Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Food in fine dining is too small for Muscle Crew! [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.07.23]

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(Where are they going all dressed up?)

Ms. Shim invited me over for a meal.

(Marveling at braised short ribs with abalone)

I'd never seen abalone with braised ribs.

I'd never seen mushrooms in it either.

- Pricey pine mushrooms. / - He was jealous.

(I should invite Boss Yang to a meal)

(Boss Yang got a special invitation)

She invited us to a meal, so we went.

(Korean restaurant run by CEO Jang)

- Ms. Shim. / - Hello, Ms. Shim.

You're here.

- Ms. Shim. / - So glad to see you.

I feel even gladder to see you here.

We brought you a veggie bouquet.

- Oh, my. / - They heard you like them.

So they bought it specially for you.

- Leeks. / - Leeks.

Lettuce and broccoli.

Broccoli is the centerpiece.

She displayed them in a vase.

(Veggie bouquet)

She'll eat them once they grow.

- Hello. / - Hello.


(Muscle crew dressed up)

They took pains to dress up.

Two guys bought new clothes

and one guy borrowed from a friend.

The outfit I wore...

Did you buy it?

Yes, I bought it.

Didn't you borrow it from a kid?

A tall kid.

You can see their clothes

don't fit them too well.

(Dressed up on short notice)

- Use kind words. / - Yes.

- My, my... / - Loving words.

- Here's the muscle crew. / - Welcome.

- Say hello to Ms. Shim. / - Come on in.

Have a seat.

Come in.

Go on.

They look nice.

On toned bodies, the clothes look nice.

Watching your daily lives,

I admired your hard work.

Seeing you win awards at the contest...

- Made me feel proud. / - Yes.

No need to order. We'll have the course meal.

(Expensive Korean course meal)

It's a full-course meal.

You'll see traditional Korean food.

Korean food culture is so important.

Stop eating like a beggar.

No more Beggar Yang.

(He couldn't afford table manners)

Stuffing himself...

(Called Beggar Yang for his eating habits)

Viewers commented that Boss Yang

tried to eat too much in one bite,

spilling food from his mouth,

making them feel uncomfortable...

- With his lack of manners. / - That went on air?

It aired on "TV Critique, Viewer's Desk."

- Today, you'll learn to eat elegantly. / - Yes.

- Is it served? / - Yes, the first course.

(What's that?)


It's a full-course meal.

- Tiny food... / - It was pinkie-sized.

(Is this food?)

(To them, it's unfamiliar food)

Is this a decoration?

It's sea bass, meat, and dried persimmon.

It's an appetizer.

It'll pique your appetite

and help you digest the other courses.

No need to pique their appetites.

They always have big appetites.

(Can't believe this is food...)

- Bon appetit. / - Bon appetit.

- I'll enjoy the meal. / - Thank you for the meal.

(How can I eat this...)

(Gobbled up in a bite)

Holding up the plate...

Gone in one bite.

Why didn't you use chopsticks?

I didn't think it was big enough.

You never picked up such a small piece?

No, I haven't.

I thought it would slip.

Instead of learning manners,

he gobbled it down with his mouth.

He'll get in trouble.

- Please eat. / - Yes.

(Eating like Boss Yang)

(Dongeun wears gloves as usual)

Will she eat with her hands?

(Eating in one bite)

She likes to eat with her hands.

(Eating the crumbs on her gloves)

Why are you wearing gloves?

When eating Korean food,

take the gloves off.

Yes, ma'am.

(Gloves were her must-have item)

- Eat with chopsticks. / - Yes.

Table manners.

- Eat without shoving in the food. / - Yes.

Chew at least 30 times.

Eat slowly.

(Wish I could eat heartily...)

(Next course served immediately)

It's meat.

But the size...

(The portion size...)

- Three pieces. / - Three pieces, right?

(Three pieces of meat)

- Three per person. / - For savoring the taste.

Shouldn't each person get a dish?

- It's 3 servings. / - Oh, 3 servings.

- It's 3 servings? / - It is.

- 3 servings? / - One piece per person.


Beggar-style eating would be impossible.

(Muscle crew taken aback)

This dish...

Are these 4 servings?

(Spinning the plate?)

(What is he doing?)

That one looks a bit larger, right?

That's why I turned it toward me.

That's why I turned it.

That's why I turned it.

(They don't know how to eat it)

It's delicious.

Lay out a slice of pear, then add meat.

Add these green onions on top.

Don't eat blindly.

As I said... Not again!

(Unstoppable Beggar Yang...)

- Lay out a slice of pear. / - Oh, right.

- The pear slice. / - The pear?

Lay out a slice of pear on your plate.

- Than add the meat. / - Yes, the meat.

- Add some greens. / - Yes, the greens.

(Boss Yang can't eat freely)

Today, you must learn about

the beauty of Korean culture.

There's ginseng to recover your spirits.

(Chicken salad topped with ginseng)

Ginseng boosts your memory,

your immune system, and alleviates fatigue.

You should eat lots of ginseng.

Then you can conquer all illnesses.

(Digging into the healthy food)

Please try it.

(Gyeongmun, who didn't win a medal)

(Eating most passionately)


It's a new beggar!

- Gosh. / - The rookie beggar.

That's hilarious.

As summertime health food, we prepared...

- Chicken soup. / - That's delicious.

They strained themselves for the contest...

- So she prepared health foods... / - Yes.

Out of special consideration.

(Boss Yang drinking the soup)

- Such rich broth! / - It's too pretty to eat.

(Yoon Jun starts with abalone and ginseng)

- It's delicious. / - So delicious.

This is really delicious.

- It's delicious. / - So delicious.

When will you serve the next dish?

- It's being prepared right now. / - Yes.

People rarely get so impatient in between courses.

They all swept the food into their mouths.

(They finish the chicken soup)

Next are the individual meals.

I thought the portions might be too small,

so I prepared extra braised short ribs.

- Wow. / - Yay!

Looks delicious.

Looks so good.

(Carefully cooked braised short ribs)


(Abalone added on top)

(Ginseng added too)

The abalone tastes even better than the ribs.

Braised ribs in a class of their own.

At long last, I've seen it!

(Wide-eyed at the sight of it)

I'd never seen abalone with braised ribs.

I'd never seen mushrooms in it either.

- Pine mushrooms. / - Natural pine mushrooms.

(Finally, I get to eat it)

(Using his hands again...)

He's using his hands again.

Wow, the meat just falls off the bone.

But short ribs should be eaten by hand.

- He's so fast. / - Because of the bones.

The abalones are so chewy.

- Really chewy. / - So delicious.

(Good for relieving eye strain)

Abalones brighten your sight.

- Looks tasty. / - They're rich in protein.

They brighten your sight.

You only see the whites of his eyes.

His eyeballs might pop out.

(Dongeun goes for the braised short ribs)


(Wrinkled forehead attests the taste)

(Eating with a fork instead of gloved hands)


(Muscle crew eating with chopsticks)

They're eating so well.

(Dessert is served)

So lovely.

My, my...

You could use some exercise.

Would you be interested in working out?

- No? But you will be. / - Sales tactics again.

- I'm not interested. / - Give him a flyer.

So many people here need the gym.

Business is his only concern.

(Ms. Shim watches)


You try to tempt others.

How come you never try

to persuade me?

I'm old, but I want to exercise.

(Ms. Shim at our gym?)

You could do Pilates

to make your body well-balanced.

- It'll be nice. / - I'll give it a try.

I bet she'll be good at Pilates.

(Will she take Pilates lessons?)

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