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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [I Live Alone] TAEYANG - Getting Ready To Go Out 20170818

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*Bathroom in pure white marble*

Will the scene Park Na-rae like come out?

Will it come out?

*It's a festival~*

*Opened fingers*

Isn't the finger gap too wide?

His body is good

He takes care his body very well

You keep exercising right?


The camera is covered with mist

You can't see because of the mist

Seems like he changed his clothes

4th pajama

4 pajamas just in a day

This is the other..

It's the dressing room

Then what's the room just now?

That's for sleepwear and leather clothing that I like

So you divide them into different themes

*Taeyang's loving hats and shoes*

*Dressing room comes close to apparel market*

This is a market, market

*Casual wear seen for the first time today*

Now he looks like Taeyang

Grandson of that grandpa

I was shocked

*Tear gland explosion after the cough*

This time it's the cough

I'll give you some bellflower juice

I haven't planted flowers for a long time

*An afternoon filled with summer sound (feat cicada)*

*Taeyang got on his car*

There are old men who like sports car

*Youthful Grandpa Dong*


This is Taeyang

I'll also do it once

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