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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to keep crows

out of the garden. Now, we have a lot of crows on our property, and they're very menacing.

I can't help but look at quite a few in a tree and not think about The Birds movie because

they're just so creepy. But crows are animals just like any other animals, and I believe

all animals have a purpose on this earth and we shouldn't harm them in any way, but we

can set boundaries for em'. And so, with crows you got to remember they're very intelligent.

Crows actually can mimic different sounds, different birds. They've even found that crows

can live kind of like parrots a little bit, and they'll mimic what people say, so they're

very smart, so they'll remember things. So, whatever you try to do to rid your garden

of crows it never works forever, cause' it seems like they will find a reason to come

back. But there's a few tricks that I've learned over the years that help a bit. First off,

if you've got a bunch of crows in your front yard or in your yard, and they're digging

things up or causing havoc taking your hose and sprayin' em' and chasin' em away; it doesn't

really help in the long term, but a lot of times if you do it consistently they will

remember that your house is not a fun house to hang out at and they might avoid it. Another

trick that people have found that works really well, but I've got so much property I don't

think it would work, cause' there's just too much area to cover, but just hanging CD discs

around your yard; just the reflection from the CD will scare the birds cause' they don't

know what it is, and a lot of times birds and animals; if they look at a reflection

of themselves and it's a little bit distorted it scares them and they will leave the area.

And also, when they're flying around through the trees if they're hanging it'll distort

their vision a bit, and especially on a sunny day the prisms and the colors will make it

a no-fly zone and they might actually avoid that tree. In the end, I've found that the

crows are going to be here whether I really mess with them or not, and then I just try

to live with them naturally. And if you have a big area that you want them to stay away

from, if you've got a flower bed where they're digging things up, if you've got corn that

they're getting into some say scarecrows work, some say that jack-o-lanterns work, but in

the end... We have neighbors too. They've just built a big fence over the top of the

corn, and they've protected the whole entire crop from the birds getting near it.

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