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Tell me what happened the day of the crash.

It's- it's really hard for me to...

Like, put it completely together.

But I do remember...

my sister and I, we were driving around

and there was just this young girl

and we pulled over and we actually picked her up.

And she was a twin, an identical twin

and she was actually from Syracuse.

That's the one thing that I completely...

I completely remember.

And we were laughing, we were just talking about

just life and how much we care about each other.

Where were you going

from and to?

We were camping and then we were passing this one area

and... we were just taking like a little leisure drive.

You had picked this girl up

but you had already let her out.

Yeah we dropped her off at wherever the farm place was.

And what road are you on?

It would have to be Hana Road.

I wasn't that familiar with the roads.

This is on the side of a mountain right?


So its not a straight road, its a winding road?

I mean, I know that when the car went over,

it wasn't... it wasn't a wall... it was like, a dirt berm.

I still feel, there's so much--

the feeling that I'm like, "Did that really happen?"

So, on the left you say there's not a guard rail,

there's just a berm?


Just dirt piled up? So what's happening inside

the car at the time?

We were just talking. We were just having a conversation.

I know that the day before that, the tire went out.

We were up in where Hana was

and there was this gentleman

so he switched the tire for us

so we were driving on that donut.

It was a little rainy, but...

the whole thing was like a tragic,

horrible, awful...


And then some people had thought

that we had knowledge of that one little part,

of the one little road where there was no road

it was just natural erosion.

Who is this, Fredrico Bailey?

He was somebody that we knew for about, like 30 days.

Well according to this, Fredrico Bailey,

he said that he and Astasia were gonna go camping

and that you had come along and that there was a fight

between you and your sister.

And that you guys left the campground without him

but that you came back. He said that he was upset

because he realized that you guys had purchased alcohol.

And that when you were not drinking

that you were the nicest, sweetest people ever.

But that when alcohol was involved,

you turned into completely different people.

I'm just telling you what he said.

There's so much that he said, to be honest.

That for 30 days of knowing, of him-

like, I don't even know.

Had you been drinking at all when you got in the car?


When you guys are driving,

when you actually leave the road

where were you headed?

We were headed back to Haiku.

The witnesses said that when the car went by

it was in the middle of the road

and that the two of you were yelling and screaming

and that she was pulling your hair.

There was a lot of different things that were said

especially from the beginning

and then to the trial, they were totally different.

Lawrence Lau, who was chaperoning a boy scout troop

said that he sees the white SUV

in the middle of the highway

and you could tell that the driver was very

violently swearing at somebody else in the car.

So she floored it,

and was in a rage as she sped past us.

Then the judge said the Crime Scene Investigation

said your sister had a clump of your hair in her hand.

I mean, how did she have a clump of your hair in her hand?

I don't know.

That's the most traumatic thing that I don't...

did she pull my hair?

I don't, I don't, like, I can't say that everything--

I think that this is really important

to get this behind you

so its not rattling around in your mind.

You're in the car. You're driving along the highway.

Take me through the moment

that you realized: "We're going over the side."

I played it so many times in my mind,

I've tried to at least.

I don't know... having that wheel go out...

Hitting the dirt berm, going over,

I don't... I don't know if I could actually,

like, really just process that right now.

What happened that day, is an accident happened.

I don't know why...

I'm here...

that I survived.

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