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- [Voiceover] She wondered how much Shaper influence

she was standing within.

- Hello Agents, I'm Susanna Moyer

and this is the Ingress Report.

Recently we learned of a new series of XM Anomalies

starting this week.

The name of these Anomalies is Darsana,

a word of Sanskrit origin meaning auspicious site.

Throughout the Helios Anomalies, Roland Jarvis

warned us that the Artifacts could lead us

to knowledge that we as a species

are not yet prepared to face,

knowledge that artificial intelligence,

such as ADA, may help humanity uncover.

- [Roland] We can break the universe.

- [Voiceover] Break it?

- [Roland] It was made for us, not them,

not for the machines.

- [Susanna] When Hank Johnson witnessed the activation

of the Helios Artifacts, he too warned us that

they had become beacons to a powerful ancient force

that the Shapers feared.

- [Hank] It's a beacon.

- [Voiceover] A beacon?

Who is it signalling?

- [Hank] Something mankind has been

hiding from the past 5,000 years.

- [Voiceover] The Shapers.

- [Hank] They're worst nightmare.

- [Susanna] A series of recent journal posts

on his Google+ page, as well as breadcrumbs

discovered in Portals around the world,

revealed that this force is called the N'zeer.

He claims the word has ancient origins,

but has been meticulously erased from myth and history.

What are the N'zeer?

Why do the Shapers fear them?

What is the Darsana Point?

I believe the answers lay in the Darsana Anomalies.

One thing is certain,

if Roland Jarvis is shaken by the knowledge

that they will bring, it must indeed be a powerful force.

Agents have been busy gearing up for the first

Darsana Anomalies beginning this weekend,

October 18th in Brussels and Salt Lake City,

with satellite sites in Aarhus, Berne, Vilnius,

Pune, Anchorage, and Honolulu.

On November 15th an Anomaly will

take place in New Orleans, with satellites

in Oklahoma City, Santo Domingo, and Virginia Beach.

It is also rumored that this Anomaly will feature

a massive struggle activating 100

regional Cells across the globe.

The final Darsana Anomalies will take place

on December 13th in Tokyo, Barcelona, and Charleston,

with satellites in Auckland, Manila, Seoul,

Pretoria, Stuttgart, Toulouse, Hartford,

Rio De Janiero, and Santa Cruz.

Last Tuesday, author James Frey

and John Hanke of Niantic Labs

took part in a panel to mark the launch

of the Endgame book series, an alternate reality game.

Hundreds attended, including many Ingress Agents

who will now gain early access to the

Endgame mobile app during its beta phase.

An Endgame book signing tour is currently underway,

covering multiple cities in the United States,

as well as London and Toronto.

I've been studying a website called

that delves into the Endgame material.

It is not yet clear how it's tied to the Niantic Project,

but I'm guessing former Niantic Project lead,

Ezekiel Calvin, knows more than he's admitted so far.

In Brazil, Enlightened Agents launched

Operation Jaboticaba Flag,

covering 170,000 square kilometers

and capturing 27 million Mind Units

spread across 19 Cells.

Their massive series of layered

Fields lasted over 20 hours.

Dozens of Agents were involved,

including Agents Russia, Ucrania, sirius,

Fado, and kingofvenom.

In the United States, Resistance operatives

fought for Operation Yankee, creating a 19 layered

series of Mega Fields over the Mid-Atlantic region,

a feat thought to be impossible

due to the Portal density of the area.

Spread out over 11 states and affecting 25 regional Cells,

the Fields controlled 514 million Mind Units.

Over 150 Agents were involved in the plan,

including KingConstatine, Padalabra, Philadelphia,

Stago, GrouchoSmurf, and SLA68.

In Japan, Agent Wasabi0522, as well as many others involved

in Artifact Operations, revealed a series of Sitreps.

They recounted how teams from Indonesia, Korea,

Russia, Hawaii, the Philippines, and across Japan

coordinated during the final weeks of Helios

as they attempted to capture Artifacts 9 and 40.

It was a reminder of the massive global scale

of the Helios Artifacts struggle.

And finally, in Stockholm, Agents from both Factions

joined together to paint a Cross Faction ribbon

to mark International Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

The dedication and commitment in your Sitreps

continues to be a source of inspiration.

Good work, Agents.

In Tech news, we've been seeing a steady stream

of impressive Missions created by Agents around the world.

A few of our favorites include Medieval Heart in Prague,

which features a number of historic buildings,

and the Prague orloj,

an astronomical clock dating back over 600 years,

The Historic Center, a path through a beautiful

series of historic monuments reflecting Munich's

nearly 1,000 year history,

and the Heart of all Russias,

which takes Agents across a series of major

sites in Moscow, including the

Bolshoi Theater and Red Square.

Over the course of Helios,

the scale of the event rose exponentially

from hundreds to thousands,

culminating in the massive Anomalies which

took place in Munich and Tacoma.

There is an escalation taking place

as Agents from everywhere join the world of Ingress

and take the future of humanity into their hands.

Good luck to all at the Darsana Anomalies this weekend.

For the Ingress Report, I'm Susanna Moyer.

- [Voiceover] The Darsana Point has been revealed.

(loud rumbling)

(intense dramatic music)

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