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Hey guys,

Today I'm going to install this oil level gauge

This is one of the five upgrades I received this week

From Tofine Motor

This is actually one of the few aluminum parts that are going to be very useful

and it looks very awesome

because this is hard to remove

It's not hard to remove but

it's pretty annoying and

You get your hands dirty every time you try to remove this

This one

On the other hand

Is a bit taller

You have this piece with it

I don't know what are we going to call this this is not a key because

Obviously doesn't have any key features

but if you tighten it with this

This becomes very hard to remove

You can't remove this and the edges on this are very sharp

If someone is trying to steal this, they might cut their hand

That's very likely

Ok so

Looks awesome

But the question that I was asking myself

Can you use this to check the oil level?

Can you use this?

It looks here

There's the oil level mark

But I don't think you can use this

Because this one is a bit taller

So let's see

No, I really can't see any well maybe

It's very hard

Okay, so you might be able to use this to check the oil level

Now it's not reaching. It's not reaching the mark

I don't know where is the mark


Maybe you can master this after a few checks, I don't know but

Nonetheless, I like this. I like this very much

This cost $40

as always the link is in the description below

As usual this video is sponsored by Tofine Motor

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So send them a message tell them you come from UpNmax Channel

They will give you five percent

Alright so this is it for today guys

Stay tuned as I said in the beginning of the video

I have 5 aluminum parts that I'm going to install this week

So stay tuned five more videos are coming up

That's it. Thank you guys for watching

See you next time

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