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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Motorcycle Low Speed Maneuvering | Slow Speed Motorcycle Control TEAM ARIZONA Part 1

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Dropping your bike sucks.

Luckily, the folks over at TEAM Arizona Motorcyclist Training Centers can show us newbies how to

master low speed maneuvering.

This is the first of four videos about low speed maneuvering.

The techniques that Bill from TEAM Arizona will be showing us are the same he uses while

training motor officers.

With a little practice and dedication you'll be riding like a pro.

Well said Jordyn.

With a little bit of practice of the right techniques we can take the fear out of doing

that low speed maneuver in a parking lot or that tight u-turn out on the roadway.

Ultimately, its all about the fundamentals.

The first fundamental to master is the Friction Zone.

And the Friction Zone is all about the clutch lever travel which starts transmitting power

from the engine to the rear tire.

The amount or percentage of power that we send to the rear tire depends upon us.

It could be 10%, 20%, or 50%.

It requires practice to determine what the bike wants when it wants it, and the best

way to practice is in a straight line.

For mastering the Friction Zone, we jump right into the Clutch Control Lane.

It is a 40 foot long, two foot wide lane where we practice engaging our Friction Zone.

What we do is we elevate our RPMs, and we partially engage our clutch with our clutch

lever travel.

We try to spend about 6 to 8 seconds in that clutch control lane.

Unlike a car, it is okay to slip that clutch.

We do have a warning when performing this exercise.

Because we're slipping our clutch it causes a lot of heat to generate and to avoid burning

up our clutch, we'll want to take breaks while we're performing this exercise.

So, do the clutch control lane several times, and then take a break or go do some other

riding before coming back to the clutch control lane.

Well that seems easy enough.

So Bill, am I ready to be a motorcycle cop?

Well not quite yet Jordyn.

Mastering the Friction Zone in a straight line is important and a critical skill, but

next we gotta find out can we keep that Friction Zone throttle control when we're turning the


Let's find out!

So as part of mastering the Friction Zone, we'll want to put ourselves into situations

where we have to repeatedly turn the handlebars while maintaining a consistent clutch-throttle


For that we use an off-set weave.

The off-set weave is a great place for us to find out out good we're doing with our

clutch-throttle relationship.

If we're experiencing dramatic increases or decreases in the RPMs then we know we've got

plenty of work left to do when managing that clutch-throttle relationship.

And we'll want to challenge ourselves.

As we improve, we'll want to perform the weave faster and faster, of course, without hitting

any cones.

Well that doesn't seem very tough.

Tough, no, but it is often a fundamental most riders miss.

Managing that Friction Zone is critical to our success.

It's like building a house.

If you don't have a strong foundation, that house will come crashing down.

And no one wants to crash their motorcycle.


That's what we do here at TEAM Arizona.

We build strong foundations for a lifetime of excellent riding.

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