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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: CAMPING IS FUN!! | The Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy

Difficulty: 0

*Mark practicing his popsicle eating skills* Helelelele

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier

and welcome to "The Visitor Massacre at Camp Happy".

It's not gonna be so happy once we're through with it...

*dies a little inside at his joke* I have terrible jokes...

So after I got done playing "Astrocreep" which I'm sure you all watched because you all love me so much and watch all of my videos (and have a shrine- wait, what?)

Right?? Because they're so full of "Good Jokes™"!!


So I got all reminescent and

I discovered that The Visitor has another game

and judging by what I've seen from it, it's not the same as before-

it is NOT

a point and click style adventure game.

It is just a little bit different.

You actually are FREE

to roam about the woods and


*delectable Mark noise*

I-I miss the visitor very much because it's

a horrifying

penile-like creature.

"Looks like a great night to watch the meteor showers."

"We should trek up the mountain to get a better view. Are you coming Stacey?"

"No thanks, Brian, I'd rather stay here safe in the tent."

"There's no WAY any of those alien creatures will crawl up my butthole in this tent!" (Keep telling yourself that)

"It's gonna be the sure fire way to stay alive in the woods!~" (Uh-huh, sure)

"The animals are more scared of you than you are of them."

"Just the same Steve, we should stick to the trails. Who knows what's lurking out there in the darkness?"

Oh, I think we all know what's lurking out there in the darkness (Sunshine and rainbows, right?)


SO! *The whumpage begins* Welcome to-- Ouhh.

Welcome to Camp Happy!

SO! Now that the ominous music has crescendo-ed

What we do is walk around and then press space to eat...

Oh okay.



You think-- Oh

Whe-- I'm gon getcha. I'mmo getcha, you squirrel-bitch!

Don't you know what I'm a King of?! You!


Get-- Get back here! Stop-- OHHH YOU'RE A SASSY SQUIRREL AIN'T CHA?


Okay, so sneak up behind them, that's what the information sai--


OHHH GOTCHA! I got little squirrel arms now!

You're done.

I mean you're done obviously but everything else in this entire

forest is d- OWW



What am I suppos--Ohhh

*nom* *Markimoo sounds of delight*


*Giggles* Ohoo

*Giggles* Oohoohoohoo

*Starts laughing*


You can't beat me now- why do I have fins?

It was a turtle.

Why do I have fins?

Hang on a second, that's illogical.

Oh well, I'm not gonna question too much...

Just gonna smear blood all over the place,

maybe I can spell my name

in the blood.

Oh no, it's not enough.

Well, let's assume those are boobs and move on.

Oh, hey buddy.


OH... I wasn't supposed to do that.

I'mma getcha BIRDIE

Oh shit

Help, I actually hit my TARGET




I fell

God I'm a terrible alien...


OHHH, gotcha bitch!

I don't think I was- I don't think I did that the ri- WHAAAA

Well, I'm a big birdie now.

Now no one c-- oh god that

That butthole face (Behold the glory of the butthole face)

Speaking of buttholes-- AARH!

Oh geesh


Those poor mountain lions

Oh those poor cougars

Ooooh wow

Anybody in that tent?

Oh. Oh Stacey, hey Stacey.

Oh... Why is there clothes in a bag?

*Singing voice* Staceeeey, oooh Staceeeeey

Oh, someone's scritch-scratching on your tent here Stacey


Oh God, why do they gotta explode like that?

Human devoured? YEAH!

I got a new highscore on human-eating!

"Hi there. Do you know the way to the mountain trail?"

"Keep heading North and you'll find it.

Although, I've been hearing some strange noises coming from the forest, so you better be carefull"

They conspicuously sound like a creature borrowing into a human anoos

and then exploding 'em from the inside.

I've heard that too many times in my life to mistake it

so trust me, it's bad news.

Alright so---OH

Well I guess this guy is gonna be the victim then.

Poor guy...

He's already dead



Why am I small again?


I guess it would be

less interesting-- oh I gotta sneak up behind


Oh no now they're guarded


Ah don't get me

Aw well now they're guarded. NEYEH

Get back over there!



Ah shit, ok, sneak up behind



Ok so

I don't think I'm big enough to eat that boar






So I don't think I'm big enough to eat that just yet

oooh dat little one doe


AW HO poor little guy..

He's dead now

Oh no it bwoke

Wait a minute

How am I gonna be--




Ok so now

Aww, but how am I gonna be able to get back?

Do i need to get another animal over here before I can get back-


Ohh you're all fubbernucked now

because I got the swimming skills

Ok so what I need to do is I need to-

Ow, I need to get this guy first

and THEN get that guy

Oh no wait it would've been fine either way, I'm just bigger now..

I'm just girthier

which is exactly what I was hoping for anyway



Oh no, am I too heavy for this?

Oh! They respawn!

That turtle was not there before

so there must be another bird here somewhere..

Shake the tree

get the birds all outta here

Where's me a bird

I wanna bird

The mice are back


Ah I'm smaller now

Got 'em! OH I'm smaller

That's good!

I'm a smaller fish type

so I've eaten the cougar

I'm small now ho oh

You're in trouble! OH!

*admires his handiwork*


Ok I did not expect that to go that way but ok

"I think we're heading the wrong way."

And my god those noises they're getting louder

"Hmm, I'm sure this is North. Why don't you two wait here?

I'll just walk up to the ridge by myself

all by my lonesome

with no one to protect me

and watch my butt


And figure out where we are."

Great plan, Steve (Mark seems not to have faith in Steve :c )

Whatever your name is..

That's a nice bird,

that's a nice bird on that ridge


Don't mind my whumpage

I got a lot of whumpy rocks

and for some reason I'm still coming in from outer space


I'mma get you

I'mma get you


he he

heh heh heh heh


Aww dang it

hegh bluhh

Well that's not gonna help me because I'm just a small

I'm just as small as I was were before

so that doesn't help me much.

At least now I can swim which is a good feature


Excuse me sir


Ok so that's not gonna work


Swim across here

Get the birdie

Eh get the BIRDIE!

He never saw it coming

So how do I get in there?

Ahhh up here-

Ohh this is a problem for you.

Sorry, you're dead now

Ok so now I should be big enough to take on the boar down below..

Not quite the mountain lion just yet but definitely this boar here

Heh blooskie (such beatiful voice, don't you think?)

Oh yeah,

oh yeah

oh hell yeah

Aww but now I need to fly..

Oh that's no good

Ok, ahh, but here we go I can swim-

swim across here and I need to be able to fly but I can't get to that one just yet

Wasn't there another bird over here?

Uh oh it worked!

Ok, it works, so now I can take on this motherhumper here


Alright, how do I- but how...

The last step is to just get through here

and I'm guessing I have to be small to be able to do that-oops.

To be able to- good thing you had your head down. I mean, not good for you, but good for me.

Oh yeah. Ohhh yeah.

Aaaaand that didn't work but I need to be a scurrrrooorrying- beast?

Oh, but I did become a scurrying beast when I ate YOU! YOU!

Okay. Noo. No! YOU!

Okay, now I am the scurrying beast.

Heh! Heh I'm tiny. Beh! I'm tiny now!

Okay so this- that's actually cool, there's some ga-ahhh.

*relishes in the impending butthole munching*

Ohhh! Oh oh oh oh UP YOUR BUTT! *surprise butt munch*

Uh oh.

Waaaaaah! Mah *giggles at the misfortune of the poor camper* heart.

Lemme just sit dow- *gets surprise butt..... munched* Ooh!

*various Mark noises of pain and possibly slight pleasure*

Need to breathe this one off! Oooh boy!

"Hi Ma'am. Did you happen to see a hiker go past here? Short guy with a beard?

"Sorry, we mermaids don't see a lot around here.

But if he's wondering out alone, you better find him.

There's something roaming around scaring all the animals."

"Also devouring people. Did I mention that?

As a mermaid, I don't need to worry about that. I'm just gonna keep swimming around." (Sure)

"But you guys should watch out."

"That doesn't sound good."

Hmm. Ohh no! I don't want to kill the otters!

The otters are cute! I mean everything else is kinda cute too, but at the same time it's like 'oh no, the otters.'



So, this is gonna be interesting because

who knows...who knoooows what I'm gonna need throughout this adventure.


Ohh but it's too big. Okay.


For size, I need to be flying before I go there.

Oh! Or maybe I can- oh. Maybe I can get back that way.


Oh cool, I can. Okay.

Ow! Goddammit, stop playing ping pong with my butt!

Hebuh! Oww! Jeezum, stop it.

I don't wanna die.

I don't wanna die.

Okay. Heyaw.

Got you.

Okay so that- now I'm bigger and I can eat that thing now.


Ow! Fuck off! Thank you. *readily devours the cute little otter he was just saying he didn't want to kill a moment ago*

Okay, so now he's dead.

But I need to be smaller now.

Need to be much smaller.


Maybe this is gonna be small enough? I don't know if this is gonna be small enough.

*self wreckage* Ahh! Okay, not small enough.

So there's gotta be another like, small-

Or may- I need to be a scurrying

I need to eat that squirrel. That's what I need.

Ahh, don't. Don't. Please don't.

Oooh. Aw dammit- BAAAH! Euuugh.

That's pulsating and weird.

Whump! Okay, good thing I got another one.

Ooookay. That was nice, very tasty.

There we go, okay. I needed flying.

So now that I have flying

I would be able to get- yeah, I'd be able to get over this chasm here.

Okay, now I got it.

And get rekt!

Okay, so now that I got that, I can get the scurrying now

and get small enough to go through the shrubbery..

Over yonder way. Okay! Now I got it!

Lemme just step on the mangled corpse of that cougar there.

And go through here.

Oh, so.... trepidatious-like

Get dat. Mermaid. You better prepare yourself because you're about to be devoured.

So I gotta slip by this turtle here, I can't eat that. Eweweew

Deueugh it's like a maze! It's a wonderful, delightful maze.

Full of fun and friendship and freedom.

Don't mind me. Oh! We're here!

Hello! Uh oh.

Oh, nope, sorry. That's how every horror movie goes.

You die! Anyone that's swimming - instantly dead.

It just goes to show, my fear of the ocean is definitely verified.

"Who's out there? Don't come any closer, I have a knife!"

"Whooa, calm down, smoke a joint. We're just looking for our friend."

"I heard terrible screaming! There's something out there. You two better seek shelter."

"These tents, they're definitely gonna protect us."

"I'm scared Steve."

"Let's just find Brian and get back to the campsite."

How bout you don't, because he's dead.

Oh, that guy is sooo dead. That guy is sooo dead.

Oh, that guy is so dead!



Ugh, it's right there!

It's sooo close. *delightful accent*

Rawr. Yeah, fuck your camp, bruh.


Don't kill me!


Alright, what do we got? Raccoon?

Ow, shit.

Oh, that's a hefty log there. That can hold something big.

Eh, but I don't need to be big.

I don't need to be big yet, anyway.

Least I'm bigger now.

Heeeeee get you!

Ohhh yeah. Okay, so now I can scurry through here.

Oh but that-that's definitely uh...

That's definitely too hefty for me.

So, I can't go through there. So I gotta be a small scurrying beast there.

Oh, dang it. But there's really no way to go after that...

'Cause the hefty log doesn't lead anywhere else...

Oh, no, wait! There's a bunch of bushes up here, how could I miss that?

And another hefty log.

Get big! Oww. Okay, goodbye.

Get small!

Get- get nice and smol.

Haha! Okay, now that I got smol,

I just need to go down over here...

Through the bushes

Through the bushes down here. Go through here..

Now I'm in a new area. I can't eat that, but I can eat you. Owwww.

You and then the turt, grow some fins for some strange reason.

Go across the river...

Go up there...

Sea otter, no. No, please. Nooo.

No no no no no no

Sooo... what else?

Oh! Duh! I just go back around and then I'm suddenly in the ocean again.

Oh perfect! Got h- *nom* wooooowww I went to quick work!

Man, that tent was so flimsy, your head powed right through that shit.

Why'd you think that could protect you??

That wasn't gonna do anything.

"I'm cold and scared."

Ohhhhh, goood for youuuu! (My sensors indicate trace amounts of sarcasm)

Keeeep whining, everyone's dying!!

"We're protected by the mountains. Stay and make a fire."

"I'll hike over the hill and see if I can find help."

Yeah! Split up!

That's the best way to go about these things! (Sarcasm at dangerously non-lethal levels)

Good job, everybody!

Doing great.

Doing so good.

So proud of ya. So proud of ya for surviving for so long. (Ultra sarcasm)

You did it. You really did it.

You did good.

Alright, whommp. Okay.

So, screw you guys. I need that squirrel, like, right away.

That squirrel will never...see me coming!

Ohhh, I got both of ya!!

I got both of ya!

Ngeluh. *Mark laughs*

So, that one's been done. Nothing over there, nothing over there.

Don't mind the moving shrubbery over here.

Okay, so- ahh! Mountain lion!


So I can't go that way...

I would need flying to be able to go over there.

And I don't think I can get that bird just yet

'cause I don't have any fishy fish.

So there's gotta be some avenue down here that leads to something else.

Eh! Ohhh oh oh.

You got rekt!

Okay, so now... I just go down this way. Flitter over here...

Bye bye, everybody!

Don't mind me!

Just a flying freak going through the sky.

Wait a minute, but how is this gonna help me--I ca- that doesn't make sense.

Ohh! I see, there's a shrubbery down there over to the right, so the bird was a red herring for now.

Like, I'll probably need it later, but right now I just need to be able to cross that bridge.

It's-it's just something to delay you, you go across that bridge and of course, you're gonna kill it

But now that it's dead you can scurry through the bushes here.

go over here...

I'm not big enough to eat you! Goddammit I thought I needed to- ugh I thought I needed to go on a diet. Goddammit.

Okay and then, habuski?


You can't hide from meee! Habuski


Then, ehhhhh


Nowww I need that bird, now I need that bird. Okay.

Now I need that bird which is right over here.


Okay now I got the bird

I'm good to go on that, I go over the-the chasm to the dude.

Eat the dude, become bigger bird and eat the cougar. Bam

Then I need to get SMAaall again

Hi, moutheth, gonna get BOTH of ya!

Okay, now that I got those,

I can finally go up the pathway to...

that lady who did NOT START A FIRE.

Man, she really shoulda started a fire, because that woulda saved her from all THIS.


How did you get impaled by your own stick?!

It was a flimsy-ass stick.

And how did I do that?

I don't even know how I did that. "Hello?" "*snores*"

"I need your help." *scoff* Please...

"*snore" "Never mind."




Oh, really?

Oh, THAT'S how we're gonna go about this?

OH. If I'd known this game was gonna be..

so long...

I would... *whump attack* I would've done something else. I'll be right back.

Hokay. Hello, good bye.

Hello. HELLO. Oh, God, hello.

Ohh, God, hello, goodbye. Thank you!

Thank you for that.

Why-why didya do that? Why'dya reset me over here?

*Sassiplier activate* NOOoo! NOoOoOo!~

Ah, goddammit.

You suck.

Not you, too! No!

I'm almost dead.

Not you too! OH MY GOD

This is re--endless death this whole way




I can't even get to you!

Oh no I can get to you. Ok.

So that's a little saving grace

oh god AHHH oh god

I'm almost dead, I'm so close to death

Please let me live! AHH ok

Let me live please please!

Living-- oh no I went the wrong way.

oh no ehhhhhhh

hueghhhh ehhhhh

Ok I got a squirrel. I got-

I can find safety in the trees

Ok, so where did I see

a bite size creature?

Was a bite size cre-- Oh YES


So theoretically,

what was the next step up that I could do?

I can't eat a marmoset yet

Was it trough here? Was a bigger one over--

ohh the raccoons!

ah hahaha

Ok so I got the raccoons

and my-- Goddammit I DID NOT DO THAT

Ok that's gonna break, can't do that,

but now

I think I'm big enough to take you on maybe

I don't wanna test that theory though

yeyyeughgh YAH


You're too dumb get out-- AHH DON'T DO THAT!





You're just a bunch of bullies!

That's all you are!

Man, nature's really ganging up on me this time


Ok so we need the scurrying for a little bit longer

Can't take on that guy yet

Can eat the raccoons but I don't think I get any bigger

Yeah I don't get any bigger


Ok is there something above that guy

that I need?

"Do I need to get smaller" is the question

I'm gonna assume that's a frick-- oh no!






Ughh ok coming in for the KILL




Ok this one is rough-

this one is super rough

Oh burb? Burb?

Ok got a burb

That's good, thems good eats

so now I just need to get a little bigger

I don't know how I'm gonna be able to do that..

Is there anything else here left to eat?

I can't eat those things

Ahh but I can get back and eat you!

Just a little bit bigger and eat the burb's over here

Hey burbs~ AND YOU! OH MY GOD!

That was a rough-- wow he became the tent!

He literally became all of tent-

good for him.

"I'm lost and can't find my friends. I think something terrible has happened."

"Them meteors.. Somethin ain't right. I saw one touch down. Swore somethin' crawled out."

"What?! We have to go then. It's not safe here."

"These are my woods. Nothing's gonna run me out of them."

"We need to find help. I'm outta here!"

Well you're gonna find death-

which is a damn shame because you seem like a nice guy.

Ok, so what's the first steps here?

I can't scurry through there so I can't get him.

Can't go there. Can't get that guy, can't eat him.

h-- oh whooo gotcha!

Ok so now that I got the scurrying ability everything should be much easier than that..

I could scurry though and get the water ability..

That would be nice, uh small, I'm already small.

That just means that I'm gonna have to circle back and get small again later,

but at least I can get this fish-


Get-- come here you. Thank you. Sploosh!

Ok so there's another waterway-- whoooaa- over here


Ahh I can't eat the turt yet I need the big..

I need to "imbiggenate" myself.

Oh I can do that right-- ahh fuck you!

Hyah! Missed me~

DOINK. Okay.

Get you. Get YOU.

Get you.

And then go back this way.

So now that I've been embiggenated I can eat you.

Aaaaaand- AWWWW dang it, I needed the fish

or do I need the fish? Oh, I need the fish.

I need the fish! God damn it, I didn't mean to do that.

Now that I'm smaller again, I need to go back and literally- Oh, God, I gotta go get the fish again. Get that again.

*sings* I'm an idiot. Oh, I'm an idiot.

I'm an idiot, yeah, yeah, yeah. (10/10, winner of American Idol)

*groans* Okay. Here we go again.


Okay. That goes straight up this way.

Hebleff. Noooo. HebLEFF.


Okay, now that we're big...

No, you're not givin' up. I'm not givin' this up.

So now...

NO. Stop that.

So now, I need the scurrying to go through here.



Okay, so now that I got this, I can just flap across, get the guy, and I'm DURN!

Ha! Heh, you shoulda- OH, NO!

*giggles* Oh, no. He got roasted on his own fire.

Ohh, there's something whimsical about this.


*unimpressed* Wow. Holy shit.

That's weird.

"Help me. There's something out here. I think my friends are dead!" (No SHIT, Sherlock)

"Listen, buddy. I only get two weekends off a year."

"Save your hysterical ravings for someone who cares. Now get lost so I can enjoy my very naked vacation."

*sexy Mark voice* It's the best way to celebrate life.

Okay, whatcha got for me?

So flyin' up there, water down there, big guy down there

This is gonna take some thunklin'.

I gotta thunkle up a storm, that's for damn sure. Okay.

I don't have the scurrying power.

Oh, that was a mistake- OHHHH, that was a red herring right off the bat.

You had a red herring ready for me.

Unless you didn't.

It looks like ya did.

DEAD! God damn... mice, they're so hard to grab.

Okay, so that's for later. I just gotta get 'em for later. But first...

I gotta go this way.

Through the... maze-type woods.

No, I don't need that guy.

Oh, yes, I do, because now I can get the flying. Get him.

Go up heyaaaaaaw. Heugh, go up heyaaw.

Stretch my butthole so I can a little... more SPEED goin'. (I don't think that's what buttholes are for)

Get the flappy floops, fly over here.

*concentration face* AHH, here we go. Flippity flop over here.

WHOA. Get you.

Can I eat you?

Aw, I can't eat you yet. No.

Need something-AAAOOH. No.

OHHHH, n- Oh, no. Oh, no.

Oh, no. I have just-

I just screwed up EVERYTHING.

I just screwed up absolutely everything. Oh, no, I didn't.

'Cuz now I can scurry.

That's good...

That's good. I can scurry now. I didn't screw up everything.

I did what I needed to do, hopefully?

So what I nee- YEEEES, I didn't.

God damn it, I didn't. Oh, wait, no, yes.

Be a little bigger...


Go through here... Hey, buddy, you wanna fight?

*chuckles* Oh, that-

Ya shouldn't have done that. Ya really-

Ya really shouldn't have done that.

Now I have the water power, go through here,

down here, all the way around..

I can't take him, but I can if I eat this big one here.

And then that'll be enou-oooOOOOkay.

Never mind, then. You're gonna throw me the wrong way because I'm a dummy.

Nope, not that way, but first go down here... here.

Go aROUND YOU- ah, shit.

Oh, how am I gonna- AW, fuck off with you!

Oh, no, wait, it was up here. Damn it, I thought it was over ther- *slain*


Okay, now. Ah, there we go.

I swear I hit that button.

I swear I hit that button?

I swear I hit that button. (Sure)

I thought I did- oop, nope. I picked the one that was a dead end.

Good for me! I'm a big loser in front of everybody!

*cries slightly* EVERYBODY'S watching this and watching me be terrible at this.


Ohhhhhh, joyous day.

WELL! I don't see any difference.

I think everything's exactly as good as it once was, so we can just move on.

And, maybe this is gonna be the last one?

OH, it is.

"This cave is my only chance. If I can last until morning, I should be able to find my way back.

PLEASE, GOD, let me be safe."

Oh, I don't think so. I don't think so.

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna blast through this last level and you're gonna get your ass eaten.

*Darkiplier emerges* From the inside out.

M'kay, where we startin?

Where we gonna start? *justice whumps from above* Oh, right here.

Good thing that bird didn't notice anything that's go-


Oh, you're gonna be like that, huh?

Oh, that's how you're gonna play this, huh? Ah, geez. Okay.

Oh, goddamnit.

Heugh. Huch. HeeeeeUEUEUEUEUEGH, okay. (Mark, you okay?)

I'll come- There we go.

Ha-HA. HAHA! Ow, goddamnit.

Okay, we're fine. We're fine, everything's fine.

Everything is a hundred percent okay.

*everything becomes not okay* AHHH! Oh, God. Okay.

LOTS o' lethality on this one, cuz this is, probably, the last one.

My... GOODNESS, this level is big. (Oh, look at that sweet smile)

So, I get this squirrel, I imagine.

Errrrrrrererererer BOINK. Okay.

So now that I got the scurrying power, I can go up this-

Eeeeugh, this way. Okay. Go through here.

Get that thing, get a little bigger.

So now I'm bigger, and that was the first goal that I needed to accomplish, I bet.

And then, I get that bird, and I'm gonna be able to fly...


Er, at least I'll be able to fly to an area where I can actually eat something bigger than I was able to before.


Oooh. Okay, if I fly down here now, maybe.

Yeah- OH, yeah.

And I'm a bigger scurrier. Now I'm here.

Okay, then I can get that.

That's another scurrying beast. I don't need that right now.

Can't go down that way.

GET BAITED. Oh, get baited. Oh, and YOU...

are EATEN. Yeeees.


Yes, now I have the power

Now I am the one who rules.



Then more... SCURRYIN' powah!

Go through heyaAAAAW.

Eat the BOID. Ah, now I'm a big boid.

Oh. *chuckles* Now you' everything gets eated.

Oh, is there any reason I should do that?

No, there's not.

Then I just keep goin'.

I sh- I shouldn't need to- unless I was just feelin' like it

but I feel like it'd ruin everything because it would give me scurrying powers

and I don't need that right now.

Where the heck's the dude- OHHhh, he was up here.

Oh, I didn't need to do any of that!

Wuh-hah..I just went on a REVENGE killing spree.



Not the worst one of them all, but..

That was a nice scream before then.

Hohhhh, GOD! *chuckles* Ohh, geeeeeeeez.

VICIOUS attacks.

Unlike ANYTHING we've ever seen.

*dramatic* Horrifying murders.

Well, there you have it! "The Visitor"...

Is back, and he's munchin' on some innards.

And it didn't take me too long.

It was a longer game, but actually I kinda liked it.

So, thank you, everybody so much for watching!

Let me know what you thought of it,

and check out the other "Visitor" games that I've played down in the description below.

And as always, I will see you...

in the next video.


*cool outro music, bro* [Song: Crazy La Paint by MiniMusicMan]

The Description of CAMPING IS FUN!! | The Visitor: Massacre at Camp Happy