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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ALL WOMAN ARE QUEEN /r/nicgirls #13 [REDDIT REVIEW]

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Everyone on YouTube knows me as a nice guy.

I'm practically the nicest guy on the entire planet.

Not to brag or anything;

but I am a such a nice guy.

When women reject me,

I do not reach for my AR.

I reach for my fedora.

I respect you.

I respect you too damn much.

Please live a full life without me.

That's how nice of a guy I am.

But what I respect even more than nice guys,

such as myself by the way,

is of course nice girls.

That's right.

Girls can be nice too.

So let's go through some examples of nice girls,


I just respect you too damn much not to.

(Reads title) Because guys aren't allowed to find women attractive.

(Reads) My girlfriend told me she would suck John Mayer's peepee in front of her own dad, because she loves him so much.


(Reads) I said the girl on Netflix showed we were watching was cute

(laughing) and she got mad and told me to watch it myself.

See, she is being nice here.

She's like she's stepping aside.

Realizing when she stepped over boundary.

Oh you like this girl, I will step aside. Enjoy yourself.

Have a good time.

(Reads) My wife gets when I have Piper as companion (laughing) in Fallout 4.

(Reads) Yeah, we can meet up and go through the project.

(Reads) It looks easy enough. We can finish quick.

Wow this seems like a great time,

you know, a boy and a whaman.

Just working on their science project together.

(Reads) Okay, just don't try anything.

(Reads) You were talking about your girl last class and I don't want to interfere with that.

(Reads) I've been the other woman before and I don't want to ever every do that again.

I don't want to ever redo that.

(Reads) I saw you staring at me last class and I don't think you should be going,

Be doing that if you have

(reads slowly and quieter this time) a girl.

(Reads) You brought three honey buns to class. I was staring cuz I thought you'd offer one.

(Reads) You didn't by the way.

See she's clearly just making sure of this persons diet

What a nice girl. Those damn unattractive people staying in loving relationships.

(Reads) I get really depressed when ugly people get lasting relationships

and I can't find a single decent boy to want me back.

It's tough being a nice girl.

Guys, it's really though. (claps hands)

This whaman just wants a lasting relationship.

And look at all these ugly people.

How dare they, how dare they?

(Reads) My boyfriend is set for hours playing this and ignoring me. So I fixed his little issue.

(Reads in maniacal voice) It's cruel and basically abuse to pick a game over your girl.

(weird "kreee" noise)

Come on that's full at 4. She's practically doing him a favor here!


(Reads) Are you home? Yes babe. Take a picture with a spoon on top of your head. Why?

(Reads) To prove you're home!

(Reads) Okay, wait.


Hmmm, hmmmmmmmm

Male: What?

Female: You could've taken that yesterday


You never know, see this is what I'm talking about.

a whamen (chuckles)

A real whamen questions everything.

iI isn't just, she doesn't just buy into anything that the man or anyone says.

She doesn't fall for the lies of the media, and boyfriends.

She's too woke for that.

Why don't you add a timestamp?

Everyone knows you need to engrave a timestamp in the spoon that you put on top of your head.

This is really the fault of the man here and I completely agree with the whamen as I do always.

this is-

how to solve an argument with the whamen: flowchart

Is the whamen wrong?


Whamen is never wrong. Is the whamen wrong? No -->

Whamen is never wrong

That's right everybody -claps hands- whamen is never (wrong)

Did the whamen murder someone? Is the whamen wrong? Whamen is never wrong.

Did the whamen copy strike your videos?

(giggling softly)

Whamen is never wrong.

(Reads) Because saying how you actually feel in a healthy manner is sooo overrated if I throw a fit and tell you to-

(Reads) Leave, please don't leave because I will be over in like three minutes. Okay. Hang in there, baby.

This reminds me of '13 Reasons why', have you guys seen that? Or is it '12 Reasons why'? I don't remember.

There's this one scene where the main character basically tells the guy:

'LEAVE! JUST GO!' And he goes 'no... No, I really want to stay with you, please like don't tell me to leave, babe'

'LEAVE, JUST LEAVE. Why aren't you listening?'

'Please. Oh god. Okay fine. I will leave.'

'Why did you leave me?'


I'm not even making fun of it. It's exact.. verbatim. I know I'm pushing this meme pretty hard like I don't (laughs)

We're just having fun here guys, okay, please!

We are respecting whamen here on this channel. No funny business.

Whamen are always right, all whamen are a queen. Can we get in the comments everybody so that it doesn't get

miss-misunderstood by

random articles that will pick one comment out of context.

And be like 'this is what people think out of this video.'

'We found one comment saying this.'

(Reads) What do boys even find attractive about boobs?

(Reads) They're literally a ball of fat on a girl's chest.

(Reads) Like if you can love me for the fat on my chest, why can't you love me for the fat on my stomach?

(little squeals and almost-silent laughter)

Why don't you love all my fatty lumps, huh?

You only care about the to fail in love with the boob milk come from (?). (Reads) Why do women find hair attractive on man?

Why don't why can't they appreciate the hair on my butt as well?

(Reads) Hey. I hope you don't mind me asking who this is. We met at Snoopys in SR last week.

(Reads) You don't remember? I met a lot of people there. So no sorry. Mind if I ask how you got my number?

I overheard you give it to the dude you were learning with.

I gave it to him since he asked. Not okay to do that. Sorry. I think I'm done here. Why not?

It's harmless, though-thought we could get to know each other.

Sorry, but I don't even know who this is, and I'm a bit uncomfortable with this. It's Naomi, my bad

I didn't say it earlier. Sorry. It's super. So you're gonna be there on Friday, right?

(dramatic piano music)

Jesus Christ! I didn't realize girls were equally psychopathic as boys.

This has really changed him. This has changed my perspective on a lot of things

(Reads in high mocking voice )Honestly, I hate online dating websites.

When I ask a man how tall he is and he asked me how much I weight back. It's a sign of immaturity

Let me break this down: every human is different and we all come in a unique shapes and sizes

but as long as you ask me what my unique shape and size is

(almost not-understandable) You're an immature bastard!

And I agree also, of course. (Reads) I don't know how to read

american measurement 5'6'' in China

You are still 5'6'' in the US. That measurement is solid and looks the same all over the world.

Why you know me if she's a weightlifter I am over 200 pounds weight. How much is that Tony?

Why you know me if she's a weightlifter? That's pretty impressive.

(Reads) But I carry my weight-

She is a weightlifter!

(Reads) Like a damn Queen. But someone taller or shorter than me with the same weight is gonna look different from me.

So when I ask how tall a guy is,

I'm trying to see on the most basic fundamental level if I'm going to be attracted to you.

(Reads) My number on my scale is not going to change anything about me.

I love how she's so... Aware. She's so self-aware.

That's what I love about this one. It really makes you think.

Oh! This is the original? Is this the original of the meme that everyone keeps posting?

(Reads) Why can't I find a guy like (woooaw sound)

Hey,!- No.- I'm literally the guy in the pic.

I always thought that's what the original was. That's hilarious.

This proves that whamen doesn't really want anyone. (Reads) Me: I'm so happy in this relationship!

Also me: plant a hair tie in his bed, pretend it's not yours, blame it on another girl and start a fight.

Jesus Christ this reminds me of that clip. ''promised me we would have two kids and now he doesn't want any more.''

(Crowd awwws)

''My friend think I should trick him and stop taking my birth control.''

(crowd shocked 'oh' and Pewds surprised 'WTH!')

''What do you think Wendy?'' Yeah, what do you- what do you think Wendy?

''I'm embarrassed to say this because I don't like spousal lying. However, men have never been in control of our bodies.''

''We're the ones in control. I'm not going to suggest that you do that''

''but look into my eyes and tell me what I'm saying, okay?!'' (crowd applauses)

I'm not gonna tell you to stop using birth control without telling your man and make a-

conceive a child without the other person's consent, bUt Am I GoNnA?!

(fake crowd cheering)

Are you a nice girl as well? Do let me know because...


I will tip my fedora to you. Leave a like if you're a nice girl and leave a like-like if you're a nice guy and

leave it like if you're just nice in general.

Fedora tip. And as always-

Good good. Have a great day.

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ANIMAL SUPER SQUAD is out on all consoles (according to Felix)

(aggrssive music transtion...piano high notes?)

(cool arcade-like music. It's a boss battle = fast tempo)

ASS is out guys! (classical music when boss is beaten)

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