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Live from New York City, it's the Wendy Williams Show.

Oh yeah

Feel, feel, feel it

Feel, feel it-it, feel it

Feel it, feel it, feel it

Let's go, come on, you need it

How you doin' ♪

How-How-How-How you doin' ♪

Now, here's Wendy.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

(audience whoops)

How you doin' ♪


(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

Thank you for watching our show.

Say hello to my co-host, my studio audience.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

How you doin'?

How you doin'?

(laughs) I'm doing great.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

Let's get started.

It's time for Hot Topics.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

(deep bass music)



(audience cheers)


no, have a seat, we only have an hour,

we only have an hour.

Okay, so today is a very big day here at Wendy,

just because it's Thursday.

(audience laughs)

Junior Friday.


The weekend relieves us.


Say what's up to my guest, DJ Vick One.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

Yeah, baby.


Yeah. (laughs)

What's up, Wendy?

Boof is still my main guy

but Boof is on a plane, comin' back from someplace,

and you know what, I wanna mix it up.

So I know Big Boy,

Big Boy's Neighborhood on 92.3 in LA.

So I say to Big Boy,

I called him up, brrring. (clicks tongue)

(audience laughs)

"Look, I know that Vick One

"is your DJ on your morning show."

Big Boy is like a national treasure. (clears throat)

Friend to the show.

We've been friends for decades.

Anyway, so I said

"Do you think you can give Vick a day off

"to come and DJ and do his thing?"

and so he was like yeah.

So I called Vick, he answers the phone,

then I pass everything over to the show

and they make it all happen.

So far, so good, Vick?

So far, excellent.

Everybody's been nice to you?


(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

(Wendy laughs)

How 'bout that?

How you doin'? (laughs)

What do you think about my co-host

and all this?

This is amazing.

I left LA, I was on the first thing smokin' outta LA.

I came to New York, just popped in.

This is amazing, Wendy, amazing.

Thank you, Vick.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

And the only thing I left him with was

be prepared for loudness

and dress the part.

And you know I like a good sneaker.



(twinkling music)

Oh, okay.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

Okay, right.

Classic Jordan there.


So what I got on today is we got the Jordan Concord 11,

which is one of my faves, these right here.

I know you're a big Jordan head yourself, Wendy.


So we had to pull it out the stash

and make it special for the show today,

you know what I mean?

Thank you, Vick.

Thank you.

Love it or not.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

Anyhoo, I've got a whole lot to reveal to you today,

but first, I wanna talk about, (laughs)

(audience murmurs)

other than my shoulders.


(audience cheers) (audience applauds)


Suzanne, it's the only thing that doesn't gain weight.

The shoulder.


When all else fails, give 'em the shoulder, girls.



You look sexy.

I feel sexy.

Good for you, mhm.

(audience cheers)


did you catch the train with the bedbugs?

I thought about you.

Only in New York, we know this.

The Forest Hill train had bedbugs.



Yep. No.

You were on the train this morning?


I stood.

I was just with Brendan.

I wasn't near too many people.

So I don't think I caught anything.

Are they like jumping off of people?

I've never gotten a bedbug

but from what I understand, bedbugs, they jump like lice.

They jump.

Oh my God, I'm itching.

I'm itching.

(audience laughs)

Oh God.

It was the train in Forest Hill.


Oh my God.

Clap if you know what I'm talkin' about.

(some audience applauds)


How is this your train and you know nothing?

I know nothing.

I didn't even know.

I didn't sit down anywhere, if that helps.

It could be in the bottom of your bell.

(audience laughs)

Crawlin' up your legs.

(Suzanne screams)

Oh my God. (laughs)

And you might need a Monistat at the end of the day.

(audience laughs) (Suzanne laughs)

(laughs) I'm not sure.

(Suzanne laughs) (audience laughs)

Let's talk about the most beloved woman

on the face of the earth.

There's not a person I know who doesn't either own

or love Jessica Simpson.

(audience applauds)


So you heard, maybe you didn't,

first of all, she's got this book, this memoir,

and she was gonna write it years ago

but she said that if she wrote it years ago,

that she would've lied to us,

like she wasn't ready to reveal her truth.

Sometimes, truth is something you need a beat to reveal.

(audience murmurs) You know what I'm saying, Nortman.


(audience murmurs)

(Wendy laughs)

Anyway, so in the book, and thank God she waited

'cause she is an open book and that's what it's called,

her new memoir, "Open Book".

She talks about her drug and alcohol addiction.

(audience murmurs)

And being sexually molested by her seven-year-old friend

when she was six durin' a sleepover.


All right, we'll take it in parts.

First of all, she says (clears throat)

there was a point where she needed a drink

every single morning or she'd get the shakes.


And then she really started to depend on alcohol

while she was secretly dating John Mayer

because she never thought intellectually

she would rise to the occasion

of having great,

like she was dating a man who she thought

was so smart that she had to drink

to I guess become smarter.

(audience laughs)

Hey, Jessica, that's normally the opposite. (laughs)

(audience laughs)

But okay, and then

she did a self-imposed rehab

where she called all of the experts into her home

and they dried her out.

So she doesn't drink anymore and she's married

to that really good-lookin' guy.

I forget his name.

Eric Johnson.

Eric Johnson.

And they've got three beautiful kids.

And he gave up drinking for Jessica to support her.

And the kids are adorable.

(audience applauds)


And she had a few private signs

that she should give up drinking.

The big one was when she went in for a tummy tuck

and the doctor was like okay,

but you can't get a tummy tuck,

you can't go under surgery

because your liver is like a piece of Swiss cheese.


Doctor didn't say that

but I'm tryin' to be dramatic for you.

I like for you to draw a picture in your mind.

So Jessica was like oh my gosh.

And she realized she needed help three years ago

on Halloween also.

She went to her son's assembly at school,

7:30 in the morning, and she was bombed.


(laughs) 7:30.

Suzanne, don't act like you've never seen that?

(Suzanne laughs) (audience laughs)

Now you know, I used to live in the suburbs.

See somethin', acknowledge somethin', okay?

Uh-huh, I've seen it, uh-huh.

Anyway, and then she was addicted to diet pills

since she was 17

because the man who's always at the middle of everything,

Tommy Mottola, told her that she was fat.


Now you remember,

Tommy Mottola was married to Mariah Carey.


And then helped make Jennifer Lopez a star

over Mariah Carey just so Mariah'd be mad

'cause Mariah escaped.

(audience murmurs)

And now he's married to.

Thalia. Thalia.

And I guess he's not up to that anymore

because we never hear anything about them.


I don't know.

I don't know.

I don't hear anything but

people don't change. (laughs)

(audience laughs)

People can change.

I know, I know, I'm just kidding, I'm kidding.

We love Tommy.


(laughs) We love Tommy, darling. (laughs)


remember when John Mayer,

she writes about this in the book too,

when John Mayer said she was sexual napalm.

She said I'm mortified, my parents are gonna read this.

And there are only two women in our Hot Topics

morning meeting and we're both similar in age,

and we were both like there's no insult there.

(audience laughs)


(audience applauds)


Clap if you'd be insulted

if a man called you sexual napalm.

(couple of audience applauds)

(audience laughs)

Norman said he'd be insulting, or insulted.

(Norman laughs)

I don't know why.

(Norman laughs) (audience laughs)

By the way, I'm going on Jimmy Fallon tonight.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

And I like Jimmy a whole lot.

I'm gonna be on there.

Hi Jimmy. (laughs)

(audience laughs)

I've been on his show several times.

The last time I was there was in 2018

and times before that

and I've socialized with him and stuff.

So he's a really easy conversationalist.

And we're gonna have a good, ole sit down.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

All right, I wanna talk to you about something

very, very serious.

I've been going through this now for a moment

and I would like to have

a private conversation with you, okay?

(audience laughs)


(audience gasps) (audience laughs)

Now let me tell you somethin' right now, okay?

(Wendy clears throat)

(audience murmurs) (audience laughs)

I do a lot here on this show.

As a matter of fact, I might've invented a lot

because now, all other talk shows

are trying to do a lot.

But this is just me being just Wendy.


(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

(Wendy clears throat)

I don't lean over like this to release a fart.

I'm leaning over like this 'cause it's comfortable.

If I sit like this all the time,

it's heavy on my spine.

I don't have the back.

I'm not tryin' to get the back.

I like to release my hips and lean. (coughs)

(audience laughs)

(audience applauds)

You know what I'm saying?

And if I shift my wig or I belch or rub my teeth,

I've been doin' this for 11 years, okay, on this show.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

I have never farted once on this show.

As a matter of fact, I barely fart.

You know why?

Because gas gets released several different ways

and mine is belching

'cause all I do is talk.

(audience laughs)


(audience laughs)

Excuse me.

Anyway, it went viral

and I was like no, 'cause I woulda made a big deal.

Like if I farted, I woulda definitely been the,

'cause farts are always funny.

(audience laughs)

Just take a look at the clip

and then I'm going to go more in depth.

That cop wasn't playin' that.

I mean

you're lucky you only got battery.

What if he filed for sexual assault?

(audience laughs)


I just wanna make sure that you all are on board with this.

Clap if you know about fartgate.

(audience applauds)


All right.


first of all, I went on with the story.

Now you know a girl like me woulda been laughin' at that.

Second of all, by the sound of that fart,

I woulda had to go change my costume.

(audience laughs)

I would've left a mark in the seat.

I wouldn't even save the costume.

I woulda thrown it away.

It'd probably be soiled beyond soiltivity.

(Norman laughs)

What I suspect,

'cause me and my manager, Bernie,

we went over it.

I'm like "Bernie, I gotta do fartgate."

(audience laughs)

And so he said, "Wendy, I saw it, it's so stupid.

"Clearly, there's somebody who superimposed the sound."

And people do that all the time, you know what I'm saying.

(Wendy clears throat)

And then it goes viral and whatever.

So that's what's up with fartgate.

Although Norman says he's got another theory.

I've checked the tapes.

The sound is there.

It's not superimposed.

But I promise to God, I promise to God,

when that was happening--

Wait, freeze, stop.


I would like to have a second person to weigh in on this.


(audience laughs)

My trusty steed, John Anderson.



John, are you around?


'Cause John knows stuff.

John, just stay right here.

(audience applauds)


Yes Wendy.

You know I'm a whole bunch of fun.


And you know I know how to get down and dirty.


There was no fart.

Continue, Norman. No.

Listen to what Norman is saying

and then, John, I want you to chime in.

Come on closer so you're in the screen shot.


So during the show,

there was like an incredible hissing noise.

I didn't hear a hiss.

You didn't hear it but it was very distracting to me

so I'm like in the control room,

I'm like "Guys, there's a hissing noise.

"What is that?

"It sounds crazy."

But Kate the chemist was here.

That was on Kate the chemist day. Okay, John?


So we were doin' an experiment out here

with a tank.

It's called air gas.

And we didn't have the proper hose for it.

So I'm doin' Hot Topics the whole time,

not realizing any of this chaos is going on.


So what this tank was supposed to do

is we were fillin' up a fish tank backstage

and we didn't have the proper hose.

So in other words,

when you drop like a piece of aluminum foil

inside the tank,

it's supposed to float in midair.

So it wasn't workin' 'cause we didn't have the proper hose

and the air was just comin' out

and it was sputtering like somebody was fartin'.

(laughs) Oh my God. (laughs)


(audience laughs)

So that's what it was.

(audience applauds)

It wasn't Wendy.

Thank you, John.

You're welcome, Wendy.

(Norman laughs)

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

(Norman laughs)

But farting is funny.

You know I did a little research,

you know what I'm saying,

just so I can give you a few facts about farts,

'cause I apparently am not normal.

They say the average human being farts

between 14 and 26 times a day.


I know.

Clap if that's you.

Be honest, clap if that's...

(few audience applauds) (audience murmurs)

Now see, I was about to give you some rhythm

during commercials but you just turned me all the way off.

(audience laughs)

In the white shirt.

That's you?

I see three,



I don't know what team they play, do you play for my team?

(Norman laughs)

I don't,

they look like they--

They look like--

Yeah. Right?


Three strappin' men in the front.

And they look like they fart a lot.

(audience laughs) (Wendy laughs)

(audience applauds)

In new life, I'm not gonna fart in front of any men.

No, no, no.

No. But if you gotta let it rip,

you gotta let it rip sometimes.

No, no, no, you don't.

You hold that, you go in the other room.


No, just in new life. Painful.


I'm not, no.

There are a few different things

that I've redesigned

and one of them is I will not fart in front of a man.

(audience laughs)

I farted in front of Brendan first date.

And you've been married ever since.


(audience laughs) (Norman laughs)


Are you still having a good time?

I'm havin' a great time

and all I can say is pass that gas.

(Wendy laughs)

Pass that gas.


(audience applauds)


so the Grammys are about to happen.

Wait, first of all, you need to know that Vick

is the house DJ for the hockey team, the?

Los Angeles Kings.

Okay, yes.

And also for the soccer team, the?

LA Galaxy.

And also, you used to be part of the?

I'm still a part of the Los Angeles Chargers

and I do a little bit of UCLA football as well.


Slight [Inaudible].

(audience applauds)

And the Grammys are coming up.

So immediately after the show,

you have to fly back to New York.


I mean LA 'cause what are you doin' at the Grammys?

So I have this super exclusive party I'm doin',

super secretive who's throwin' it.

It's in downtown, can't really namedrop where it's at.

Super bougie party goin' down.

We're not havin' pizza and wings.

This is super crab cakes, big steaks.

Are you married?

I am married, yes.


What, what, be happy for me, what, what?

Be happy for me.

I'm happy.

I'm happy.

I love my wife.

(audience applauds)

Yeah, yeah.

I love my wife.

I love my son.

It's okay.

Just checking, just checkin'.

Will you be married tonight?

(audience gasps)

Yeah, I'm still married, yeah.

Just checking.

She's watchin' too so you know what I mean?

Hi baby, I love you.

All right, hi Mrs. Vick.

I like your husband.

He's very talented.


(audience applauds)

so look,

Pam Anderson is now married for the fifth time.


(some audience applauds)


I've always loved Pammy.

We have a little boulevard here at the show

named after her and Heather Locklear.

There are a few people that we revere

so much around here that we have signs.

You don't see them out here but me and the crew.

Anyway, so Pam is 52

and she married the Hollywood producer, Jon Peters, he's 74.

Well, they had a private ceremony

and Pam and Jon dated once back in the 80s

after they met at The Playboy Mansion.

That's them back in the 80s.


Jon then proposed to Pam back then

but she turned him down because of the big age difference.

See, I still find a very, very big age difference

between even 52 and 74.

I'm 55 and I don't see myself (laughs)

(audience laughs)

with a 74-year-old man.

Not even if he was a count,

like I'm not ready to retire to that life yet,

you know what I'm saying?

Anyway, it's the fifth marriage for both of them

and apparently, they're very, very happy.

Jon produced "Caddyshack" and "Flashdance"

and "The Color Purple" and "A Star is Born".

And he used to be the go-to hairdresser in Hollywood.

And to hear Harvey Levin tell it, hi Harv, over at TMZ,

he's been with a lot of beautiful girls.

Everything with two legs.

(audience laughs)


He says he could've had his pick

of any woman in the world.

Well, he's very confident.

And apparently, he's very rich.

And his hair is very luscious.

(audience laughs)

And his foundation is perfect.

(audience laughs)

(audience applauds)

It looks like foundation, doesn't it?

Or maybe that's that Photoshopping thing or somethin' like,

anyway, he looks good.

But he said for years, he's only wanted Pam.


So everybody in our Hot Topics morning meeting

was creeped out by that.

Except for

me and Bookman, the other woman.

If you're watchin' and you've been lookin' at me for years,

I wouldn't be insulted by that at all.

Norman says that's the sign of the killer.

(audience laughs)

I don't think--

He's been watching her for decades?


It's a little scary.

(Norman laughs)

It's scary.

Does that scare you?

No, that's sexy.

He probably saw that video.

Of her with Tommy Lee? Yeah, and yeah.

Well, no, he was with her before Tommy Lee.

Oh, okay, okay.

So maybe she was sexual napalm

and no matter who else that he was with,

he always closed his eyes and thought about Pam.


Sometimes that happens.

I think it's very sweet that they're together, finally.

I think so also.

(audience applauds)

Anyway everybody, if you clap a little louder,

we can proceed to give you what you need.

Up next, we got the legal scoop on Harvey Weinstein trial.

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

So grab a snack and come on back.

(dance music)

(audience cheers) (audience applauds)

Feel, feel, feel it

Feel, feel it-it


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