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Why are

Why are you dressed up so pretty today?

-I mean...

You hungry?

-Did you eat something yet?

-Yeah, I went out earlier and had a bunch of this and that -What, seriously?

-...Yeah. (lol)

-You're lying. -Heh.

-Where do you want to eat?

-I didn't do any research.

-You didn't do any research?

-I thought you were gonna look some places up!

-I'm sorry...I just went to bed.

-Alright, then...let's go somewhere famous!

There's a place I like.


(They went with Korean food)



...this is a spacious restaurant.

This is just how a Korean restaurant smells like. Right?

-Yeah, it's that Korean food smell...straight up.

I smell the aroma of seasoned vegetables.

Marinated pork, with rice.

Cold noodles with meat.

-Ooh... I could go for some cold noodles with meat.

-They've got a little bit of this and that. Pick out everything you want to have.

-Well...I can't order "everything"...

-Well, let's start with this beef tartare worth 420,000 won...

(420,000 won??)

-You almost had me. I really thought it was 420,000 won!

-That's what it feels like to me though.

-Want me to show you a good way to calculate your bill?

-Nah, I'm good. -Alright, then.

-Alright, alright, show me. How do I calculate the total?

-I just read it online somewhere...

First, take out one of the zeroes... So it's now 59,000 won, right?

Now divide it by half.

-Ah.... -So this roughly translates to 30,000 won.

-Oh....I see.

-I'm just letting you know. -Yeah.

-What should we have? -Meat. Let's have some meat.

-Meat already? But it's lunchtime. -Let's go with meat.

-Let's have the large beef platter.

A large beef platter, and...

Stew! Let's order some stew to go with that.

-Alright, stew it is. Which stew?

They've got Soybean Paste Stew with Beef Brisket... And they've got Sausage Stew...

-Let's have soybean paste stew. -Soybean paste? Cool.

"Best." It says it right here. Best.

-So...are you coming to Korea next week?

Next week?

After this is over...

I'll be in Dubai for about three days...and then Korea.


...So you're coming next monday or tuesday.

ICN Int'l? -Yep, yep.

That time, I was there for vacation...

I'll be flying out this time, so...ICN Int'l.

-I see. So lets meet up often today.


You have to hit me up first, though! -Alright.

-I don't think it's appropriate for me to call you first.

Feel free. Feel free to hit me up.

-I don't feel so free, though.

-The Ssam here is crazy.

They have all the Korean food here.

-Wow...Thank you!

-Enjoy, sis! -Yeah. Jal-Meokgetsumnida! (I'll enjoy this food)

So, my friend...

You were in Korea up until middle school... Then you went abroad from highschool and on?

-Yeah. -Wow!

-For about...three or four years?

-Ah. No wonder your English is so good!

-"What did he say?" -"To watch out for pickpockets."

-No, you're too kind.

-You're a flight attendant, so that's saying something.

You get perfect scores on your TOEIC test, right?


-Wow...I think I scored about 800 back in the day.

-I took the test a long time ago, though.

I don't know how I'd do today.

This was back when I was prepping for college.

I think I speak English just well enough to get work.

-What did you major in, then? I did chemistry.

-I majored in Law.

-Whoa...for real?

You must have gotten good grades! -No, no.

-By the way, I was curious...since you are so pretty.


-You're so pretty, and tall...So, when you're working on a flight, are there passengers who ask for your number??

...Saying they're into you and stuff. There must be, right?

-There are some, yeah.

-On average, how good looking are they?

-That wasn't a common thing for me. It happend maybe about....

-It's okay. You can speak freely!

-There weren't many...I don't remember how they looked.

-It know.

-"I don't remember" means they were wack as hell.

-I'm not saying that!!


Thank you.

They must cook it back there and bring them out little by little.

-They're going to keep them coming.

-So the meat is cooked elsewhere and brought out.

Like so.

I think this is beef sirloin.

It's cooked already. Ooh, and mushrooms, too.

-Go ahead and try some. -Oh, no, no, you first!

-You first! -No, you first!

-Thank you. -Enjoy!

-It's good. It's the same quality you'd expect back in Korea!

-Mm...It's good.

Do you like beef more, or pork more?

-Uhh... I like them both...

...but since I live in Dubai, I think I like pork more.

-What do you mean?

-They don't have pork in Dubai.

-Ah... -It's hard to find. It's an Islamic country.

-So I'd prefer to have pork belly and things like that.

Even though I used to enjoy having beef more.

I'm just gonna try a spoonful. You can have the rest.

-You're only gonna have a spoonful?

-I'm getting full now.


-Go ahead and have more, it's cool! I mean, I've seen you eat yesterday.

-It was because the food was so good!

-You were a big eater yesterday. I felt happy watching you eat.

-For real? -Yeah.

I see.


-it was a compliment. -Okay.

-Do you want to chop up the noodles? -Oh, yes please.

-Should I go ahead? -Yeah, cut it in four. -Sure.

-Here, have some.. -Okay.

-You can put it here. -Thanks.

-Thank you!

-Eat well, sis! -Yep!

You too, Oppa! -Thank you.

How do you like it?

It's the same cold noodle dish you can find in Korea.

-For real? -It tastes exactly the same.

-This is a decent restaurant, then.

One thing I've learned from my experience is that... -Yeah?

It's hard to find good cold buckwheat noodles when you're traveling around the world.

-Is that so? Why is that?

-I dunno. Whenever I ordered some, it was bad.

-Do you know what D.A.D.C. stands for? (*Didn't ask, don't care)

I'm kidding. Wait, you know what it means!

I'm sorry. I assumed you wouldn't, because you lived abroad for so long.

It's one of those four character idioms. i'm sorry lolol

I was kidding! Lolololololol

Thank you~

(The next stop is a foot massage joint)

Uh, foot massage... (for two people)

Thank you.

This tea is the same one from the Bochelin Guide episode 8.... it's 'standard water' that the Chinese restaurant Palsun serves.

'Standard water' ??

'The standard water' of Palsun.

Do you get massages a lot? Like we're doing now.


That's why I go to Bangkok so often. I love massages.

-Ah, I see.

-I go to Bangkok all the time.

That's all you do in Bangkok? Get massages?

I book like...two or three sessions.

-Oh, yeah? -In a day. -Ah...

-Wait, two or three sessions everyday? -Well no, maybe over two days.

Thank you.

(*Entering the room to receive the foot massage*)

Today...Thanks to you, I'm in Vietnam experiencing all these wonderful things.

Legendary, for real!

-I didn't know Bokyum oppa was going to come to Vietnam for real....

He's here now, somehow... and thanks to that, I'm having a great time in Vietnam.

-Rolexes!? Ooh!

Can I get one? Submariner, please!

-2 million dong! (About $100) -2 million?

Discount, please! Please!

(950,000 Dong = 47,500 KRW)


(Charm failed!) Thank you.

Thank you. Rolex!

So guys, this is the Ben Thann market... It's famous for selling fake designer things!

Yeah, a Rolex Submariner!

I've copped one for myself. 47,000 KRW!

Heh heh!

This is it.

This is good, right guys? Lots of compartments.

Put my wallet in here... A tablet for Clash of Clans in here...

Yeah, a Submariner, and now Gucci...

Time to go, "Okay, how much?"

Uhh... discount please?

Sales clerk: -Korea? -Yes, Korean!

-Hangseo Park!

Hangseo Park? Okay! Hangseo Park!

Hangseo Park! Wow!

Okay, 1 million Dong, no discounts! Thank you!

-Thank you! -Go Korea, Go Vietnam!

-Vietman and Korea...(*thumbs up*) -Okay, good good! Alright, thank you!

I would have asked for mad discounts if he hadn't dropped Coach Park's name!

-The size...good, good, good?

-Good, good. -Good, good, good. Okay!

Ah...340,000 Dong?


-I'll try and translate... so she's saying this is good material.

It's 130% cotton.

So this is why it's this expensive, I think she's saying. Okay.

-Discount? For real? I didn't say anything!



Good, good, good!

Thank you! Yeah!


Oh my Eastin...

(*Typing*) Are there any Gajokus out here near Eastin Grand Saigon Hotel?

If I could run into you guys, that would be awesome...

...Until 12 o'clock Korea Time...

Eastin S...Saigon Hotel.... Are there any of my Gajoku's out here?

It'll be awesome to run into you...

Your boy has about 45 minutes to kill... So if you could pull up around 11:40 Korean Time...

Come and hang!

If anyone actually shows up around here... It would be awesome just to see them!

I've seen a lot of Korean folks around here... But I dunno if anyone's actually gonna show up.


-You're flying out soon, right?

-Yeah, I'm getting ready to leave now.

-I see, it was good meeting you here, and if you're in Seoul sometime, or if you're traveling abroad somewhere, I'll pull up!

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'd like that. If Mr. Bokyum's not too busy.

-You're switching back and forth between Mr. Bokyum and Bokyum Oppa.

Anyways, thanks. It was fun. See you around.

-Yeah, catch you later! Don't be late to your flight!

-Bye! Safe travels!

-Thanks for everything!

(*Belly bow*) -No, thank YOU for everything!

Thanks to her, everything went smoothly... From filming this and that...

...and exploring Vietnam. Thank you!

It's 11:50 Korean Time... I thought at least one person would show up...

...Nobody showed up.

-Hang on! -Oh, you're about to leave?

-I'm checking out a little early to see you.

-Oh so this is the...thing. The know.

It looks good on you!!

-Am I pretty on camera?

-You're so pretty!

-(Embarassedly) Ah...

-Again, thank you, for everything.

-It's nothing.

-Oh by the way...

You're embarassing me!

-No, no, what's there to be embarassed about?


Thank you for everything. You know, showing me around Vietnam... for doing this and that, and everything.

-No, thank you so much for coming, really!

-No, thank YOU for showing me around.

...For real. -No, it was nothing.

-So you're coming to Seoul next week... But when you're traveling again, I'll show up if I can!

-Really? -Yeah, let's have fun again. Later.

I'd like that.

It was nice meeting you! -It was really nice meeting you!!

-It was nice meeting you more. -It was an honor!

-Honor was all mine! -No, mine! -No, mine!

-Mine!! -No, it was all mine!!!!

-Safe travels!

Bye bye.

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