Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Cast Of "Carnival Row" Tells Us About Their Firsts

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- I'm Orlando Bloom, and I play Rycroft Philostrate.

- I'm Tamzin Merchant, and I play Imogen Spurnrose.

- And I'm David Gyasi, and I play Agreus Astrayon.

(all laugh)

- We love our names so much, and today,

we're gonna be really cute.

Just everybody be cute for a second.

(upbeat pop music)

- Oh, first time I was starstruck.

I met Emma Thompson.

- [David] Oh, wow.

- Yeah, right? - I would be.

- And I just couldn't speak, actually.

My tongue just went so dry.

It was like a desert in my mouth.


I just couldn't speak.


- When I got to work on "Lord of the Rings,"

I was in a cast of Ian McKellen, Ian Holm,

Christopher Lee, Viggo Mortensen, Elijah Wood,

it was just like, I was like (imitates gun shots).

I was starstruck, you know what I mean?


Like, uh.

- Ah.

- Liv Tyler.

Oh, I was kind of struck by Liv Tyler.

- I was probably about seven.

Mad into football.

We used to go to this church,

but then this footballer called Garth Crooks comes out

of the church, and I was allowed to have my football

with me as a kind of coax

to go to church. - Did he sign it?

- Aww.

- No, he didn't, because he just came to me, and was like,

yeah, mate, let me have a go on your ball, and I was like...


I just remember going, that's Garth Crooks,

and I just kept going like that.

He was like, hi, mate, see you!

And then my brother and I ran up to his car,

and then he drove away.

- Aww. - So, Garth,

if you're watching, let's have a kick about.

- First acting credit?

Well, outside of school plays.

Do school plays count?

I did a Blur video, music video.

- Oh, wow.

- And I was the boy that jumped the fence.


It was the one that goes,

Boys and the girls

- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. - Oh, that's neat.

Boys and the girls ♪ - So you just jumped

over the--

- Yeah, I had to run along.

It was one of those sets, and I had to just jump the fence.

I was like-- - Awesome.

It was a fencing film.

- Like the type of fence that Orlando jumped over,

or like sword fighting?

- Sword fighting.

- Okay.

- Fencing film.

I was a supporting artist on a bench going, yeah!



- As Georgiana Darcy in "Pride and Prejudice"--

- Yes.

- That Joe Wright directed--

- Ooh!

- Yeah, I know.

- Drop the mike.

- Mm-hm, I was 17.

- I'm gonna have to recount my first answer on that,

if we're going there.


- I had no agent or anything.

I called up the casting director.

He was a number I found on the internet.

Demanded an audition, faxed them a picture of my face,

and they let me come audition,

and I did three auditions and got the part.

- When you faxed them a picture of your face,

is that you in a fax machine, or did you take

a picture, right. - I just went up there

to the copier.

- I was thinking if I should re-edit mine now,

'cause I'm feeling really insecure

about how good their responses were.

- You jumped a fence.


- First time you met each other?

So, I'll start with Orlando.

I feel it creeping inside me that I'm gonna get a dog,

and I've come from a place of not really understanding dogs,

or being a bit scared of them,

and I think I was in the transition period when I met you,

and you were holding Mighty.

- Mmm.

- And I think I sort of met Mighty before you, sorry, man.

- No, listen, that's, he's a great--

- He's a great, he's a great.


But, yeah, and I met you,

and you were nothing but love, man.

- Aww. - So thank you for doing that,

because, you know, it can be intimidating,

and you weren't, so thank you.

And then the first time I met Tamzin--

- I was very intimidating.

- Very intimidated, and I couldn't speak.

Remember when you met Emma Thompson.

- Yeah.


- The first time I met you was in an office in Prague,

and you came around the corner, and I went,

"Oh, Tamzin," and you went, "Oh, well, we're hugging."


- Yeah!

- [David] That was the first time, yeah.

- When we met--

- At the read through.

- At the read through, yeah.

We met at the read through, and--

- I was intimidated, because he had a massive binder

of the script, and I had like these little tatty verses

that I'd been scribbling on,

and he had this big binder and he's

really very organized, (imitates gun shots)

and I do love a bit of stationery,

so I had a bit of stationery envy.

- Oh, did you?

- Yeah. - I had a bit

of hat envy because you had

that Harry Potter hat and scarf

situation there. - Oh, yeah, not scarf as well.

I had a really cool hat.

- She had a very cool hat.

- I still have that hat.

- The Harry Potter hat.

- Yeah. - Kind of feels very,

where did you get that hat?

- From the play, from the Harry Potter play.

- Oh, no, really? - Yeah, yeah!

- So you really did have that--

- Yes, it was a Harry--


- I can't believe it, I was like,

wait, is that, and now it actually is.

- Yeah, it's a Harry Potter hat.

Gryffindor. - I'm such a num-num.

(upbeat pop music)

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