Practice English Speaking&Listening with: LEMON BLUEBERRY PANCAKE STACK CAKES

Difficulty: 0

Hello everyone it is Barry here welcome to my virgin kitchen hope you are well you are

certainly looking well and all that stuff boston is back alongside me you guys loved

him there for the german taste video so thought he would come back again although he does

not really have a say in the matter although will give him some dog biscuits from time

to time, he is quite calm though. Todays video recipe is lemon blueberry pancake stack cupcakes

oh my word this is amazing I was going to put it in my second cookbook which I am writing

right now but I am so excited I wanted to share it with you guys there are two things

right firstly you must make it, right boston, yes they must make it and also you must eat

it in the style of a confused chicken, did you not like the chicken, ok, so if you have

an idea for a method of consuming the recipes I do let me know down below and perhaps I

will include it in a future video all the instructions and method and all those bits

and bobs aswell as in this video are on my website so check it out,

lets do it, first thing we are going to do is put our sugar in a bowl and add in the

room temperature butter cream together until combined. We then crack in 3 eggs and for

some reason I did not use any of my egg cracking gadgets which you guys do let me know about

so thanks for that in they go we also now pour in the milk from a cow or a pug do not

milk a pug, in goes the zest of a lemon you could add a little zest if you want to and

also a good handful of blueberries, sift in the plain flour we also add the baking powder

and bicarb of soda get that all in there until fully combined and merged together.

All you need to do then is fill your cupcake tray with cupcake cases a tablespoon in each

one is plenty bake it in the oven for 18 minutes until they come out golden brown leaving on

a wire rack to cool down. Next up we make the lemon icing this is super simple indeed

all you do is grab a big mixing bowl I did get a bit messy going to be honest icing sugar

for me goes everywhere but hey it still works right get all the ingredients in a bowl mix

through until nice and combined have a cheeky little taste if you like it is rather stonking

indeed, how you doing ok, we are nearly there, next step is the pancakes for the top of our

cakes. To make the batter grab yourself a jug and combine together the egg and milk

whisk it through together until combined pouring in the melted butter as you go whisk it and

leave for the moment. To one side have a large bowl and add your

dry ingredients in there the baking powder and pinch of salt goes in with the flour and

you add the sugar if I had the sugar there the ingredients have that but I did not show

it gradually pour in the wet mixture continuing to whisk at first it will be lumpy but keep

going until nice and smooth. Cook the pancakes in a frying pan over a low

flame using a little spray oil I used a teaspoon just to make mini circular shapes flip over

once done and rest to one side repeating over and over. We made a lot of pancakes he can

see them he is in the zone, pancakes! The cardboard cut out just fell down and I have

to give him a biscuit because we talked about pancakes and now he is happy.

It is time to build the cupcakes once cooled one at a time spoon down a nice layer of the

lemon icing get that all on there that will hold our pancake stack get 2 maybe 3 pancakes

place them on top another bit of icing to act as glue to hold down some blueberries

and a fresh drizzle of maple syrup I actually have some blueberry maple syrup here from

a previous tasting video from maine I was going to say use that but some of you cannot

get that so just use maple syrup. Looking amazing as I said at the start of the video

eat it in the style of a chicken optional and that is it absolutely stonking.

So there we are then guys really hope you enjoyed the video let me know down below what

recipes you want to see next subscribe if you have not already and remember to follow

me on social media for lots of regular fun things like memes I used to pronounc e them

memays and gifs I would pronounce jiffs right it is just him really, see you next time.