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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Former AEI Student Now at UO: Season 1 Episode 5

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hello everyone welcome back to my video

that really thank you for watching my

haul video and I only unfortunately this

is the last video or the video diary for

me so it's really sad but I'm going to

look back my experience I know I'm going

to talk about the final itself and the

Eugene so yes play check it out

I'm down my although the finals last

week then hopefully everything is going

well but I haven't got the grid yet but

I'm crossing my fingers right now but I

think so I've a lot of so many things in

the class but especially Arabic learning

Arabic has changed my life so I I really

appreciate to take the classes I'm

really appreciated my teacher so it was

a great experience for me so yeah

hopefully I can get a good grade in

there yeah

you're genius getting colder recently

out two weeks ago it was snowing that I

needed to work on my papers so I would I

was just watching the snowing and

everybody were praying outside and it

was so beautiful then I heard a last

year it like you didn't have to know at

all so I I thought I am elated

really like it's like this is a really

beautiful place and also campus has

changed I really changed so now

everything is gone but it was a great

experience and

obviously my English has improved a lot

they're learning English of course I can

communicate with whatever I want whoever

I want but one thing I really want to

say in here is I can get the information

from a different perspective in English

sometime and for example some time

looking for some kind of information in

Japanese but sometimes I could not find

them but in English there are so many

information about it so I think it's

really good things to find a new things

to notice from different perspective so

that is why this is to really meaningful

for me so and the classes in area I was

really helpful for prepare for yearbook

classes because I needed to write essays

and I could learn how can I come how can

I write essays and it was really helpful

and also I I can I can talk with my a I

teach you right now whatever I want so I

can reach out to help to help to me that

when it we need to help so I think it's

really a good basement for me so that

was really helpful my favorite part of a

I was there are so many run to work then

also I can organize volunteer work so it

was a great great experience for me my

favorite or part of UFO as everything

everybody is so nice so this is my

different legacy my favorite part of you

go there are so many people that I

wanted to thank you but first I really

want to say thank you my Arabic native

speaker friend because you guys helped

me a lot this is why my Arabic much

better than before so ladies what I

really want to say thank you I notice

that I do want to thank you too but your

friend in here sometime I had a bad

experience or in a bitter experience in

here then you know everybody everybody

helped me a lot so I really want to

thank you I know so I really want

get to Emily so when I when I hated to

take an RV class after the AEI I send a

message to Emily then she pushed me back

we push my back to take our classes

because you know you go ahead and you

should try that is why I could take less

it our big class so I really wanted

thank you I know some of my parents I

know without you we love both of you

I cannot be here so I really appreciate

it I know thank you it's not enough but

I definitely I really want to thank you

I have to leave here very soon Emily I'm

gonna miss my friend in here I know so

I'm gonna miss just campus because it's

really beautiful I really love Eugene I

really love this nature so I'm gonna

miss them so much so I want to talk

about how am i changing here

I think now I have a confidence Michelle

before I've done before more than before

I came here because you know like

everybody this society is so diversity

and this University so diverse that

every very different so that's why I

just being myself just being here is

really unique and it's really special

but that is why I have I have I have a

confidence myself and it's okay I don't

need to show my inner character a lot so

it's really good things for me it's

really comfortable and it's Eugene makes

me better a lot so yeah during this

holiday I'm gonna go to California and

Ashland in Oregon to visit my friend so

I'm so excited to be here because

California will be warm little warmer

than here so I can I can explain is the

like to two different winter like snow

in Eugene and kind of warm in California

and I'm so excited minute there and also

I really wanted to try to go to other

city in Oregon so I'm really excited I'm

really excited to go to Asha to then

after that I will come back to Eugene

then I'll be here I'll be in Eugene

until February so I really want to talk

with my friends during January as much

as possible but I can't so just come

back to me and I will contact you and I

want to say thank you and I want to

share my life as much as possible you

can so please stuck with me and yeah

click I want to say thank you to

everyone now I'm still under graduation

student in Japan so I'm gonna go back to


in the very beginning of February then I

had just I need to start my senior year

in Japan then I would read Jade in Japan

next next next year 2015 then I really I

really want to continue to to study

somewhere and abroad or in Japan so

definitely I'm trying to find some

school America or whatever

definitely I'm going to try to study

country to study thank you for following

this video tell me I really appreciate

you watch this video I really want to

thank you to everyone hopefully everyone

gets some new information about campus

and what I do what I can do

can you learn India bow and AI to

hopefully get some information from this

video this is a personnel story and

hopefully it really is for everyone so

thank you for watching again so

hopefully I can meet you again from

somewhere and some time yeah thank you

so much watching

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