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>> MARY: Hmph! OK. Yeah. We definitely need Declan to do this.

>> CALLIE: Where is your sense of female empowerment?

>> MARY: I can be a strong woman and not want to break my neck.

>> CALLIE: Let me try.

>> MARY: How does that make any sense? You're literally a foot shorter than I am.

>> CALLIE: I can climb on a chair.

>> MARY: Look at you!

>> CALLIE: Yeah.

>> MARY: How's that workin'?

>> CALLIE: Well, you just have to -

>> MEDLOCK: Cailyn Craven! You get down from there!

>> MARY: Aw. Shit.

>> MEDLOCK: Busted.

What do you two think you're doing down here?

>> MARY: Communing with nature?

>> MEDLOCK: Don't be smart with me. You've been lying to me for weeks.

>> MARY: OK. It has not been that long.

>> MEDLOCK: You really think I didn't notice half of my tool shed going missing?

>> CALLIE: I told you we should have used Declan's.

>> MARY: So, you're missing a couple gloves and some hoes. I don't see what the big deal is.

>> MEDLOCK: The big deal is Callie's life, Mary.

>> CALLIE: I'm fine, Aunt Sarah.

>> MEDLOCK: I can't believe you would take a risk like this.

>> MARY: We're not taking a risk. We have a survival kit.

>> MEDLOCK: A survival kit. Callie is sick, Mary.

There's always a risk. I guess I can't expect you to understand that.

You know, I would have thought you would have learned something with the whole cat incident.

>> CALLIE: Why are you blaming here? This is my decision.

>> MEDLOCK: You wouldn't be making decisions like this if it weren't for Mary.

>> CALLIE: Yes, I would! I'm not just some little kid.

>> MEDLOCK: You were perfectly fine, safe in your room.

>> CALLIE: Just because my mom died out here, doesn't mean I'm going to.

You know, I walked here today.

And I didn't even have to stop.

I can climb up hills and my lungs are totally fine.

I stopped taking the allergy pill, like about ... two days ago.

A day and a half ago.

But, Aunt Sarah, ... I'm not sick.

I'm just learning how to cope.

>> MEDLOCK: I promised your father that I would take care of you.

>> CALLIE: You are taking care of me.

>> MEDLOCK: You know, I came up here after your mom died.

Wanted to keep the place up for your dad.

You know, I thought maybe he'd want to come back after he had some time, but ...

The months just went on and on. And it got to be too much.

>> CALLIE: Do you ever think he's gonna come back?

I thought so once, but, um ... now ...

You know what? You guys actually did a really great job cleaning this place up.

Even if you had to steal half of my tool shed to do it.

>> MARY: Yeah. So, are we grounded or ...?

>> MEDLOCK: Not this time.

But I want you to start telling me when you come down here, OK? To be safe.

>> CALLIE: Deal.

>> MARY: Fair.

>> MEDLOCK: And no more using chairs and stepping tools, OK?

I have a ladder. You're welcome to use it.

>> CALLIE: Really?

>> MEDLOCK: Yeah.

>> CALLIE: OK. I need to go grab the survival kit. I'll be right back!

>> MARY: [chuckles] All right, I'll meet you at the house, weirdo.

>> MEDLOCK: Mary,

Thank you.

>> MARY: For what?

>> MEDLOCK: For helping her.

>> MARY: Oh, um, ... no problem.

[outro music]

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