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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: how about

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if I have an idea or I want to offer you

something then I can ask the question

like this

how about ah and then the thing there's

no verb in this question how about Pepsi

I'm offering you a Pepsi how about a

pizza I'm offering you a pizza how about

a beer I'm offering you a beer

how about some water

how about some coffee

how about some tea

when asking for a time to meet use this

question when do you want to meet and

then the answer would be how about and

then this would be the time how about

tomorrow how about this afternoon how

about now how about two o'clock this


when asking about the location of a

meeting where do you want to meet the

suggestion here could be how about and

then this is the place how about my

office how about the coffee shop down

the street how about my classroom a

shortened form of how about is how about

when speaking quickly a person will say

how about

when two people see each other the first

person might ask how are you and the

person who answers will say I'm fine how

about you or how about you

when making casual conversation a person

will ask a question like this if it's

pertaining to the weather how about this


how about this weather or how about and

then this is very common in American

English to use them and then a sports

team so on Minnesota you would say how

bout them Vikings

that's a football team or how about them

twins that's a baseball team if you were

in New York you'd ask

how about them Yankees


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