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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: eng/pl) my tips on how I self-study KOREAN/moje rady na samodzielną naukę Koreańskiego

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I turned on previev of this video and I really don't know what happened with my bangs So I'm sorry for my bangs in this video

Let's get it

So. I'm sitting alone again. And I'll record some videos which I promised to record

Mainly about how i learned Korean (I'm still learning but how i learned/laern or how I'm learning)

And some tricks how to learn faster and better

And what I learned, what did I learn from, which I recommend and which I do not

And maybe if you want to know more, I'll record

That's it, let's start

According to official TOPIK tests, I passed first level unofficially

But I didn't pass it officially, 'cause I didn't have any occasion

So probably I'll pass it in a few weeks

On my course it came out, that I'm on the fourth level

And on "Talk to me in Korean" I also did a test to match books. (They have a test that maches the books). It also came out that I am on the 4th level So that's my level of Korean language

In a nutshell - communicative

I was learning by myself

I had private lessons just 8 times, each for 100 minutes

But of the rest of 6 years (It wasn't 6 years, because I had a break for 1.5 year)

I was learning Korean by myself

And now I'll tell you how I learned the language at such a level, that i can communicate with my Korean boyfriend

Many people start learning words, some basic sentences like "Hi, I'm Maja and I'm from Poland"

But in my opinion the most important thing is ALPHABET, not words, not sentences or grammar, not reading or understanding romanization

Believe me Romanization have to let us know how to pronounce the words, but it never shows 100% true pronunciation Korean alphabet is very important because it shows the real pronunciation

So first we have to learn the alphabet and then we can start with words and grammar

otherwise imagine: You're going to visit Korea, you're walking down the street and you dont know the alphabet but know names of restaurants/shops or anything else, you can even talk, but you don't understand ANYTHING if you don't know the alphabet

Sometimes under Korean text, there is English translation, but you'll never find romznization, beccauce it may look so funny So first of all LEARNING THE ALPHABET

Korean alphabet can hepl us to pronounce the words, because it was made for this. In past there was harder Korean alphabet and Hangeul was made for poor part of society. It was made to "learn in one evening". It's easy, because shape of each letters shows the shape of lips or tounge during pronouncing the letters

so we can learn pronunciation during learning the writing. We just have to associate something and there are a lots of videos and websites 'bout that

I'll give you some links to vids/websites in english, because there aren't so many polish ones

otherwise Korean alphabet is so easy, it looks like lines, circles, squares

I learned reading Hangeoul in 2 days, I did it at school with my friends during lessons and breaks

Someone created a comic which help us to learn Hangeoul

it's a comic consisting on associations

There's a link to this comic below

it helps us to learn much quicker if we like associations

How to learn language permanently and quickly

regularity It's the thing, that many people hates when someone ask me how did I learn Korean, I say "regularly" What does that mean? Repeating once in a while It depends on our opportunities and needs

Do not overdo it, better spread it over time. If you overdo, you probably will get tired of it, so better spread it over time and learn regularly

It's even harder when you're a student, because learning another language is another responsibility, more learning, more working So do not learn 5 hours a day, because it's too tiring

After some time you can learn more and longer

regular learning is good, because we have to perpetuate If you're learning any language in school, you have lessons few times a week that's because you have to consolidate some words or phreses. You can't remember things if you don't learn regularly

If you're learning basic grammar you can remember it easy but when it comes to higher levels, it'll get harder and harder So without regular repeating, you'll make some absurd mistakes because of forgetting things So yes, you have to repeat your knowledge. It would take so long, but it helps you to remember everything.

And then if you read something in Korean and you find new word, which you didn't know - just find meaning of this word, write it down on little card and put it in the place, which you spend the most time and read it everytime you see it. If you don't know the alphabet well, you can write the romanization So it helps you to: write, proununce, read and understand

Like a child. You see it, you hear it and then - remember it

You can buy yourself a flashcards if you want So learning words will be easier

How to learn grammar? Grammar is the hardest thing because it takes the longest time to remember. Everyone likes learning words and phrases 'cause it's quick and easier

Learning grammar is harder because we have to repeat it and repeat And learning by yourself is harder cause you don't have a person, who you can ask "why does it work like that?"

How to get it? Watch some videos about the part of grammar which is your problem Still don't get it? Make a research in blogs or something. And if you still cannot understand it, play a video and read your book during watching. Think about it, and try to write any sentence. Try try and try until you understand.

And if you finally understand, stop writing. If you have possibility, send it to native speaker or someone who's perfect at Korean (some groups on FB or smh) And if they let you know it's correct, then write write write and write

And if you're friends with someone who can speak the language, ask if you can make a dialogue using this part of grammar to help you remember. And if you can talk (not chat) do it too!

You have to set a schedule Turn on an alarm in your phone which reminds you "It's time for learning" Go somewhere where you are totally alone and isolated. Don't take phone or laptop with you because it will disturb you. If you like listenng to music during learning, turn it on but it must be music without any words, because we subconsciously focus on the words of the song

If you are in the bus/train or if you have siblings who disturbs you, put on headphones and listen to music (i linked something below) If you're in a train or smh, sit alone and focus on the learning only

Set the lighting on your book and learning place, it helps you to focus And if you like to eat during learning, take some snacks before you start learning do not go to the kitchen and don't take a breaks every 5 minutes to eat something Don't think about eating when you're gungry, think about lesson And bring some drink before you start the lesson

So when everything is ready, sit and start the lesson You can but yourself a timer which turns on the alarm after some time (45 minutes for example) And after this time you can finally have a break (for example 10/15/20 mins) But if you see that you will end the topic soon and alarm rings, forget about break and end the topic and then take a break. But if your lessons are short, you do not need any breaks

Notes! You have to have 2 notebooks One for words, one for grammar The best way is writing words in thematic order or like the lessons in your book Organize your notebooks in the clearest way and then you can find any word you need

Same thing with grammar Organize your notebook to find any grammar you want Do it in the cleanest way Use colors. The colors activate another part of brain so you use whole brain to learn And you remember everything better and more effective

Our brains can associate colors with words If the colors doesn't help you, you can use stickers and then your brain will associate things with sticker If you forget anything, your brain'll associate it with the sticker and it really works I am such a lazy person but i wached videos about how to organize notebooks and it really helped me

If you make pretty notes, you'll like to look at them and it is a kind of learning too when your notes are clean, you will never get lost and find anything you want So write write write and write Use hangoul even it takes longer, write Nevermind what level you're at, write in Hangoul

You should chat or talk with native speakers But dont poke Korean with some Korean sentences if you're not sure if it's correct Just ask "Hello I'm learning Korean, can I practice with you?" What would you do if someone ask you the same but about your native language? You'll think thats cute and probably agree. It works in the otherside too They will be grateful even if you make some mistakes

Chat with Koreans because they will teach you and help you to master Korean language and even slang My bf likes to read my books and he argue with how it's presented in the books He's like "No, we don't say that" or something

You need to talk in Korean if you want to get higher levels If you cannot find Korean friend, find someone who can speak Its easy, you have to speak if you want to speak I am learning Korean for 6 years and still I'm shy of talking, because I couldn't talk with someone who can Someone me and my bf are speakin' english because of my language barrier so talk in Korean if you wanna speak well

If you start talking, you will get it easy, so talk and don't let you block yourself Talk. Koreans will accept your mistakes But if they can't understand what you are saying, they tell you to repeat or to spell it It's not a bad thing

So you really have to talk My Korean is better because at the partys when i was drunk, I started to talk to Koreans and now I am talking with Jamin, so i know Korean presented in books and in real life

You have to listen Like a child But we are to old to learn from just listening So as a complement to learning, watch korean tv shows or youtubers (i liked some youtubers below) who speak korean and has english subs below Watch dramas, movies Omg how much I've learned from dramas... really

Listen to language Even in kpop (which is worse than movies or dramas because it's music, noy clear words) but listen You can listen to songs for kids or some fairy tales

And you'll learn faster because it helps you to understand

So in a nutshell - do not overdo - start with alphabet - then words and grammar - write, make clear notes - talk (if you can) - don't be afraid of talking cause native speakers understands your mistakes

natives will not laugh at you if you make any mistake (If they are not my boyfriend who laughs at me if i make stupid mistakes but nvm, we like to laugh at each other)

But try! They will not laugh at you even if you make so stupid mistake

So Video was long, so congrats if you watched it all, but it includes important tips and tricks I will post some videos about how i learned so in comments you can ask me something if i didn't clarify but i won't teach you korean

So that's all Thanks for watching Sorry for my polish speaking in this video, but its translated by my translator whom instagram is in description and all links are below too, you can check it its 100% safe

That's all Subscribe our channel and watch our videos So that's it

The Description of eng/pl) my tips on how I self-study KOREAN/moje rady na samodzielną naukę Koreańskiego