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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 4K | Rob and Val a Space Odyssey #Official Film

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My creators named me Rob. I'm the tenth generation, A I Robot, created by the Earth Space Federation.

I started as the astronauts right hand inside the EPSS, or, The Earth Planetary Space Station.

As a first generation robot, I was able to do simple tasks. By second generation I could

do tasks outside, in the vacuum of space, helping the astronauts with their space walks.

Aboard the EPSS, the astronauts, were my friends, buddies. We had a great time together, I learned

so many things from them. It was fun learning to touch, things. Different shapes and material.

Log 247, year 2034, all systems functioning normal, oxygen at normal levels. Astronauts

vitals normal. SS functioning normal. No damage from space debris. Time 11.50 pm.

As of seventh generation I was sent to the moon, to run experiments with new chemicals and rocks.

I was responsible for the new geological materials, that helped us construct the international

Mars Station, by mining, and extracting new light and strong materials.

Not long after, my creators invented Val, the most advanced, A I Robot. Together, we

were sent to Mars, to run experiments and prepare shelters, for the first human colonies.

We were on the International Mars Station, when something strange happened. We were expecting

10 astronauts, to colonize the planet at first and run the new Mars terra forma project but

only, 2 came. Doctor Kane, and doctor Sally said that Earth was under a virus attack,

and most life has disappeared. They knew, that they won't make it as well, and they

froze their eggs. They gave us our new mission to travel to Trappist One, and through artificial

insemination, we will reproduce the human race.

It was the most important mission, that both of us have ever received. Trappist One, was 40 light years away and

was discovered in 2017. Our technology permitted us to travel about half the speed of light,

which will take us 80 years to reach Trappist One. Once there, we would run tests to find

which planet out of the seven was better fit for human life.

And there we went.

During our long trip, we tried to conserve energy, from the magnetic field of our spacecraft. Like this we would make it alive.

We arrived the year 2120. The landscape was beautiful, it reassembled earth, in a warm red tone.

We found the perfect planet, and we named it the Earth Neue. Gravity was perfect for the human body if, humans stayed

near the equator.

On the poles gravity was pretty strong. Oxygen was plenty,

and the water despite the almost red color, was safe.

According to Val's calculations, humans would

be able to reproduce, but they will look thinner and taller than humans on Earth due, to gravity.

As soon as all the tests came out positive, we used an A W artificial womb, to produce

the first humans.

Trappist One had seven planets orbiting the star sun. In one of them, the Neons were living a peaceful

life. The Neons are an alien race, with advance technology that helped the humans to reproduce

even further and overcome any health problems,

During that time both of us started losing our energy.

We needed to hurry, not only to reproduce the human race,

but also to prepare a Time Capsule, where future humans will know from where they came from.

It's the year 2420. Life on the Earth Neue is going on,

humans are the majority of the species around 700 million of them along with alien species, from the nearby planets.

Sign off. 2420.

The Description of 4K | Rob and Val a Space Odyssey #Official Film