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I was approached with the idea of doing the, too much sex is a bad thing. Its just,

I literally laughed out loud because its so perfect for me. Its certainly going

to catch peoples eyes. Hi, Im Jenna Jameson for PETA. Sometimes too much sex can

be a bad thing. I came to PETA and I was like you know, “I want to do thisand it all

kind of came about and Im so stoked, That I can use my celebrity for something thats

so important to me. I think that everybody out there needs to realize that spaying and

neutering is something that very, very easy. You can go down to your local shelter; your

local vet and have it done because its not just a onetime thing, this is a snowball

effect. Once you do it, its going to have an effect on the fact that there are many,

many less animals that are going to suffer. And all it takes is just one person to do

it, for it to have a profound effect on the world.

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