Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ASMR 깊은 수면을 위한 귀스파 + 두피 마사지

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哈喽 大家好 我是施利 Hello everyone, it's Shili

今天我来做头疗 Today I'll be receiving a head massage

你好 Hello

你好 Hello

欢迎来到卿本佳人 Welcome to QingBenJiaRen

请坐 Please take a seat

我预约过了的 I have a reservation

这是我们为您特意调制的茉莉花茶 This is our specially made Jasmine Tea

谢谢 Thank you

请您慢用哈 Take your time to drink it

谢谢 Thank you

有茉莉花香 I can smell the Jasmine

净手净心 洗去浮燥 In washing hands, can clear away things that disturb us

内外无垢 身心安宁 In cleanring our interior and exteriors, we can enjoy peace of mind.

我是今天为您操作的护理师小谢 My name is Xiaoxie and I will be your masseuse today

你好 Hi

今天为您操作的是梵天云手脑轻松SPA Todays service is calledSPA to relax your head

我们的服务时间是90分钟 And it will be for 90 minutes

好的 Ok

请现在跟着我的引导做三次深呼吸 Now, please breathe in and out as I do

好 吸气 Good, breathe in

吐气 Breathe out

吸气 Breathe in

吐气 Breathe out

吸气 Breathe in

吐气 Breathe out

好 请放松 Good, now relax

我们现在开始了哦 Lets begin

这是用什么在刮 What are you scratching with?

这是刮痧板 This is the Gua Sha stick.

力度可以吗? Hows the pressure level?

可以 Its ok

热热的 Its warm

温度可以吗? Is the temperature ok?

可以 Yes

这边温度有点高 A bit hot on this side

有点烫是吧? Is it hot?


项目就先结束了哦 This will be the end of the massage

谢谢 Thank you

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