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Hello and welcome to Keep It Simple Esperanto

I'm Becky and I'm in quarantine

because of the coronavirus

For six weeks I haven't worked

I've barely left the house

and life

is different to before

But I'm happy

because I have a lot of time

and I can think

I can learn, study

and be in peace

So, what did I learn during

the quarantine?

One: always have savings

That can be difficult

but when one isn't working

one needs to pay the bills

and everyone

is in crisis now

but in the future

I'll have savings

if I'm sick

I will need

the money

so after the crisis, after the quarantine

I'll save money, more money

In the future I

will really try to have at least

three months of money

in the bank

Two: live with

the right people

I live with my wife Andrea

and my dog Hodor

and I love them

I'm at peace

we live

together without problems

and I never

would like to live with

bad people

especially during a crisis

during quarantine

I live with my

best friend and my dog

and I'm lucky

I don't know how I

would live

if I - if she were

cruel or if I couldn't

escape from

a bad person

I hope that you live

either alone or

with great people

Three: I have too many


Now my house isn't full of things

but during the

two months of quarantine

I spent lots of time here

and I barely used


I understood that the Pareto

principle is true

I used

twenty percent of my


eighty percent of the time

I'm going to sell a lot of things

Four: time is worth

more than money

We need both money and time

but at least I worked a lot

to earn money

to buy things

that I don't need

Many people are bored

me too but I enjoyed

my time, I

spent my time with Andrea with

Hodor I thought a lot

I made a lot of videos

I enjoyed

studying and learning

and resting and even

watching videos

I had a lot of time, more time to interact with you


in the future I want to work


I won't earn so much money

but I


to appreciate my time and use my time for

improving myself

Yes we need

challenges we need

to work, that is necessary

but I believe that

we work

too much

and I believe that

the crisis showed

many people

the we don't need to work

too much, we need to work

to pay the bills

but we need time

we need free time to

spend time with the family

to rest and to learn

and challenge

I don't want to sacrifice all my time

for what? To buy

clean, repair


unimportant things

Five: I'm very lucky

I often thought during

this quarantine that I

am very lucky

I don't have a lot of money but I live

with a good person


have internet to

communicate with you, with my family

with my friends and

many other things

that I'm not going to talk about

today but I have a lot of luck

I'm healthy, my family

is healthy and

I had

time to

think and to appreciate all

that I have

The future isn't certain

but I appreciate a lot what I have

What have you learned during the quarantine?

I learned that there are many

great Esperantists

here and I want to than you

for your

help, for your comments

for subscribing to the channel

and I hope that you're well

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Thanks for watching and see you next time

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