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Hello ! Welcome you back to ShopDunk channel!

As we already know that Apple will release new iPhones as well as their new products on September 12th

Anytime sending the invitation, Apple always give small secrets

and we will have a lot of things to guess about that card.

On the invitation of this year, they designed a concentric circle with a lot of yellow circles around

So today Let's discuss together about the rumours of that detail and see how specialists talk about the launching

Let's get started!

Firstly let's talk about the circle on the invitation

It is a yellow circle with a lot of smaller circles inside

with the line: Gather round

In conclusion, there are lot of rumours about those circles but they have only one purpose.

There are even some opinions of specialists and users about them and I will share with you now

Firstly It is said that APPLE will introduce to everyone their new office with the shape of UFO

at the event on September 12th

This rumour have been exited for 4 or 5 years

but I think now is the perfect time for them show everyone new office

The next rumour is Apple will completely remove Home button in all of new products such as iPhone and iPad

It proves that Apple will be able to release the iPad version without Home button

and their products still have all screen and Rabbit ears design as some rumours before

The last rumour is Apple will release the Apple Watch serial 4 and I think it is completely possible

and the screen will have the shape as a circle

It will be more suitable for a lot of people

There were a lot of opinions that disparage Apple Watch because of it only has square screen

and it is not suitable for women

And if Apple release this circle screen, they will satisfy more kind of users

and the sale will be increased

I have just shared with you some opinions about the Apple's invitation for the launching of new products on September 12th

There will be a lot of other rumours besides this invitation

However let's wait until September 12th to see how their products will be

And how about you? what do you think about it? Lets share with us your opinion in comment below

Goodbye and see you in next videos

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