Practice English Speaking&Listening with: るかが文句?を言った日【瀬戸のるか日記】The day when Luka complained

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It has been a year and a half since Luca and Mer came to our house

Luca often spends alone

Similarly, Kuro often spends alone

There are more than three places that can hide and rest for each cats.

But, their favorite places were often become same such as Cat house 1 and top of the fireplace.

He was hiding for every each Kuro's "meow".


He is different only at the mealtime. When Luca is eating his food, Kuro is holding back a bit.

He sometimes be chased by Mi-ke, but

He was scared at first, but now he urges grooming from himself every day.

When Luca was about 2 years old. To be precise, 644 days after birth.

He complained to Kuro for the first time.

He hided at the end,

But he complained back to Kuro.

The Description of るかが文句?を言った日【瀬戸のるか日記】The day when Luka complained