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- [Narrator] When you stay in a hotel,

you're usually on vacation.

Which means it's a great opportunity to kick back and relax.

However some people take relaxation to a whole new level.

Leaving important belongings behind when they check out.

While most of us could be forgiven for leaving behind

a toothbrush or phone charger, others leave behind

weird and sometimes crazy things.

Let's take a look at the top 20

Incredible Things Found in Hotel Rooms.

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Number 20 Inflatables

We can all agree that it's totally normal

to take an inflatable ring with us

when we're staying in a hotel with a pool.

But as a recent list of abandoned hotel rooms items showed,

some guests had other ideas

when it came to inflatable companions.

Such as one inflatable sheep found

in the Travelodge Hotel in Edinburgh UK.

Things get even weirder in a story posted by Reddit user

Lancerman360 who worked at a hotel

where one regular guest had hidden a blow up doll

under the hotel bed mattress.

Needles to say, the embarrassed customer didn't return

once the item had been discovered, and removed by staff.

That would have been one awkward conversation.

Number 19, Goat Dressed Like Abraham Lincoln

This incident has to take the cake

for one of the strangest things

left behind in a hotel room.

Not many people would ever expect to come face to face

with a goat dressed as Abraham Lincoln,

but that's exactly what happened to Reddit user bluepaul.

The animal in question was left behind by a group of guys

on a bachelor party, though bluepaul notes

that he never found out how the goat got there,

or how it was eventually removed from the hotel premises.

Number 18, Winning Euro Millions Ticket.

Hiding an important item under your mattress

is a great idea in your own home.

But not so much when you're staying at a hotel

and forget to retrieve it.

Especially if the item in question

happens to be a winning lottery ticket.

This was what happened to one unfortunate guest

at the Travelodge in Watford UK.

While the value of the prize was never announced,

the guest did at least remember to return to claim it.

Number 17, Pet Boa Constrictor

As it turns out leaving animals and even beloved pets

behind in hotel rooms is much more common than you'd think.

A hotel cleaner in North Carolina got the fright of her life

when she discovered a five foot boa constrictor

under the bed covers, so much so that

the police were called to collect it.

The snake was called Chuck and belonged to hotel guest

Neil Miller, who explained that he forgot all about

Chuck when he went out to visit some friends.

Number 16, Share Certificates.

It's bad enough leaving behind your own possessions

at a hotel you checked out of,

but what if the items actually belonged to someone else?

This is what happened to an American stockbroker

who forgot his briefcase when staying at

a Travelodge Hotel in Liverpool Street London.

In doing so, he left behind a massive £500,000

worth of share certificates owned by his client.

It's unclear whether the stockbroker was reunited

with his briefcase but it raises an interesting question

about who now owns the share certificates.

The hotel could have had a very significant windfall.

Number 15, Cats

It's pretty clear by now that animals and

hotel rooms are a bad mix.

Whilst it can be fun to bring your pet

to animal friendly hotels, using a hotel room to detain

large numbers of cats is not only cruel,

but downright illegal, yet this was the case

brought against two sisters,

in the state of Georgia back in 2013.

In all, 31 cats in various states of mistreatment

were kept hidden in a hotel bathroom.

The case is too shocking to be fully described here,

so go check it out if you have a strong stomach.

Number 14, Pizza in a Safe.

Who on earth would mistake a hotel

room safe for a microwave oven?

Well, according to, there have been

many such incidents reported by hotel staff!

The original story dates back to 2007 when a housekeeper

at the Hermitage Hotel, in New Zealand,

reported that an American tourist had tried to cook

a frozen pizza in the safe.

The pizza later had to be removed from

the locked safe by the baffled housekeeping staff.

Number 13 Wok

Unless you opt for a hotel suite,

it's fair to say that your food options are limited.

But this didn't stop one hotel guest at the

Lake Terrace Motel in Virginia,

from attempting to serve up something special.

It was only when hotel staff found an abandoned wok

sitting on top of a melted toilet that they realised

that the guest had used the toilet as a stove,

by removing the water from the toilet bowl

and filling it with charcoal.

When you see a toilet as a cooking tool,

you must be seriously hangry!

Number 12, Fancy Dress Costumes.

Visit any hotel and you're likely to find

a bachelor or bachelorette party.

But they leave behind more than just their inhibitions.

If the reports from UK hotel Travelodge

are anything to go by.

In one branch of the budget chain,

staff found 20 Bob the Builder costumes

left behind in a single room.

Of course, funny costumes aren't just limited

to bachelor parties.

At a Travelodge in Leeds,

one actor left behind his pantomime horse costume

from the local performance of Cinderella!

Number 11 A Trunk of Chocolate

This sounds like a dream scenario, right?

Finding a trunk packed full of chocolate bars.

But why on earth would a hotel guest

leave such a bounty behind in a hotel room?

While the reasons for the abandonment are unknown,

the origin of the chocolate filled trunk was explained.

The guest in question was a Chinese tourist

who had recently been to Cadbury World in Birmingham UK,

which is an amusement park based around

a popular British confectionery brand.

Number 10 Someones Mother's Remains

Whilst it's understandable that certain things

can slip your mind when you're grieving,

surely leaving behind your relative's

remains is a major error?

In this story, not only did the hotel guest

leave behind his backpack, but that backpack

contained his mother's ashes.

When the item was discovered, staff at the resort

in California had to contact the local coroner's office

before the woman's relatives could be found.

Number 9 Diamond Encrusted iPhone

I'm not sure about you, but I wish I was so rich

that I could just misplace my diamond encrusted iPhone!

This is exactly what happened at a London branch

of the Travelodge hotel chain back in 2012.

One customer had bought the iPhone 5 on the day it launched,

but apparently lost interest in her purchase soon after.

When the phone was collected from the hotel,

the owner had 228 missed calls!

Maybe it was her attempting to locate it via its ringtone?

Number 8, Harry Potter Wand

Now for a story that will make all Harry Potter fans cringe.

One lucky owner of a prop wand from the Harry Potter movie

series was careless enough to leave it

behind in a hotel in Scunthorpe, in the UK.

The customer eventually returned to claim the wand,

which had been locked away for safekeeping.

That's a good thing, too, as it was worth over £2,000.

That could have been a very costly mistake!

Number 7 Salad Book

A book about salad may sound normal if you're thinking

that this was a compilation of different recipes,

but that's where you'd be wrong.

As reddit user ShaneMcDeath explains, he found a hotel

guest's personal notebook, which detailed all of

the reasons why he loved salad, which seemed to have been

written over the course of several years.

The book was over 80 pages long, and according to Shane,

contained the occasional suggestion that the author

believed salad to be alive in some sense.

Spooky stuff.

Number 6 Everything Cut in Half

In another installment from the goldmine

that is Reddit, user Muteent2 tells the story of a man who

checked in for only 5 hours at a small airport hotel.

After the customer had left the premises,

staff made a shocking discovery.

He had cut everything in his hotel room in half,

including towels, flooring and even the bed.

Needless to say, the room was in such a bad state

that it was later gutted and used for storage.

Number 5 Shark in Bathtub

At the Marinotel Hotel in Portugal,

staff got more than they bargained for when they found

a live shark in a guest's bathtub.

Apparently, an unidentified British holiday-maker decided

it would be a good idea to bring his prize catch,

a 1 metre shark, back home with him.

Of course, the shark needed seawater,

not tap water, to survive, and sadly died

before he could put it back into the sea.

It was only at this point that the hotel customer called

staff to inform them of the "extra guest" in his room.

Number 4 Baby Sea Turtles

As bad as forgetfulness is,

abandonment is much worse.

A hotel housekeeper in Tybee Island, Georgia,

found five baby sea turtles in a

waste paper bin of all places.

The rare baby loggerheads had apparently been picked up

after they hatched and were then dumped in the hotel,

according to wildlife experts.

Unlike the bathtub shark, this story does have

a happy ending as all five of the turtles were

released into the Atlantic Ocean.

Number 3 Rapper Possessions?

The richest people out there are just as

forgetful as the rest of us.

In 2012, not only did a UK Travelodge guest leave behind

their Rolex worth £500,000, but the same hotel chain also

ended up with Bugatti keys in lost property.

It's a haul that could only be owned by a

rapper flexing his wealth.

You would think that if a person had forked out cold hard

cash on pricey items such as a Rolex and a Bugatti, that

they'd remember not to leave them behind at a hotel, right?


It's not known whether the two items belonged to

the same culprit, but you have to wonder

how the Bugatti owner got home.

Number 2 Pie Guy

In an account that is both puzzling and slightly unsettling,

Reddit user ladywug introduces a hotel guest who

became known by staff as "Pie Guy".

This was a man who would pay in cash and rent a room,

only to leave it in disarray with the remains of

several expensive pies smeared over the

bathroom walls, floor, and in the bathtub.

As the pies often contained dark fruits,

the staining was a housekeeper's nightmare.

The staff also reported finding a note which simply

contained the words "pie" and "pants"

written over and over again.

Number 1 Prosthetic Leg

I have to be honest, this one boggles the mind.

Wouldn't the owner of a prosthetic realize their

mistake as they walk away?

But this incident really happened, at the

Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Quebec, Canada.

The guest in question had already checked out,

but hotel staff found their leg

hidden under the bed while cleaning the room.

Just goes to show, you shouldn't feel too bad

if you happen to leave your phone charger behind at a hotel.

Their staff really have seen it all!

So, Which of these did you find the strangest?

Have you ever left anything unusual in a hotel room?

Let us know in the comment section down below.

Thanks for watching!

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