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Pulled this car over for no headlights-- no lights at all.

Back light's busted out on it as well.

No taillight lamp on the license plate.

And while talking with the female, Deputy Connell--

MAN (OVER RADIO): [inaudible] standby.

I'm having issues.

--sees through the back window whenever

it's rolled down, there's a meth pipe with the male in the back.

There's a underage-- under a one-year-old in the car here,

who was sitting literally a foot away

from where this meth pipe is, where the guy had dope on him.

So we contacted the security company here

because the child in the car doesn't belong

to either one of the occupants.

It's the second stop I've had tonight where we've

had to call the biological parent

or get a hold of the biological parent tonight.

Were you able to get a hold of them, sir?

GUARD: No, sir.

We wasn't She's not up there at all.

MAN (OVER RADIO): [inaudible]

She's not even up here.

(CHUCKLING) The lights are on, but nothing.

We knocked-- MAN (OVER RADIO): [inaudible]

--and she's not there.

MAN (OVER RADIO): I don't know if you

were aware of the comments.

The female is on the line again with us.


Can you do-- can you do me a favor?

GUARD: Yes, sir.

Do you have resources to figure out

what her phone number is or a contact

or where she lives or next of kin?

I can--

CORPORAL CRAIGMYLE: Something like that?

We can look real quick.


it if you'd help out with that.

I'll have a chat with the manager real quick.


CORPORAL CRAIGMYLE: Thank you very much.

Thank you.

So the back passenger has a warrant for his arrest

out of the city of Battlefield.

He's in custody regardless for possession

of a controlled substance or possession of drug

paraphernalia, which is going to be a felony at this point

if it tests positive.


[child yells in the distance]

So right now, we're going through the--

GUARD: There's the mom behind ya.

MOTHER: What's going on?

Is this your child?

Yes, that's my son. CORPORAL CRAIGMYLE: OK.


Hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on.

Come here. OFFICER: We got her.

Yeah, she screwed up. [car door shuts]

CORPORAL CRAIGMYLE: OK, this is your son?


I'm going to let you grab your son.

I want to-- - OK.

--tell you what's going on real quick, OK?

WOMAN: (SHOUTING) [inaudible] - So I stopped this car.

Uh-huh. [indistinct shouting]

There was a meth pipe in the car, OK?


Not with your child, but close to your child, OK?

So what I want you to do, is I'm going to--

I need your license or an ID. - It's upstairs.


That's fine. - OK.

So before you take off--

I'm going to let you take your kid--


Before you take off, though, I need to verify who you are

and make sure that this is-- MOTHER: OK.

--your child and all that stuff.



All right.

Come on over here, and get your child.

REPORTER (VOICEOVER): We're back in Greene County, where

Corporal Craigmyle had found a meth pipe

right next to a one-year-old.

The one year old's mother has come to pick her up.

But this is now the the driver.

--right to not answer any questions

or make any statements.

Do you understand the rights I've explained to you?

With those rights in mind, are you

going to talk to me about this? - Yes.


So the meth pipe that was in the back

of the car with your friend, who did that belong to?


- That was Jason's? - Yeah.

And this is your boyfriend's.

I'm presuming that this is probably meth in here,

is that correct? Or is that [inaudible]?


I honestly don't know.


What's his drug of choice?

Heroin, I think?

So it's probably heroin?

I mean, I don't think there's anything in it.

Oh, there's stuff in it.

You can see the liquid in it.

OK, I was thinking, I don't--

You would think it's heroin?


So none of your DNA is going to be on this anywhere.

No, I promise you, it is not.

I did not have that.

CORPORAL CRAIGMYLE: Do you have a drug problem?

No, I do not.

Why were you with her son?

Because I was babysitting him.

CORPORAL CRAIGMYLE: OK, where was she at?

She was here.

I kept him today, just to have him.

Do you think that it's smart driving

around with drugs in the car? - No.

I didn't know that that pipe was in the car.


But you knew this was in the car, because you

said it was your boyfriend's.

I did.

And I told him he needed to get rid of it.

I would have gotten rid of him.

Well, I thought he got rid of it.

With a baby in the car, especially.

Because that baby doesn't have a choice.

You and he does. Right?



So I'm going to make it a determination

what I'm going to do.

At this point, I'm inclined to take you to jail.


Because you're in possession of drugs with a baby in the car.

That's child endangerment.


I'm going to deal with that in just a second.


In the meantime, I want you to stand

over there by that corporal.

- [inaudible] - OK?

Stand over there by the corporal.

Ma'am? Can you come here please?

This was in the car with your son, as well as the meth pipe.

Why was he watching your son?





MOTHER: I don't-- she just asked me if she could watch him I

mean, she's just like a friend.

So no reason in particular.

Not a good friend.

MOTHER: [inaudible]

How long have you been clean?

MOTHER: A year.

A year? Good for you.

MOTHER: Thank you.

Are you on like, normal urinalysis,

or hair or nail test or anything?

MOTHER: Carol Jones. - Through Carol Jones?

MOTHER: Mm-hm. - Gotcha.

So here's the deal.

I'm taking her to jail for child endangerment,

and I'm taking him to jail for possession

and child endangerment.


Because your son was in a car.

So you're going to probably have to appear

in court on your son's behalf, or with your son

at some point in time, OK?

This is an unacceptable--



So she's going to go to jail for child endangerment,

OK, possession.

He's going to jail for possession as well.

She told me that Jason, the meth pipe belonged to him.

She claims this belongs to her boyfriend,

but she knew it was in the car.

I would choose better friends. MOTHER: Yeah.


Is this your vehicle? MOTHER: Yes.


To the best of my abilities, I have searched

the vehicle to make sure that there is nothing

else illegal in the car.

However, I might have missed something, I don't know.


I would highly suggest that you go through the vehicle

and make sure that there's nothing illegal in it

after I leave.


Or during the daylight hours, whenever it's easier for you

to go through it.

Does that makes sense? MOTHER: Yes.


You're under arrest for drug possession,

you're under arrest for child endangerment,

because you had drugs in the car with the child.

That is not excusable.

You even admitted that you told your boyfriend

to get it out of the car, you didn't want it in there.

So you knew that it was in there at some point.

Does that understand? SUSPECT: Yes, I just--

I thought he got rid of it.

CORPORAL CRAIGMYLE: OK. She's good to go.

Keys in the car? OK.

Very well.

Corporal Craigmyle taking this very seriously,

as you can tell.

And now charging her, and I think someone else in the car,

both with child endangerment.

Yeah, I mean, you can't have that kind of stuff

around infants.

And children are known for putting anything in their mouth

when they're young and small.

So that's a good lesson to teach these people.

Throw the book at them, take them away.

Yeah, and I think that's the endangerment

charge we're looking at, is the pipe, the needle.

You know, the kid's in the backseat,

they can't see what the kid's doing at times,

never know if they're going to pick it up

and get a hold of it.

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