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welcome back to my Channel today I'm gonna be doing a clothing haul it was

payday a couple days ago so I had it right to the mall it's finally fall my

favorite season for fashion I love a big cozy sweater with leggings and boots and

fall colors are the best olive maroon black finally paint at my nails a dark

color we're full on fall got my first pumpkin spice latte I got pumpkin muffin

this morning for breakfast basic but it's okay because it's fall the first

thing I got is this shirt I'm wearing right now it's from Toby I know it's not

really a phone call it has three-quarter length sleeves and I just liked it it's

from Toby I don't remember the price but they always have that 50% off sale going

on so I probably could got it for 20 or 30 dollars it's super cute would look

good with pair of jeans and white sneakers I got is this white long-sleeve

shirt from express it was on sale for $30 if you call that a sale and I also

did get a student discount so I was cheaper than that and I think it's super

cute I'll probably pair pair it with a pair of black jeans and a pair of black

boots so yeah that's real Express and then I got these plaid pants they are

work pants but I definitely think that I can wear them casual depending on the

shoes I wear and the shirt I wear they're this plaid and they're super

soft and super see I think if I wear them with like

plain black t-shirt and black loafers it'll make it super casual and you won't

even know that they're work pants the next thing I got was this green shirt

it's inside out this was also for work but I think I could wear it on a night

out it's this green shirt from it's actually from JC Penney's my mom bought

it for me but it has this tie belt that you tie around into the front it's got a

low neck and nice lizard actually I like the size of these

sleeves are like big but they're not fully bell-sleeve I think this is a

super cute shirt and like I said olive is the best fall color next to maroon

this is the most basic a basic plain maroon shirt it has half sleeves and

they're kind of poufy but it's as thick material that I can definitely wear fall

all the way into a winner and it is work-appropriate my chokers

it's important nowadays next thing I got is this cardigan from also JC Penney's

just a nice plain gray cardigan you always need a plain cardigan and a basic

color like gray black white it can go with anything it's so soft and I will

definitely wear this a lot because I'm always cold and then I got biggest pants

that I love I'm so obsessed with this fit I got these from ASOS pretty sure

it's I said they are wide leg and they're capris actually wore them in my

blog when I went out with my best friends they are so comfortable they're

so cute they give Betelgeuse fives which is cool

and you can definitely dress these up Joe sees down wear them with boots heels

flats whatever I'm definitely gonna be buying more pants and this cut because I

love it and then last I got this sweater from

H&M it's this big oversized sweater pretty shorts cropped

and it is so soft it is the softest sweater ever but it's like really thin

material too so I can layer and stuff and see how the sleeves like it doesn't

go straight it doesn't go like straight up it kind of like goes and like that I

think that's a cool look and you can wear this with literally anything black

leggings and a pair of hands that'll be my go-to so yeah that's my

ball haul for now I probably have another fall haul this was a small one I

didn't buy that much but I always go shopping so I will have more hauls with

more clothes if you have any questions about any of these products leave it in

the comment box and I'll get back to you I hope you guys like this video if you

want to see more just like this like and subscribe see you next time

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