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Hi, you've catched me having a snack with my friend Marionna.

She's here in the studio because she's told that she has a pet, and it seems

to be very special, and that we can't miss it.

So, Marionna,

I'm curious...Tell us, Which is this pet you have that's so special?

A rabbit

And, What's your rabbit's name? Mamut.

And, Where is Mamut? He's over there.


¡What a rabbit!

¡My godness!

Hello, Mamut.

Friends, this super rabbit that Marionna has bought us, Mamut, is a giant

Flandes. There exists various giant rabbit breeds as pets and

the thing is that they have a very singular character, because the rabbits, the

bigger they are,

more calm they become. The only thing is, you have to have a super cage

or have a a super garden

and give them super feed

because, as you can see,

it is an animal that can weigh

nearly 12 kilos and there exists some special breed that can be even bigger.

And imagine, this is

almost the size of a dog, so when feeding it

get a lot of feed ready

And also, have a very big cage ready. Just imagine...

He's spectacular.

Come on Marionna, you pick up the big one...

Can you? Come on.

And I will carry,


uff, uff, he's so heavy!

Come on. Let's go back.

so here, the second monster.

I've bought a normal rabbit

so you can see the difference

between the size of a normal rabbit, this one is now

about three months old,

with this giant rabbit one year old. This one

is a butterfly, a giant butterfly.

And Marionna wants to show us two other super rabbits

so we will go and fetch them, let's go again.

Come on, perfect.

Lets go.

Can you cope?

We will place them all together so our

friends can see them.

Here you have a Leonardo of Borgoña

and a giant Lop ear.

The difference, apart from their colours is that the Lop ear, is just like a standard Lop ear

that you all know, with ears down, like donkey's ears,

and they all have in common their spectacular size. I want to

show you the difference that exists between the

rabbits that we are used to have as pets

and the beautiful basket players

that we have here. As I've told you, these are bred and

selected in CUNIPIC and these pets are exlusive, and are very

peaceful, see how calm they are. Many people are

scared of them, but they are really the most quiet and calm rabbits that exists.

The bigger the size,

more calm and better pets.

All you need is a lot of space

and a lot of food.

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