Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【细胞神曲-Cell of Empireo-】 スヂ 【SE初/初宇】CC English

Difficulty: 0

If the world is driven by "The love of god"...

Just feel it and accept it

Will you guide me?

You're just trying to use me!!!!


Cell of Empireo

Incompetent behavior, seething impatience

Lets go scatter it, anyhow,

The lost child whose healthy yet sick body hasnt broken yet

Will remove their innocence from both ends and become an adult

Im getting used to it,

Thats just assigning virtue to killing time

Doing whatever you like, so to speak, just wanting to show off

I know that, but

Childish as you are, I want to keep looking

(I want to see!)

A fire that wont disappear if you dont light it

And countless correct mistakes

Have come baring their teeth

Everything is driven by the love of god

Enjoy the love of god

When I found those eyes I missed

What came of that?

Stick your battered and cut-off head back on with superglue!

A just-soiled body; a tampered-with delusion

That I really wish could come true.

No need for pity, impulse gone sour

Lets reject it, anyhow,

The path of retreat is over before it begins

Everyone eats sludge to become an adult?

I know that

Its a very touching last stopmakes you feel like youve really gotten somewhere

Even though youve just been driven by an inferiority complex

I dont need anything like that...... !

Im just looking at you, natural as you are

(I want to see you!)

Even giving it your all

Will turn into wasting your energy before you know it

(I feel sorry for you)

And so

The worst feeling stains my body

Its a nasty way to die, inevitably

A dangerous respiration hangs over me

The strange arsenal gets complicated

Your dream that I brusquely chewed apart

Tasted of love dampened with loneliness

Never change,


The chewy texture has gone cold in my mouth

An irreplaceable virtue

Is getting worn away now

(A miserable ending…)

When I found those eyes I missed

What came of that?

Stick your pulled-off nails back on with superglue

A just-ruined body, a bitten delusion

In truth, really,

Its just awful…!


I want to feel it

The sinew that stood out is burned into my brain

I want to make my heart ache, with this and that and

You: blocked-off, innocently jumping at shadows.

(I want to melt it gently)

(I want to break it right away)

(I want to knock it over with a touch)

(I want to laugh it off)

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