredible Hulk,

and though he's fictional,

there are real humans that are permanently muscled

without having to go green or lose their tempers.

And just like the Hulk, they started out as ordinary people

until something made them want to become extraordinary.

Let's take a look at 10 of the most amazing

real life Hulks!

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Number 10, Aaron Reed

Aaron Reed is one of the tallest

bodybuilders in the world,

and on record, the tallest to win

a Men's Physique competition

at six feet seven inches in height.

Given that he was also a former WWE Wrestler,

this clearly isn't someone you want to mess with.

Not that he had an easy start in life.

As a child, he had leukemia.

He beat that through a healthy diet and lifestyle

and by taking up weightlifting in his teens.

That led to a wrestling stint till he got hepatitis.

That ended his wrestling career,

so he did the next best thing,

he got into bodybuilding, and look at him now.

He's also published a book on nutrition

and living a healthy lifestyle,

so there are brains that come with his brawn,

just like the real Hulk

when he's in his mild-mannered persona.

Number nine, Leslie Kai Greene

Greene is an American professional bodybuilder,

personal trainer, artist, and actor,

so talk about being well-rounded.

His victories include the 2012, 2013, and 2014

Mr. Olympia Competitions, while his latest

was at the 2016 Arnold Classic where he won second place.

Greene's life wasn't always about winning, however.

He was raised in foster care

and residential treatment centers

where he understandably developed behavioral problems.

Things changed when his seventh grade English teacher

took him under his wing,

but not by teaching him English.

The teacher's solution?

Find his inner Hulk through bodybuilding competitions

and, well, look at him now.

Greene believes in the mind-muscle connection,

something he's written a lot about

and is now considered an expert on.

As to the movies under his belt,

they include the Chinese-American film Crazy Fist,

and Stranger Things.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Avengers was next.

Number eight, Eddie Hall

Hall, also called The Beast,

is the Deadlift World Record Holder,

the only human to ever deadlift 500 kilograms.

That's 35 kilograms heavier than the previous record,

and just three years prior,

strongmen had been struggling to reach 400 kilograms.

They thought half a ton wasn't even humanly possible;

and though Hall proved them wrong,

his achievement had some horrific consequences

as he burst blood vessels in his head following the lift.

He lost consciousness afterwards

and incurred nose-bleeds.

He even trains with such intensity

that his eyeball once popped out of his skull.

Hall started out as a champion swimmer

while working full time as a truck mechanic.

From there, he moved on to break world records

in front of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, himself.

It wasn't always easy for him, however.

When he was 12, his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer.

Being very close to her, he suffered from depression

to the point that he couldn't leave his house.

Doctors gave him medications for about four years,

which helped, because look at him now.

Hulk, I mean Hall, wants to put on more muscle mass

to improve his performance.

To do this, he followed a diet plan

that most mortals wouldn't be able to keep up with.

He'll go through 6,500 calories on a bad day.

On a good one, it'll be closer to 10,000.

On average, this food Hulk spends about $500 a week

on food just for himself!

Hwang Chul-Soon

Chul Soon is a Korean bodybuilder who wears eight pack abs.

He started competing in 2009

and began winning bodybuilding contests

throughout the US and Korea.

He's also something of a heartthrob in Asia

and is paid big bucks to appear

in commercials and TV shows,

usually with his shirt off for some reason.

Also called the Asian Arnold,

it wasn't always this way, however.

Chul Soon started out as a toothpick with legs,

apparently, and was therefore bullied, as a result.

I'd really hate to be one

of those bullies today, wouldn't you?

Still, it took him a while.

He started weightlifting at 20,

and three years later, hello, Asian Hulk!

In 2009, he competed in the Muscle Mania World Championships

where he won 2nd place in the light weight division.

By the end of 2010, he'd sculpted

such an impressive physique

that he won the 2010 Muscle Mania World

at the Fitness America Weekend contest,

earning his Pro Card along with the title.

Today, he's a celebrity fitness trainer in Korea,

while gracing many magazines throughout the world.

Number six, Sajad Gharibi

The Iranian Hulk also called the Persian Hercules,

the Iranian Hercules, and the Hero,

is a 27-year-old weightlifter who can lift up to 386 pounds,

which is about twice as heavy as a kangaroo,

in case you were wondering.

He became an internet sensation in just a few weeks

with his 350 pound structure and has ambitions

of becoming a professional wrestler,

just as soon as he gives up his job

as a real estate agent, that is.

Can you imagine saying no to him?

Looking like the Hulk with facial hair,

some Netizens call him the Daesh executioner,

Daesh being the Arabic name for ISIS.

Gharibi responded by saying

he wants to be a professional soldier

so he can fight ISIS.

Though, I have a better idea.

He should join the Avengers, instead.

Number five, Denis Cyplenkov

Denis Cyplenkov, a Ukrainian bodybuilder

and arm wrestler, has such huge hands

that most think they're Photoshopped.

Like many Eastern Europeans,

Denis started his career swinging old,

raw, and rusted kettle bells,

not because it's a tradition,

but because their economy isn't doing too well.

Today, his wrists measure nine and a half inches,

his biceps are over two feet in circumference,

and he weighs 308 pounds;

and all this while standing at six foot, one inch in height.

This Hulk doesn't need nutcrackers

to crack open walnuts with.

His hands are nutcrackers!

So, who knows?

Maybe old, raw, and rusted kettle bells

are the next big thing when it comes to training.

Number four, Zydrūnas Savickas

Zydrūnas Savickas, also known as Big Z,

has always been, well, big.

He started power-lifting competitively at 16,

and became the first Lithuanian athlete ever

to total 1,000 kilograms across the main lifts,

the deadlift, squat, and bench press.

Asked about his philosophy in life,

Savickas said that it's important for him

to do better at each competition

and each time it's a competition with himself,

not against anybody else.

Now, that's a tough opponent to beat.

In this picture taken years ago,

Big Z looked like the Hulk,

if he was trapped in a buffet,

but since then, he's dramatically downsized

his belly to get leaner.

It's believed he did this while still lifting heavy weights,

but eating lots of lean protein,

like fish, chicken, and steak,

as well as clean carbs,

like potatoes, and colorful veggies.

So, eat your veggies, kids, and who knows?

You could be the next Hulk, someday.

Number three, Jay Cutler

Jason Isaac Jay Cutler is a four-time Mr. Olympia winner,

earning victories in 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010.

He got his start working at his brother's concrete business

at the age of 11, before starting to train at 18.

He didn't take it too seriously though,

because he graduated with a degree

in criminal justice from college with the hope of working

at a maximum-security prison.

The inmates are lucky he then found his true path.

After years of training he won the 1993

Iron Bodies Invitational

and started to truly sculpt his inner Hulk.

Cutler won several more competitions

till he tested positive for banned diuretics in 2001.

Unhappy about that,

he sued and got his second-place finish reinstated.

Unable to compete at the Mr. Olympia due to a biceps injury,

he made up for it by winning 6th place at the 2013 Olympia.

Cutler has since focused on his business venture,

Cutler Nutrition, which specializes

in bodybuilding nutritional supplements,

in addition to his social media presence.

Number two, Evan Centopani

Evan Michael Centopani is an American

professional bodybuilder who competes

in the super heavyweight class;

not bad for someone who weighed 220 pounds when he was 12.

As a child, his mother desperately tried to control

what went into his mouth,

because he was like a human vacuum cleaner,

in his own words.

Not that it mattered, because he ended up eating

three breakfasts, thanks to his relatives

who lived nearby.

This lasted for the first 15 years of his life

until he finally got serious about training,

and everything changed.

Good-bye, fatso, hello Hulk!

At his first tournament,

he won the heavyweight class and the rest is history.

Clearly, he put his childhood fat to good use.

Now, before I get to number one,

an honorable mention must go to some super strong women.

I've focused on guys because the Hulk's a male,

but I'm giving these ones an exception.

Iris Kyle, for instance, weighs 180 pounds

at a mere five foot seven inches tall

and looks more man than most men,

you have to admit.

She's won every single Ms. Olympia title since 2006,

plus one in 2004,

so she definitely deserves praise

for her incredible achievements.

But Iris isn't just about looks.

She's trilingual, and a business woman,

who runs her own nutritional company,

and a smoothie cafe;

and though she may look

like the strongest woman out there, she isn't.

That title goes to the current World's Strongest Woman,

Donna Moore, from Britain.

On her Instagram you can see her regularly

lift in excess of 225 kilograms.

That's a weight most men could only dream of lifting!

Number one, Hafpor Julius Bjornsson

This man plays 'the mountain' from game of thrones,

and it's not hard to see why.

He's the current World's Strongest Man

and the first person to have won

the Arnold Strongman Classic,

Europe's Strongest Man, and World's Strongest Man,

all the same calendar year.

Oh, and he used to be a professional basketball player.

In January 2015, out of respect for his roots,

he joined the World's Strongest Viking competition in Norway

where he carried a 33 feet log

weighing 1,430 pounds, or 640 kilograms,

for five steps -breaking a 1,000 year old record

set by the legendary Icelandic strongman,

Orm Storolfsson, who single-handedly carried

the mast of a viking ship.

Sadly, we don't know much about Storolfsson,

except that he was obviously a Nordic Hulk

used as a secret weapon by the Vikings.

Even so, he's beaten by Hafpor,

who, as an inhumanly strong being,

is permitted to have Thor within his name.

Sadly, Bjornsson was struck with Bell's palsy

in March 2017, a paralysis of the facial nerve,

causing muscular weakness in one side of the face.

Even so, I'm sure this won't stop him,

and he'll still go on to perform amazing feats

most of us can't even imagine.

Maybe he'll break Eddie Hall's

half a ton deadlift eventually?

Only time will tell!

And if you want to be like the people in this video,

just remember that all it takes is hard work,

persistence, and dedication.

So, which real-life Hulk do you find the most impressive?

Let me know in the comments section down below.

Thanks for watching!

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