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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Visiting the Cupertino Apple Stores!

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it is 431 431 done we are in San Jose

for WDC and the Cupertino Apple store

closes at 5 o'clock

right now it is 431 so we're trying to

do is we're trying to do a little WBZ

pregame we're trying to get to the store

before it closes

I'm shaking because I don't think we're

gonna make it in time it is you've never

even been here before no this is

actually my first WWDC this is also

Jenna's first WWDC but it's gonna be

your first time at the Cupertino Apple



all right we made it hello hi good how

are you

we're actually at the one incident loose

apple store right now and there's also

the admin visitor center which we went

to when the iPhone 10 was launched that

closes at 6 o'clock there's one closes

at 5 so we're gonna go here first and

then we're gonna go to the other one so

come on no chai get any watchband for

tomorrow what will look good on anything

that looks really nice

bleeding of this one which one do you

like better or do I use this case for

tomorrow what am I gonna wear so these

shirts are exclusive to this store this

is the original 1984 classic Mac which I

just bought one from eBay so I'm gonna

be wearing this shirt when I actually

unbox it the best part about this match

is the 128 K in the 512 they have the

entire Apple team signatures in the back

of it this is such a cool design do you

want an apple watch banjo no I'll get

you present for you got me teacher


oh my gosh they have pens and notebooks

and mugs they also have a rose gold yeah

what do I do to get a mop do we get a


shoulda brought a bigger suitcase real

rustic hmm I'm testing out the pen and

I'm going to leave I'm gonna leave my

mark oh wow it writes very nice sounds

like a good idea Jen duh d c18 how am I

gonna carry all this stuff home because

I don't have they're officially closed

they've been closed for two minutes I

might wear the t-shirt tomorrow it's

like I'm talking to myself I'm actually

looking at Jenna but it might look like

that I'm looking you guys okay I gotta

get a picture I'm gonna put it

side-by-side from the first time that I

took a picture here it was probably like

2007-2008 I just found all these old

pictures on my old laptop and let me

tell you it was wild

it's 5:14 this next Apple store which is

the visitor center to closed at 6

o'clock we've got our first bag of

purchases I can't wait I forgot that we

want to keep those Apple watch bands

good thing we're going to another store

oh my goodness thank you you too we made

it to the visitor center let's go take a

look inside this place is so beautiful

they said they just extended their hours

so if it wouldn't have extended the

hours it would have been closed

welcome I think I should get a bag to

put all the things in the diapers

what do you think we know anybody's baby

no she just said I'm the best vlogger so

you guys been hurting here first this is

so great having the best time

wrong Mela mercy Mela mercy ha ha ha

and this is my favorite color wow those

look so good

we should get these Apple watch bands

though I think they look really good cuz

they do have those this is my favorite


I'm gonna get you a gift do you want to

get I'm gonna get Jenna I get

a gift for Jenna gift for Justine

I lost Justine I have to find her

I found her she's the one carrying all

the things I'm sorry we should get like

a snack at the as the Matt cafe Oh

oh my I'm having really a really really

fun time

no lovely news they actually close at

7:00 we thought they closed at fix so

we're gonna do this seven we're gonna do

yeah I know we're gonna do the Matt cafe

I'm gonna take you upstairs on the roof

to get a really cool panoramic picture

and then I'm gonna take you into the

other last room which is a surprise do

you want like some fat almonds

oh we should go what should we get here

we have the menu on an iPad what would

you like Jen nitro cold brew I have a

coffee already I probably shouldn't get

another one okay I'll just do that

okay we're gonna see if we'll this

chocolate this is a matcha chocolate

it's really hot in the Sun like

that is a lovely taste here oh this is

this is nice the milk chocolate okay

no pressure do a half

Wow really good oh my it's lovely

let's go to the roof roof

I mean this store is just incredible yes

oh yes I'll see you here it is wow it's

so pretty

I don't able to say right the roof okay

so we're leaving the upstairs and now

we're heading down and they have an

entire 3d rendering of the Apple Campus

you use the iPad and so using AR you can

scan the entire campus and it'll do

really cool animations I showed you guys

this before in my previous video but

Jenna hasn't seen it and that's it

that's a wrap on or San Jose Cupertino

Apple store visit WIC

coming up very very soon I can't wait to

put on my new Apple watch band okay

that's the other video



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